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Hanam_Daeam Mountain Paragliding


Daeam Mountain Paragliding



 - Location : Daeam Mountain, Chogye Myun, Hapceon Gun, Gyeongnam

 - Contact address : Hapceon Gun Culture and Sightseeing Department(055-930-3544)



  Paraglider combines the merits of parachute with hangglider to make  ideal wings allowing  not only the merit of parachute like  safety, the comfortableness of disassembly, assembly and transportation, and but also the merit of hagglider  like the excellent capability of gliding and  speed at the same time. Paraglider can be called man-power glider because people hauls it and runs for the first take-off instead of using separate power. In other words, paraglider starts with hauling and running by man or at the present place without using separate power and lands with people’s foot again after flying     As the paragliding site in Daeam Mountain (591m) is opened to all directions and  has stabilized air current condition in whole year, so it is always possible to enjoy paragliding.

What’s more, as it has a best condition for landing due to the broad sand beach in Hang river penetrating Hapcheon, so it is esteemed  as the best place nationwide by clubs It came to be popular among clubs after the first paragliding competition managed by the Governor of Gyeongnam in 2003 and is being recognized as the best place among clubs  who have to transport heavy equipments. They can transport these with easy through the both forest roads, 7km,  directed to the paragliding site of Daeam Mountain from Chogye and Daeyang



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