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Gaetbaui Fishing

Gaetbaui Fishing

- Gaetbaui Fishing at Bogildo Island is a special experience that allows you to taste the fresh fish you catch.  You can expose yourself to the clear seawater and the beautiful scenery of Dadohae while enjoying fishing.  As you enjoy fishing in the fresh scent of seawater, surrounded by beautiful landscapes, you will feel as if you are in the fishing paradise.

Wando is particularly popular among experienced fishers.  Wando has good continental shelf and oceanic current and has many great fishing points, such at Cheongsando Island, Sinjido Island, and Geumdangdo Island.  Many fishers from Goheung and Gangjin often come here to fish.  Sea bass and rockfish are easily caught at any fishing point around Wando.  It is not an exaggeration to call all 201 islands around Wando fishing points.  Anyone who enjoys fishing would enjoy coming here every now and then.  The local people host various fishing competitions almost every month during the warm seasons.

- The most popular fishing grounds are the Wando and Sinji region between June and November (black sea bream, rockfish, red sea bream, and parrot fish) and Hwangjedo Island, Jangdo Island, Chodo Island, and Deogudo Island between November and October of the following year (sea bass, black sea bream, and large parrot fish).  Between June and May of the following year, you can catch yellowtail, rockfish, parrot fish, black sea bream, sea bass, and red sea bream at Yeoseodo Island, and between March and May, try catching sea bass, black sea bream, rockfish, and large blackfish at the Soin region.  Between March and December, black sea bream, red sea bream, rockfish, sea bass, and parrot fish are mostly caught at any part of Wando.

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