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Juwangsan Ice-wall Climbing Contest

White Ice Posts in Clean Mountains and Clear Waters

Juwangsan Ice-wall Climbing Contest is held in Icevalley where it forms ice in summer.
A hiking course and an artificial waterfall are developed in this Icevalley to make Korea’s biggest and best-quality ice-wall climbing course.
The magnificent natural environment throughout Cheongsong Juwangsan National Park constantly attracts the tourists. Among the beauties, the artificial ice-wall located in Ice Valley is especially the masterpiece of the clear winter climate of Cheongsong and is the best ice-wall climbing place in Korea with 62m height and adjacency to outer places.
First Cheongsong Juwangsan National Ice-wall Climbing Contest was held in February 2004.
Ice-wall climbing, a field of mountain climbing, is the flower of winter mountain hiking providing the professional mountain climbers with the best adventure and thrill.
It is aimed to develop into the best winter sports’ center so that the mountain climbers from all around Korea can display the skills that they train throughout the year.
Although it is still a baby, it will grow into world’s best ice-wall climbing contest.
Cheongsong is aiming to develop it into 『the Mecca of Mountain Sports』. Utilizing the forest resources taking 83% of whole district, we are planning to hold "Nakdong Vein Mountain Climbing Contest", "Rock Climbing Contest", "Mountain Marathon", "Mountain Bike Contest" and "Paragliding Contest", so the sportsmen can visit it anytime to challenge adventures and to enjoy their lives.

Information & Direction

- Sponsor: Cheongsong-gun
- Location: Artificial Waterfalls, Icevalley, Naeryeong-ri, Budong-myeon, Cheongsong-gun, Gyeongsangbuk Province
- Period: Late Jan ~ Early Feb
- Contact: 054-870-6063
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