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Theme Sightseeing [Listing]
[Yecheon Astro-Space Center]
Guksagol - Yecheon Astro-Space Center
[Yongmoonsa Temple]
Guksagol - Yongmoonsa Temple
[Insect Ecology Experience Cente]
Guksagol - Insect Ecology Experience Cente
[Samgang Tavern]
Guksagol - Samgang Tavern
Guksagol - Hoeryongpo
[Information about Cultural Experience Program]
Information about Cultural Experience Program
[Baramarae Beach]
Baramarae Beach
[Uninhabited Island]
Uninhabited Island
[Soap Workshop / Wood Workshop]
Soap Workshop / Wood Workshop
[Traditional Boat of Daeya Island]
Traditional Boat of Daeya Island
[Poet, Sangbyeong Cheons Old House]
Poet, Sangbyeong Cheons Old House
[Observation Platform]
Observation Platform
[Mungyeong Coal Museum]
Mungyeong Coal Museum
[Mungyeong Saejae (Pass), a Provincial Park]
Mungyeong Saejae (Pass), a Provincial Park
[Introducing Local Experience]
Introducing Local Experience
[Attractions of Village]
Recently three tile-roofed houses were built in a place that was called as 'Salpojaengyi' before. It is a green farming experience village in a natural landscaping that has accommodations for visitors...
[Experience of Four Seasons]
Experience of Four Seasons
[Ocheon Harbor ]
Ochen Harbor, a naval port, with long history and tradition where the main headquarter of naval force in Chungcheong prefecture is located
[dinosaur Footprint]
dinosaur Footprint
[Hanwooltari Movie Village]
Hanwooltari Movie Village is the experience and training facility using closed school and is a theme facility composed of group accommodation facility, shower room, restaurant and big and small audit...
[Hanwooltari pottery and ceramics handicraft]
For adult it is the experience that reminds them of the memory of occasional playing with mud when they were children, and making their own only interior trifling articles and household items in pers...
[Hanwooltari environmentally friendly rice mud snail letting out event]
It is the experience that informs you of the importance of environmentally friendly food through mud snail letting out event which is indispensible for environmentally friendly mud snail farming metho...
[Introduction of Village Information Center]
Our Hanwooltari village information center is the key facility of the public sector of the village of information and is operated openly and lets outside tourists including the residents of the villag...
[Yongpyoung Resort]
[Daegwanryeong a flock of sheep ranch]
You can see in the paradise on the grassland over the hilly areas of the altitude of 1,000m where a flock of 200 sheep romp around, freshness of the morning wetted with dew, green wave which gentle br...
[Daegwanryeong Samyang Ranch]
Samyang Daegwanryeong ranch which is of the largest scale in the Asia have led the stockbreeding industry in the mountainous district of our country by pioneering the land not being used in the lofty...
[Bongpyoung Herb Country]
Bongpyoung Herb Country is composed of 7 units of theme gardens such as Herb Garden where you can learn all about herbs, Children Garden Fragrance Garden, Shakespeare Garden, Moon Garden, Butterfly G...
[Odaesan National Park ]
Odaesan designated as a national park in February 1975 lies over Yeongok-myeon Gangneung-si, Jinbu-myeon Pyeongchang-gun and Nae-myeon Hongcheon-gun. It is the treasure house of cultural properties ...
[Alpensia Resort ]
The Alpensia Resort located in the altitude of 700m of Daegwanryeong which receives the vital force of the Baedudaegan mountain system is operated in four seasons as a resort complex for inviting win...
[Experience of Four Seasons]
Experience of Four Seasons
[Experiences all through the year]
Experiences all through the year
[Wind Village Experience]
Euiyajee Wind Village is the village that is the farm sightseeing village which the domestic and foreign tourists of about 80 thousand persons per annum visit and is the village of diverse experiences...
[Happy Island Village_Fishing experience]
here are various types of fish in the fishing spots in Jindo-gun where people from various regions can visit and fish any time of the year.
[Happy Island Village_Gwanmae 8 gyung]
If you sail to the north-east of Seonamhae from Paengmok harbor, you can find Gwanmaedo - the island among Jodo-6-gundo(6 Jodo islands which are designated as Dadohae marine national parks) with the m...
[Happy Island Village_Shinjun beach]
Shinjun beach is located in Dadohae marine national park in Jodmyun Jindo-gun Jeollanamdo where the nearby scenary of nature is spectacular.
[Happy Island Village_Jodo-6-gundo]
1. Gasagundo 10 minute sailing from shimi harbor takes you to Gasagundo where you can see the island laid out from north to south. From east to west, the scenary of Daesodongdo
[Happy Island Village_Hajododeungdae]
Hajododeungdae(lighthouse - its official name is Hajodo route indication management office), which acts as the guide to the ships that sails past Jodogundo, was built in 1909 and is one of few lightho...
[Happy Island Village_Dorisan(mt.) observation]
Dorisan(mt.) observation platform, where you can view 15 islands of Dadohae at a glance, is located at the top of Dorisan in Yeomi-ri Sanjodo Jodo-myun.
[Usan Jirungi village_experience]
It is a mountain village where agriculture and forestry are being operated together and is the pure area(chungjung area) which cultivates pyogo mushrooms and chemical-free rice.
[Usan Jirungi village_Borimsa]
Jangheung Borimsa is the first of the Eastern Samborim(India/China/Korea) where you can experience the scent of Jaksulcha(tea) which our ancestors enjoyed drinking and the mystique of Torreya nucifera...
[Usan Jirungi village_Woodland]
In Woodland of Ukbulsan Pyunbaek forest, which is located in the Chamaecyparis obtusa(pyunbaek) forest of Ukbulsan, there are wood culture exhibition, woodwork and ecology construction experiencing pl...
[Usan Jirungi village_Gaji-san]
Gaji-san is located in Bongduk-ri Yuchi-myun forming the boundary with Jangpyung-myun, and it takes about an hour to climb the mountain. Although it is a low mountain,
[Usan Jirungi village_Jangheung dam]
Jangheung dam is a multi-use dam which is constructed in the area of Yuchi-myun and Busan-myun of Janheung-gun to contribute to the development of the western seashore of Jeollanuamdo and the creation...
[Muan Yaksil_Health experience]
Various programs are being operated in Muan Yaksil village and the representative progam is the well being health experience.
[Muan Yaksil_Korean-style house ]
Korean-style house is a house built with Korea's traditional construction method. The house is built with a mountain at the back and water at the front. The house is heated with ondol, which ensures w...
[Muan Yaksil_Shikyoungjung]
Shikyoungjung, which is designate as cultural property no.237, is a pavilion made by 'Hanho Imyeon' in 1630. Many poets visit this place due its scenary of Youngsangang and its surroundings.
[Muan Yaksil_Aerospace museum]
Hodam Aerospace museum can be found by traveling 5km from Muan-eup in Mongtan direction.
[Muan Yaksil_Seungdal-san ]
Seungdal-san is not high but it is located near the sea of Namdo, bringing beautiful scenary and a light balmy breeze in winter.
[Muan Yaksil_Hwesan Baekryunji]
Hwesan Baekryunji, which located in Bokyong-ri Ilro-eup Muan-gun, is a reservoir made with our ancestors' efforts during the time of the annexation of Korea by Japan.
[Baenapple_Apple Harvesting Festival/Baenaegol Gorosoi Festival]
Apples from Baenaegol are cultivated in the non-pollutant green belt area with wide diurnal ranged environment and therefore are renown for their juiciness and strong flesh.
[Baenapple_Apple Harvesting Experience/Four season experience]
Apple harvesting experience is held every November at Baenaegol apple orchards for people to personally experience the fruitfulness of harvesting fresh apples from the trees and provide children with ...
[Baenapple_Tongdogol/Yeongchuk-san(mt.)/Edenvalley Resort]
Tongdogol is well known for the painted maples due to its deep valleys and wide diurnal range.
[Baenapple_Baenaegol Valley/Songrim Forest]
Baenaegol valley is surrounded by the hills renown as Yeongnam Alpes and other small gorges and valleys and the pure water from these places gather and form a beautiful scenary.
[Deoksil_Uiryung Keunjul Ddanggigi(Rope Pulling)/Uibyungjaejun]
Uiryung Keunjul Ddanggigi(Rope Pulling) Uibyungjaejun
[Deoksil_Toyoae Watermelon Festival/Uiryung Bullfight]
Toyoae Watermelon Festival Uiryung Bullfight
[Deoksil_Daebong Persimmon HarvestingExperience/Chestnut Pick Up Experience/Cheese Experience]
Duksil Daebong Village operates experience events in Daebong persimmon farmlands to advertise the taste and the quality of Daebong persimmon.
[Deoksil_Byukhwasansung/Yongguksa/Dukwonseowon/Bochunsaji 3 Story Tower]
There are mountain castles on each of the 2 peaks of Byukhwa-san and these castles are called Byukhwasansung,
[Deoksil_Eco-friendly Golf Course/ Jungamru/Iljun Buchae Museum]
Running for about 10 minutes after getting off at Gunbuk IC of Namhae highway will get you to the gate of Uiryung, the village of loyalty and under the bridge of Namgang lies a rock in the shape of a ...
Goormdari that lies above Soobyun park with the water of Uiryung-chun displays an outstanding scenary.
[dg_Dukgo Tourist resort Introduciton]
As the viewing resources of Chiaksan, there are beautiful valleys such as Guryong valley, Bugok valley and Keumdae valley and there are many many famous sites such as Guryongso and Saeryum waterfal. Y...
[dg_Village Tourism]
In year 1211(Heejong 7), General Jochun worked as Dongjigonggu and also DaesasungHanrimhaksa. After working as Dongbukmyunbyungmasa and Yaebusangseo,
[dg_Four season experience introduction]
Dukgo village is operating farmland experience events and we are doing our best to prepare environments to provide you with the unique and sensational events
[dg_Traditional ]
For a long time, as the village of Hoengseong Cho's familty, the village emphasized the importance of the tradition and the cooperation among the villagers. There are Saeduksa which holds the monument...
[seven_Experience introduction]
Various spring experience events are prepared such as making ginseng pot, planting organic vegetables, planting potato and planting corn
Gareungugok reaches Gallon village which is situated 12km away from Gwesan water power plant in the opposite direction of Chilsung-myun. Passing by Gallon village, 2~3 km of valley stretching out is...
Sanmagi Yetgil(old road) In Chilsung-myun Gwesan-gun Chungbuk, there is an old road where our ancestors beared food on to the cooli rack and walked on. Now, it forms the harmony with the forest and t...
[seven_Olgaengi festival]
Olgaengi festival is the festival that utilizes the ecological resource of Gwegang at the side of Dunyul village and it is the representative event of the village with olgaengi(marsh snail) as the mai...
[Yemil attractions]
gossidonggul(cave), Kimsatgat relic& Kimsatgat valley, Jangneung With Yemil grape village, these are the tourism resources of Hadong-myun and are the representative tour sights of Youngwol.
[Yemil museum]
You can explore the whole literary world of Nango Kimsatgat.
[Yemil Grape experienc]
You can experience the spring of Yemil grape village based on the collecting of spring herbs.
[Yemil Grape experience]
Various experience programs and agriculture markets are being promoted through the holding of grape festival. Also, the village has the appropriate characteristics that fulfill the modern people's nee...
[bidangang_Bidangang Ummabab]
The place where Bidangang forest village experience center used to be called Jumak(inn) road.
[bidangang_Lodging experience]
With Bidangang and Bonghwasan as the background, you can feel the humane warmth of the villagers. There are facilities such as a large parking lot and water supply where you can relax and experience ...
[bidangang_Suduri culture festival]
Based on the magnificent views and the restored cultural resources of Bidangang forest village, we have prepared unique experience programs for the villagers and the modern people to form harmony.
[bidangang_Farm experience]
You can experience various tasks of farming in Bidangang forest village.
[bidangang_Special local product processing experience]
Traditional farming and fruit cultivation are actiely being executed in Bidangang forest village.
[Forest Leports Experience]
Muddy road walking competition with barefoot and dawn hiking courses using the walking raout og Bonhwasan
[bidangang_Forest leports experience]
You can experience various healthy programs within the nature of Bidangam forest village.
[bidangang_Duksoo Lee family Yuk-sae-pal-hyojungmun]
This Jungryumoon was established in the 40th year of Youngjo(1764) to applaud 6 dutiful sons(hyoja) and 2 dutiful wives(hyobu) of Duksoo Lee family from Josun Sunjo to Youngjo(15741733).
[bidangang_Gagok-ri Gobun(tomb)]
This tomb is Sukshilbun(stone chamber tomb) of the story [Malmudum]. It was found in 1993, which was in the robbed status. The size of the chamber is 2.4m in length,
[bidangang_Relics of Lee Uijung]
This is the site of General Lee Uijung(1555~1593) who died in Imjinoeran(invasion of Korea by Japan, 1592).
This famous cave was used by 6000 people to train their body and mind.
Moondoo valley is a deep valley running at the northeast part of the village
[ant_Famous mountains]
Mindoong-san is the representative mountain of Uksae(eulalia) hiking and railway hiking
[ant_four season experience]
Gaemideul village - with the scenary that is as beautiful as Kelim of China - is full of events during the whole year.
[ant_Gaemideil experience]
Nakdong-2-ri Nam-myun Jungsun-gun Gangwon(all round Gaemideul village)
This Budo is situated 200m away from the southern Youngguksa and on th hill and it is a type of tower where bones and ashes of reverends are buried. It is palgakdang(octagonal) type Budo which was the...
Minjujisan is 1,241.7m tall and is located at the border of Yonghwa-myun and Sangchon-myun of Yeongdonggun and Sulchun-myun of Muju-gun Jeonbuk. Many herbs and wild animals inhabit in the mountain, a...
Galgisan, which the height is 585m above sea level, is named as so for it looks similar to like Malgari. The rocky mountain holds the picturesque scenary and the stream of Geumgang that runs around t...
Chuntaesan, a famous mountain of Yeongdong, is named so because it used to be the head temple of Chuntae Order. This mountain is also known as 'Seorak of Chungbuk' because the physical aspect of the m...
715m high Chuntaesan has magnificent nature scenary, well organized hiking route and many Gyungs which is preferred by many hikers and families. In particular, Yangsanpalgyung(8 Gyungs in Yangsan) be...
[bidangang_Songho tour]
Songho tour site of 284,000 land is prepared with management office, parking lot, cook house, gymnasium, playground, walking route and bungalows and also the swimming pool is built between the pine t...
Jeoksangsanseong is situated in the center of Jeoksang-myun and it is a mountain castle where stones were stacked using the cliffs that surrounds a part of Jeoksangsan which covers 4 ri's(Bukchang-ri,...
[horongbul_Najaetongmun ]
Door that was made by drilling the cliff of mountain stem that crosses Seolchun-myun and Mupung-myun of Muju-gun Jeollabukdo.
[horongbul_Muju gucheondong]
Muju Resort is a part of Deogyusan national park. Its basic concept is the harmony with nature and it is a 4 season resort aiming for the harmonious status of nature, human, art and health.
[horongbul_Bandi land]
Bandiland consists of Insect Museum, Bandibuli Nature School, astronomy science center, a campsite for youth and log house and the fireflies are inhabited here which can be the area for experiencing a...
[horongbul_Dangsan tree]
I am standing here for you. Despite all the disasters in this world, I am standing here firmly only for you.
Hyoyulgak was established by the descentds of the village 100 years ago and the first person to reside in Horongbul village was Samam Park I-Gyum(8th yr of Myungjong~5th yr of Gwanghaegun), who was ap...
[banam_Goindol(dolmen) park]
Characteristics of Gochang Goindol The most unique characteristic of Gochang Goindol is that it is the only place on earth to see various types of dolmen and the dense distribution of dolmen and the...
Sunwoonsa known as Naegeumjang of Honam, is also called Dosolsan and, depending on the season
[banam_Giam gwesuk]
At the riverside of Incheongang behind Yeongmojun of Banam-ri Asan-myun, there is a rock that looks like a bottle upside down. This rock holds the following legend. Shinsun of Suninbong behind Sundon...
[banam_inchon river]
Together with Sumjingang, Geumgang, Mangyunggang and Dongjingang, Incheongang is one the five great rivers in Jeollabukdo and the starting point of this river is Yochoongji, the only stream in Gochan...
[Jeju Cruz]
Address : 2614-5, Doju 1 Dong, Jeju Si, Jeju Special Self Governing Province Introduction It is the first excursion ship, Jeju excursion ship, making a round of Jeju
[Road of Seaside ]
It is the most favorite date course of lovers with the various colored neon signs dancing to the sound of wave and the numerous fishing boats lighting more bright than daylight in the black sea. Thoug...
[Dodubong ]
Address : Dodu 1 dong, Jeju si, Jeju Special Self- Governing Province Introduction : It is an Oreum with very smooth slope and just closed to Jeju airport. it is consisted of the southern side wi...
[Doduoraemul ]
Underground water, Yongcheonsu, flowing through the geographical stratums in the coast and mountains of Jeju are used to spring out through the geographical stratums connected to the surface of earth ...
[Municipal Museum]
It has gone through some complication like changing names from Agricultural museum, designed for displaying regarding the things of agriculture in 1997,
[Seolbong Park]
Seolbong park, located in the edge of Seolbong mountain in Icheon was the center to held 2001 Worldwide Ceramic Ware Expo successfully, and had taken a root firmly as the comfortable place to open Ic...
[Digging Sweet Potato]
It Is an experience for visitors available to join all family members to dig sweet potato , getting to be an important food, by themselves and eat it.
[Digging Peanut]
It is an experience to find the sacredness of labor in the nature Visitors can come to have the interest in the food, the basic element for human beings existence, and enjoy the pleasure of harvest ...
[Picking up Apple]
As a apple has affluent of vitamin and mineral, so it is a indispensable fruit for health as much as being said No doctor with one apple everyday in the USA. As the apple produced in this village ...
[Introduction of Sodo Culture ]
The small mountain, Sodonibong, located in Daewol myeon Icheon si Gyeonggi do, is a type of Sodo established in the period transferred from the Bronze age, the period to produce rice , to the Iron age...
[Mangoreum ]
It is an Oreum far away about 1km to the northwest from Hanlimm Eup SangMyungri. It (Entrance of SangMyung ri) can be accessed through the provincial road directed from Wolrim to Myungwol. It is easy...
[Modern Art Gallery ]
Jeju Modern Art Gallery , located in Jeoji Culture and Art Village in Jeju si Hangyeong Myun, has A main building, over ground 2F, and a branch building, over ground 1F. It is a complex cultural sp...
[Sacred Place of Isidol, Sammoiso. ]
Visitors are used to remember Sammoiso grace of hill rather than Eurye pasture itself The meeting with Sammoiso starting from a narrow path lined with low cedar trees! The hill of grace, giving a f...
[Banglimwon ]
Banglimwon , 5,000 pyeong, filled with the domestic and foreign wild flowers collected for tens of years , is a pleasant place making people happy. Seeing 3, 000 wild flowers from Europe, Africa, Am...
[Hanrim Park]
Jeju Hanrim park, established by Bong Gyu Song (Jaeam) in 1971, was started by sowing the seed of coconut tree in the wasteland, sand beach, of about 100 thousand pyeong , and has become a worldwide p...
[Jang Song Mo Ceramic]
It is a specialized institute to teach about ceramic ware for students, and gives the chances to learn the history of ceramic ware, the way to judge manufacturing period and the manufacturing techniq...
[Byeongjibang Valley]
Byeongjibang Valley is a deep valley with holding Eodap mountain beside. Those waters flowing between big and small rocks are as clear as a mirror. This valley is screened by high mountains, and espec...
[Hoengseong Shooting Range]
Hoengseong Shooting range Hoengseong Spoland is a space to enjoy leisure located in Hoengseong of Gangwon Do famous for its clean nature and has a general shooting range being operated
[Hoengseong Recreation Forest]
As the name of this village, Jeogo Ri, that was originated from the story about the tiger that had eaten up to the bone of a person and gone away after leaving Jeogo Ri(coat), suggests that this villa...
[Experience of 4 Seasons ]
exp_spring.jpg Spring Place: Boundary of Samwonsu Yakcho village Period of event : Spring Contents of vent : ▪ Experiencing Hoedaji song▪ Playing Jigeongdaji ▪ Digging medicinal herb▪ Di...
[Experience of Hoedaji Song ]
Hoedaji Song was sung by the labors collectively who were working to level a site of house or to tramp the soils after descending coffins in the grave. The original purpose of this song was to dec...
[Fantastic Driving Course]
Fantastic driving course Though the beautiful scenery of Chuncheon and the open landscape around lake are very good, but the elaborated driving course along the lakeside between Euam dam – Chuncheo...
[Hedgehog Island]
Hedgehog Island Location : 36-1, Shinmae Ri, Seo Myun, Chuncheon Si, Gangwon Do. Contact Address : Management office ( 033-252-2168)
[Animation Museum]
Based on the beautiful surroundings of Chuncheon and Chuncheon Ani town Festival ( CAF) that has been held since 1997, Animation museum, the gross area is 902 pyung with under ground ,1F, and over ...
[Boundary of Sung Gyeom Shin tomb]
Contact address : Chuncheon Si, Culture & Sightseeing Department : 033-250-3545 Here is the boundary of Sung Gyeom Shins tomb who is the founder of Pyeongsan Shin Family line. Sung Gyeom Shin
[Introduction of 4 seasons Experience]
Introduction of 4 seasons experience
[Experience of Jangjeolgong]
Introduction Special experience available only around the boundary of Sung Gyeom Shin, a great loyalist, in Jangjeolgong village
[Marado, Gapado in the Southernmost of Korea]
Marado: All areas of this island are a Natural asset, designated on July 19. 2000 , and is 12km away from Daejeong Eup Moseulpo port, 6km from Gapado and about 10km from Songak mountain. It is locat...
[Songak mountain]
This mountain is very important to understand the formation of Jeju in the light of nature of soil and topographical viewpoint with other volcanoes including neighboring mountains like Sanbang mountai...
[Miniature theme park]
In Jeju, the typical sightseeing resort in Korea, the largest miniature theme park nationwide was established on the site of 20,000 pyeong. It is located in the gifted place harmonized with natures a...
[Chocolate Museum]
Though this museum is located in the Agriculture and Industry complex, is not grand and splendid, but it is a special chocolate museum, small size, well harmonized with Jejuslandscape.
[Chunghyo Tower]
It is located at No 1136 roadside in Mureung 2ri Inhyang dong crossroad. Though Bok Dal Mun was brought up under widowed mother care, he was so dutiful that he revived his mother by cutting his finger...
[Gusiheul ecosystem pond]
It is not exact when this pond was formed, but its name was originated from the situation, of pond, water is never dried out and is always pooled. As there are various kinds of plants, birds and ins...
[Gotjawal Woodland Path]
Gotjawal is a place constituted with the bed rock made by cooled lava which was gushed out from the volcano in Jeju. Gotjawal forest, a naturally formed forest covered with ever green trees, is one of...
[Experiencing the Culture of Farming Village. ]
The water of Jeju, a volcanic island surrounded by the sea perfectly, is mostly penetrated into underground through lava, and then springs out in the seashore. So it is very important to prevent this ...
[Experience of Traditional Culture]
It is a program to experience the clothes, food, dwelling that were formed based on the agricultural culture of Jeju, a volcanic island. The ancestors of Jeju people had a different living culture an...
[Experiencing the culture of Prehistoric ages ]
How did Jeju people survive? How did the people in Prehistoric ages make clothes? What recipe did they enjoy? How did they build house? Its the program to experience the living of people in the Preh...
[Experience the Culture of Ecosystem ]
In the process of experiencing Jeju Natural Ecosystem & Culture Village performed in this village, many persons including principal of this village, a commentator for Jeju cultural heritage, help visi...
[Yangchon royal azalea garden]
It is said that the owner of Yangchon royal azalea garden fell in love with the royal azalea flowers and grew his own, till he became an instructor at a famous dwarf-potting academy in Daejeon, and la...
[Barang mountain farm]
Barang mountain farm is a resting place in the village created for family unit tourists to visit freely and enjoy.
[Pung-ryu-do Arts Academy]
Pung-ryu-do Arts Acedamy aims to recreate pung-ryu-do, a traditional culture of out nation, with a modern touch in order to contribute to its research and popularization.
[Bup-gye Temple]
Bup-gye Temple, which goes well with the autumn scenery of provincial park Daedun mountain, is Joongsan-Ris temple area located in between Dal-i-sung and Osan marsh.
[Balanced rock]
Located between Wolseong peak and Barang mountain, where as the balanced rock in Seorak mountain is oval-shaped, the rock in Osan-Ri is in a wide form just like the shell of a turtle. It is light enou...
[Jja-gae peak]
Jja-gae peak is a mountain located beside Barang mountain. It has a legend that long ago when Daedun mountain range was a river, a vessel carrying various items was wreked on a hidden reef, and that t...
[Daedun mountain veterans memorial tower]
In the vicinity of Osan-li, there is a site [a vacant area near Myuksu Rock] where during Korean war the Communists fleeing north ruthlessly massacred around 200 soldiers, policemen and their families...
[Osan marsh]
A marsh created as a part of Creating a pleasant living space project, it has beautiful sceneries, and since 2007 it is being developed into a fishing site by nurturing various types of fish, and al...
[Barang mountain ]
Barang mountain introduction 555m high Barang mountain, located at the Daedun mountain range that stretches southwest from No-ryung mountain range, together with Wolseong peak (650m).
[Complex of Wild Flower]
The boundary of Geumdaebong( 1418.1m) and Daedeok Mountain ( 1307.1m) , 1 million and 260 thousand pyung, was designated as the Zone of Reserving Ecosystem by the Ministry of Environment. The Ministry...
[Complex of Gonaengji Vegetable Maebong Mountain]
The complex of gonangji vegetable in Maebong Mountain and the complex of wind power plant are located at the corner of Hangangbalwonji village. Climbing the mountain covered with cabbage field visit...
It is the source of Hangang and is located in Geumdaebong valley in Changjuk dong. Those waters from Jedanggum fountain and Gomoknamu fountain in the edge of Geumdaebong ,and the water flowing betwee...
[4 Seasons Experience]
4 Seasons Experience
[Experience of Waterside Excursion in Geomryongso]
It is an experience to enjoy lively a water excursion in Geomryongso, the starting point of Hangang This festival prepares some interesting games including blowing balloon with water bigger to the ...
[Experience (chestnut, acorn collecting experience, fishing experience, pottery experience)]
Chestnut, acorn collecting experience There are so many acorns and chestnuts in the pure region Yeoncheon ~ Collect chestnuts, and eat tasty roast chestnuts ~ Doesnt your mouth water already? T...
[Hantan River tour spot]
It was first designated as the national tour recreation park on March 31st 1997, and the designated area at the time was 394,000~594,000m. Then on December 17th 1983 recreation park development began...
[Yangwon-li Jiseok Tomb]
Jiseok Tomb (dolmen) is one of the representative tomb styles of the Bronze Age. As an important source for clarifying the culture and social conditions of the time, in general, they are technically c...
[Sucheol Fortress]
As you go along National Highway no.3 from Uijeongbu towards Dongducheon direction, turn left at Deokjeong intersection, go 5km along National Highway no.56, and you meet provincial road no.368.
[Jeongok-Ri Prehistoric Site]
In Yeoncheon Jeongok-Ri Prehistoric Festival, a subheading is selected by Jeongok-Ri Prehistoric Site every year, and various programs such as prehistoric experiencing grounds, stoneware making, etc ...
[Cultural asset]
The accurate history and information is not available for Sungdang-Myun Ginkgo but according to Sungpo Byulshinjae (religious service) Research Report, Sungdangchang (Sungdang warehouse) was establi...
[Doodong Church]
Doodong Church is located on 385-1 Doodong-Ri, Sungdang-Myun, Iksan-Si, Jeonbuk and was designated as cultural asset #179 in April 6th 2002. This church was first established by missionary Harrison i...
[Cypress tree forest]
Cypress tree is a family of Oriental arbor vitae and commonly called as Chamaecyparis. It is upright pyramid shape and branches are horizontally grown for its beauty. It is special Japanese species th...
[Mulmam Gallery]
Mulma gallery was opened for the purpose of a private exhibition on the performance of traditional ceramic ware and located in Seowon 2Ri, Buknae Myun, Yeoju Gun, Gyunggi Do.
[Gana Farm]
A place with full of beautiful wild flowers!! Gana farm
[Experience of Farming Village ]
Experience of the traditional process of producing rice with all visitors Experiencing farm village!
The site of temple built between the periods of Unified Shilla- Gorye dynasty and located in Sanggyori, Buknae Myun, Yeju Gun, Gyunggi Do.
[Birth Place of Empress Myungseong]
The birth place of Empress Myungseong located in NeungHyun ri, Yeju Eup, Yeju Gun, Gyunggi Do.
The tomb of King Sejong and his Princess Soheon, It was moved from the original location in Gangju, Gyunggi Do to Neungseo Myun, Yeju Gun, Gyunggi Do in the first year of king Yejong ( 1469)..
It has been delivered that it was built by Wonhyo in the period of king Jinpyeonk in Shilla dynasty, but there is no exact evidence left. It is famous for their staying, Nawong and Hyegeun, in the end...
[Experience guide]
* Nature experience in our farm community  A light departure in farm community  Farm harvest experience, food cooking experience  Preferred programs for each season  Memory-related programs ...
[Yak-san Temple site]
Located in the southern part of Wok-ak Mountain National Park Hwang-Jang Mountain, it is also called Yak-sa-jeong Village. As for the origin of the village name, there is a folklore that it became Ya...
[Geum-chun Valley]
Geum-chun Valley has beautiful sceneries of Hwang-Jang Mountain located in the heart of Baekdu Daegan, and it takes pride in the clear water of deep valley. Every summer, many urban citizens seek the ...
[Hwang-jang Mountain]
As a Mountain which Baekdu Daegan passes through, it is marked as Hwang-Jang Mountain on the 1/25,000 map published by the National Geography Institute, and as Hwang-Jang-Bong Mountain on Munkyung Gun...
[Yongmun mountain Sightseeing Resort]
A mountain located in the boundary between Yangmun Myun and Okcheon Myun in Yangpyeong Gun, Gyunggi Do. It is 1,157m in height and is located far away 8km from Yangpyeong to the northeast and 43km ...
[The tomb of Princess Sukan]
The tomb of Princess Sukan in San 24, Whajeon Ri, Youngmun Myun, Yangpyeong Gun Gyunggi
Main content of events - Name of farm : Ggotdaraengi - Home page : - Address : Whajeon Ri, Youngmun Myun, Yangpyeong Gun Gyunggi
[Soap-making experience]
Make soaps ~ It serves double purpose of thinking about the environment and enjoying the experience. Make your own unique pretty and fragrant soap ~~
[Grape-picking experience]
To add more enjoyment to your travel, Gapyung Grape-Scent Village holds a grape-picking event in our grape farm. Have a unique experience rare in cities with you lover, family and other beloved people...
[Wun-ak Mountain]
Out of all the Mountains?Gwangju Mountain ranges that rise south and north creating a border between Gyeonggido Gapyung-Gun Ha-Myun and Pocheon-Gun Hwahyun-Myun, this Mountain is included in Hanbuk ra...
[Jara Island]
Jara Island, an island floating above Bukhan River, is about 200 thousand pyung units. The center of the island is covered with sand and soil, and the outsides are composed of big stones and small peb...
[Nami Island]
A crescent moon-shaped Nami Island floating on Bukhan River was originally not an island, but it became one when Chunpyung dam was erected and the surrounding areas submerged under water. The tomb of ...
[Garden of Morning Calm]
The Garden of Morning Calm is located at the base of Gyeonggido Gapyung-gun Chukryung Mountain, and it was established in 1996 by professor Han Sang Kyung. It is not just in the notion of plant collec...
[Chukryungbaek forest]
As 84% of total area of Gapyung-gun is composed of Mountainous areas, you can see that they are well-managed everywhere you go. Especially 70% of the entire plantation is formed with pine trees, add...
[Bidoolginang experience]
Traditional and natural bean paste making experience program.
[Bidoolginang tour]
Bidoolginang, hidden unexplored region in Daehwaesan-Ri, Youngbuk-Myun, was named because it is cliff that doves built their nests.
[Maeiyeoraejua Buddhist Statue]
This Buddhist statue is Maeibul engraved on a huge rock that describes Maitreya Buddha. It was made in Chosun Dynasty that gives calmness with its appearance of holding fully bloom lotus flower in bot...
[Salt field experience]
- Bi-geum Rock Salt Village is a pure region without any pollution, which produces good-quality rock salts. In particular, the salt field experience carried out in the village can be enjoyed with chil...
[Won-pyung Beach]
- If you travel across the western sea past An-jua island and Pal-geum island and many other islands, you can see Bi-geum Island. Out of all beaches in Bi-geum Island ? one of the most beautiful islan...
[Ha-nu-num beach]
- Ha-nu-num beach , one of Bi-geum Islands famous tour spots, is located in a quite region that embraces the sceneries of the coast south-west to Bi-geum Island. Surrounded by mountains and islands,...
[Wu-san Beach]
- Wu-san beach is located not far from Shin-an Bi-geum Rock Salt Village, and it embraces the beautiful scenery of the coast. Vast beach is spread out along the picturesque coast, so many family unit ...
[Lee Se Dol Baduk Memorial Place]
- Lee Se Dol Baduk Memorial Place is a memorial place created by remodeling Grade 9 Lee Se Dols old school, Bi-geum Dae-gwang Primary School. The memorial place is tribute to Bi-geim Islands genius ...
[Seon-wang mountain]
- Seon-wang mountain, which is another enjoyment in Bi-geum Island, provides the tourists with the happiness of mountain-climbing while observing the scenery of Dadohae, when the usual impression of a...
[Bul-gab Temple]
Bulgab Temple located at the base of Bulgab mountain (516m) was named Bulgab Temple to mean that it was the first ever Buddhist seminary built by the Indian priest Marananta in the first year of Baekj...
[Yeonheung Temple]
Yeonheung Temple, located at Samgak mountain behind Younggwang Lava Village, is a branch temple of Baekyang Temple, which is the main temple of the 18 temples of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism
[Baeksu coastal road]
Younggwang Baeksu coastal road, located on provincial highway no.14 that connects the National highway no.77, has been selected as the 9th most beautiful road among the 100 beautiful roads of Korea.
[First arrival place of Baekje Buddhism]
First arrival place of Baekje Buddhism, located in Younggwang-gun Bupseong-Myun Jinnae-Ri, is the initial starting place of Buddhism in Baekje, and it is one of the representative tour spots of Youngg...
[Village valley]
The village valley, flowing along the route from Younggwang Lava Village to Yeong-Heung Temple, has clear water and a space to have fun with water, and therefore it is a famous tour spot visited by ma...
[Doctor Wang-In site]
Doctor Wang-In site is located at the base of east Munpil peak in Gurim Village, and it is a place restored to give evidence of his traces
[Wolchul mountain spa]
Wolchul mountain spa is located 5km northwest in SijongDopo direction from the home of culture and art Youngam-ub. It overlooks the beautiful sceneries of Wolchul mountain also called the Little Geum...
[Boat fishing experience]
Boat fishing experience can be enjoyed in all four seasons, and at Sokdong Tideland Village a variety of fish are caught each season. In spring black porgies are caught a lot, in summer mullets, in au...
[Wolchul mountain]
Wolchul mountain, called Geumgang mountain of the south Wolchul mountain is a Monadnock where Sobaek mountain range has protruded above a plain as it was stretching towards the open sea of Mokpo. It ...
[Tideland Village]
Sea fishing experience can be enjoyed in all four seasons, and at Sokdong Tideland Village a variety of fish are caught each season. In spring black porgies are caught a lot, in summer mullets, in aut...
[Tideland Experience]
Hongseong-gun Sokdong Village Tideland is a tideland a vigorous ecological system going on, where sand full of nutritions is mixed with the tideland.
[Birthplace of Han Yong Wun]
The birthplace of Han Yong Wun, located at Hongseong-gun Gyeolseong-Myun Seonggok-li, is a traditional thatched cottage, the roof of which is made of yellow soil and grain straw, and the fence with dr...
[Birthplace of Mr. Kim Bok Han]
Kim Bo Hans adult name is Won-Oh and pen name is Jio-San. In 1892, he passed government official test and became assistant manager in Seungjungwon in 1894. In 1895 he stepped down from his government...
Gunglipogu has the vast open Cheonsu Bay in front of it, and many visitors come because it has experience sites for tideland experience, etc. You can also watch the sunrise and sunset together. Also I...
[Migratory birds observation center]
Gunglipogu, Cheonsu Bay A district seadike, and Ganwol Lake are international arrival place of numerous migratory birds. To this, Hongseong-gun has established a bird investigation science center, in ...
[Cosmos complex]
Once you enter the coastal road from Gunglipogu to Namdangpogu via Sokdong observatory, the cosmos complex spread out before you entertain your eyes. Cosmoses, which the villagers planted in the waste...
[Sokdong observatory]
Sokdong observatory is a noted place in the coast of Hongseong, erected in 2005 at the seaside near Imhae tour road between Uhsapogu and Gungli. If you climb the observatory, you can see the open view...
[Sokdong observatory]
Sokdong observatory is a noted place in the coast of Hongseong, erected in 2005 at the seaside near Imhae tour road between Uhsapogu and Gungli. If you climb the observatory, you can see the open view...
[Namdang Port]
It is a local port at Cheonsu Bay-side, located 25km south from Hongseong-ub. In 10minutes distance on boat, there is the famous bamboo island, Jukdo, and Anmyeondo can be seen too. It has beautiful c...
[Mureung Valley]
Mureung valley, sometime called Mureung paradise in which Taoist hermits were strolling, is a valley with a lot of beautiful and wonderful sceneries created by Duta mountain and Cheongok mountain.
[Cheongok Cave]
It is the only natural cave located in the downtown of city and has a high academic value and the mystery of nature , as it is, consisted of so many precious rocks.
[Auto Camping Ground]
Romantic and illusionary camping ground with luxuriant pine forest and the wave of jade color! It is a national sightseeing resort opened for whole year and an environment friendly leisure space a...
[Mangsang Swimming Beach]
Please come to Mangsang Swimming Beach with the endlessly stretched beach along coastline, clean and swallow depth of water and the cleanest water nationwide
[Yakcheonjeong, Yakcheonsa ]
Yakcheonjeong, located in the midst of the pine forest, is far away 500m from Yacheonsa and has a excellent view to look down the Sea of Donghae. Yakcheonsa was established on the site of Nogok soew...
[Introduction of the experience of 4 Seasons ]
Traditions are still alive in this village with many sightseeing resorts including Yacheonsa and Yakcheonjeong available to enjoy Koreas flavor, and the chances to experience these are performed thro...
[Introduction of experiencing Yakcheon ]
Is east window bright? Skylark is singing This verse, too familiar with Korean, was created by Gu Man Nam, Yakcheon, and had a deep relation with this village. He was an excellent officer under kin...
[Honbul Museum]
Saga novel Honbul that significantly influenced the Korean literature in the end of 20th century introduced new aspect of ecological literature in Korean modern literature. Also it clearly recovered...
[Walgil Forest]
The second National Beautiful Forest Competition was held from July 2nd 2001 to August 31st 2001. It is an effort to find and promote beautiful forest around us to remind the importance of forest to o...
[Sea experience]
Haenam Ttangkkeut (southernmost end of Korean peninsula) Songho Village provides a sea experience at Songho beach that has beautiful old pine trees to give an enjoyable time to family unit tourists.
[Dalma mountain Mihuang Temple]
Mihuang temple is a temple founded during unified Shinra, and there is a founding story that supports the theory that Buddhism flowed in via the sea.
[Mu-wui Temple]
- According to the temple history record, Mu-wee Temple was founded in the 39th year of Shilla King Jin-pyungs reign (617 A.D.) initially as Guan-eum Temple by the Buddhist saint Won-Hyo, but there i...
[Chung-jeong Temple]
Gang-jin Golden Chicken Village is a significant place where you can have experience-tour and also learn historical culture. Sang-gok Temple and Chung-jeong Temple around the village have places to p...
[Hamel tour sites]
Hamel Memorial Museum was opened to pay tribute to the life and works of Hendric Hamel, the author of Journael van de Ongeluckige Voyagie van`t Jacht de Sperwer that first made Korea known to the we...
- Wol-chul mountain, which borders with Young-am-gun at north of Gangjin, has been called the Salt River of the South since long ago. The south valley of Wol-chul mountain is magnificent scenery in Ga...
[Songho Beach]
Songho beach is Haenams most representative beach stretched out before you reach Ttangkkeut (southernmost end of Korean peninsula) Village.
[Ttangkkeut (southernmost end of Korean peninsula) tour spots]
Ttangkkeut (southernmost end of Korean peninsula) originates from how it is located at the southernmost region of the Korean peninsula – Haenam-gun Songji-Myun Galdu mountain Saja peak Ttangkkeut (sou...
[Dalma mountain]
Dalma mountain is located southernmost even in Haenam-gun, and it rises in the form of a long arête. Dakgoljae is where National Highway no.13, which connects to Wando via Duryun mountain and Da...
The experience of Ceramic Art in Daeam village provides the chance to feel ancestors excellent artistic sense and their mind through actual touching on soil with smelling the fragrance of soil and gl...
It was designated as No 118 Historical place on January 21st 1963, and sometime called Chokeoungru. It was originally the place of Keoyeol castle and had been repaired 7 times during the period of Kin...
[Hanam_Daeam Mountain Paragliding]
Paraglider combines the merits of parachute with hangglider to make ideal wings allowing not only the merit of parachute like safety, the comfortableness of disassembly, assembly and transportation...
No 326 Historical relics. Designated in 1986. Designated size 131,033 m. It was known to academic circle in 1984 and scientific investigation had been performed twice to find the construction and cha...
[Hanam_Movie Theme Park, Admission Fee and Opening Hour, Hapcheon Museum ]
Hapcheon Movie Theme Park can be reached within 15 minutes from Hapcheon eup to the direction of Hapcheon dam. This place came to known outside after taking pictures of the street battle of Pyeongya...
[In-jeol-mi making experience]
The In-jeol-mi making experience in our village is where you make the In-jeol-mi which our parent used to make for us when we were young. You can learn the process of making sticky in-jeol-mi, and can...
[Chamdaarae_All schedules for experiencing village, Experience of Chamdarae ]
Various experiencing courses available throughout 4 seasons are being performed in this village surrounded by Mountain and sea. In Spring, the experience of observing wild flower, the experience of p...
[Sweet potato digging experience]
Tools : Hoe, basket Sweet and tasty sweet potatoes. It is an experience of digging sweet potatoes from the ground, unlike other crops that normally grow on trees or above ground. It is a fun activit...
[Jincheon Yeoungok-li stone monument]
Specified : Treasure No. 404 (1964. 9. 3) • Time period : Early Goryo • Size : Height 3.6m (full length) height 2.2m, width 0.8m, length 0.6m
[Jincheon Bell Museum]
Jincheon Bell Museum Introduction Jincheon Bell Museum was opened in September 2009, in order to publicize the artistic value and excellence of bells of Korea acknowledged worldwide, through Korean ...
[Jin-Cheon Confucian school]
Jincheon Confucian School Chungbuk Jincheon-gun Jincheon-Eup Gyoseong-Ri. 101st Chungbuk tangible cultural property A Confucian school in Chungcheongbukdo Jincheon-Gun Jincheon-Eup Gyoseong-Ri.
[Baek-Gok reservoir]
It had been the only Siphon type reservoir in Asia (1949) but in the early 80s the Siphon facilities were submerged due to the reservoir bank expansion project. If you look at the size of the reservoi...
[Chamdarae_Old house of Choi family in Hakrim ri ]
The old house of Choi family in Hakrim Ri ( No 178 Cultural Asset) was a typical old house, found in Southern province, for the residence of rich farmer and was built in the 6th year of king Gojong(...
[Chamdarae_Danghangpo Sightseeing resort ]
Danghangpo sightseeing resort is located in Danghang bow between Hoiwha Myun and Donghae Myun , and was the battlefield of Danghangpo naval battle in which general Sun Shin Lee, Chungmugong, had destr...
Gosung dinosaur museum opened November 9. 2004, is a specialized museum of dinosaur built in the place where many fossils of dinosaur were found, and provides the chances to see everything regarding d...
[Horse riding experience]
Horse riding experience Greetings to all lovers of horses and nature Horse riding is a whole body exercise that helps correct bodily development through enhancement of balance and flexibility and ...
[Mageompo beach]
Mageompo beach in Taean-gun Nam-myon, is a beach located before the bridge crossing to Anmyeondo. It is not yet well-known to people, and is very quiet. Around the beach there is a dense beach-pine fo...
[Cheongpodae beach]
It is a beach located south of Monsangpo beach. As the name Cheongpodae implies, the dense pine forest nearby, sand bank, and the vast white sand beach connecting to Mongsanpo make the visitors who co...
[Nan-Gye Temple]
Cultural relic name : Nan-Gye Temple Location : Young-Dong-Gun Shim-Cheon-Myun Go-Dang-Ri 515 This building is a shrine established in 1973 where the portrait of Park Yeon(13781458)
[Taean Coast National Park]
With Chungcheongnamdo Taean-gun Taean peninsula in the center, Taean Coast National Park reaches Garorim Bay in the north and Anmyeondo in the south. Land area is 36.274, and coastal area is 290.30....
[Woncheong sand dune]
Woncheong sand dune used to limit the entrance of private citizens and artificial alteration, and thus the sand dune topography is well-preserved, and there is a wide variety of organisms. There are 8...
[8 superb views of Taean]
View 1 Baekhwa mountain Baekhwa mountain fortress at the top of Baekhwa mountain in Taean-ub Dongmun-li was constructed during the time of Goryo King Chungryul (1275-1308). It is 700m long and 3.5m h...
[Herb Farm ]
Taean, where the herb farm is located, is the best place to cultivate herbs because of its coastal climate. Based on years of herb tea ? herb product manufacture and distribution, Herbra Co, Ltd, whic...
[Ok-Gye Waterfall]
Ok-Gye Waterfall, also called Park-Yeon Waterfall, forms a great spectacle in harmony with beautiful surrounding sceneries, and its watercourse falling from the steep cliffs is almost 20m. It is known...
[Cheongsan Garden]
hese days, living waste water, factory waste water and remaining toxicity of insecticides flow into streams and rivers indiscriminately, polluting the land and the seas. At Cheongsan Garden, ecology p...
[Source of Byuljubujeon Fable]
There is the Myo-saem which is a stream in the green mountains where the rabbit left his liver he had taken out and washed before he went into the sea palace carried by the turtle, in order to escap...
[Song-Ho National Resort]
Song-Ho National Resort created on 284,000 of ground is established with control office, parking lot, kitchen, physical training center, childrens playground, walking route, bungalows, etc. Also, sp...
[Sea experience]
- Sea experiences of Goheung Sin-gi Turtle Village include mainly the fishing experience and the ark shellsurf clam digging experience that utilizes the village sandbank. The barge fishing and rock f...
[Educational experience]
- Experience programs of Sin-gi Turtle Village consists of mainly educational experience, sea experience and farm experience, and they are composed of optimum locations in which you can experience eve...
[Nearby beaches]
- As Goheung Sin-gi Turtle Village is surrounded in 3 sides by the sea, there are many beaches nearby. Major beaches include Nam-yeol beach, Dae-jeon beach, Naro Island beach, Bal-po beach, etc. and t...
[So-rok Island]
- An island 600m south from Goheung peninsula Nok-dong port, its south is close to Ggeo-geum Island, and there are small islands in between including Dae-hwa island, Sang-hwa island, Ha-hwa island, et...
[Pal-young mountain]
- 608.6m in height, Pal-young mountain is a place where it is possible to enjoy a thrilling mountain climbing which is very rare in Jeonnam, and there is no better place to enjoy the elegance of an ar...
[Cheese Experience]
Cheese Village offers special experience events throughout the year for healthy body, energetic spirit, and clean environment. Visitors experience the fact that the cheese they make is more delicious...
About 2,000 years ago, two wizards of Mt. Mai and two wizards of Mt. Unsu gathered by Owon River to enjoy themselves in the beautiful nature and bathe in the clear water.
[Okjeong Lake ]
Okjeong Lake stretches from Unam-myeon and Gangjin-myeon of Imsil-gun to Sannae-myeon and Sanoi-myeon of Jungeup, Jeollabuk-do. It was created when Seomjingang Multipurpose Dam was built between Yong...
[Beach ]
Geommeolle Beach, a black-sand beach, is hiding in the canyon beneath Udo Peak. Geommeolle is Jejus dialect for black sand.
[Udo Museum]
Udo Museum opened on September 1, 2003 to offer learning experiences in Jeju Special Self-governing Province and exhibit various fossils and minerals that are only found overseas.
[Udo Haenyeo Anti-Japan Movement Memorial Monument ]
Udo Haenyeo Anti-Japan Movement Memorial Monument is standing at Cheonjin-ri Square near Udo Port. The monument has an engraving of in Chinese and the Song of Haenyeo on the pedestal. ...
[Lighthouse Park]
Udo Lighthouse is the first lighthouse to light up Jeju Special Self-governing Province in 1906 and is the sixth oldest lighthouse in Korea. In the early 1900s, Seongsanpo was the major port used by ...
[Field Experience]
At Goindol Park, try making ropes and bags with straw and experience how to pull yarns on the spinning wheel. Also, dye your clothes in yellow earth and pound the rice cake dough to make delicious...
[Family Farm Experience]
As a town of yellow earth, Gochang-gun makes a large amount of profit by cultivating Bokbunja, watermelon, and peanuts in its yellow earth fields. A spoonful of yellow earth has about 0.2 billion mi...
[Traditional Home]
The Traditional Home of Jung Hoi Kim (1903-1970) was built in the 8th year of the reign of King Sukjong (1682) as a typical noble home of the Joseon Dynasty. This was the typical structure for a home...
[Goindol Park]
The exhibition uses the characteristics of Goindol. The exhibition center is the most accessible facility in the park and includes the management office for the park.
Huyuldang was designated as Chungcheongbuk-do Monument No. 13 on December 21, 1976.
[Gasansa Temple]
This is a branch temple of Beobjusa Temple, the main temple of the 5th district of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism.
[Janggye Tourist Resort]
A citizens resort located at Janggye-ri Annae-myeon Okcheon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do
[Historical Site of Goun Choi]
This is where Chi Won Choi, the great scholar of the late Shilla Empire (857?), used to stay. Chi Won Choi was the leader of the 6th-class scholars that emerged as the new power holders during the l...
[Nampo Government Office]
This was the Government Office of Nampo-hyeon in the Joseon Dynasty. The Office consists of Jinseoru, Naesammun, and Oidongheon.
[Nampo Village School]
Village school was a public school established to perform the rituals for Confucius and various saints while educating and enlightening the local citizens.
[Nampo Castle]
Castles used to protect local residents and perform both military and administrative functions. Nampo Castle is a stone castle that stands on the western tip of the Charyeong Mountain Range. Nampo ...
[Nampo Embankment]
Nampo Embankment is located in between Daecheon Beach and Muchangpo Beach. It is supporting a 3.7km-long 3-lane coastal road, making an outstanding driving course by the water. For dating couples, t...
[Yongdu Beach]
[Muchangpo Beach]
As the first beach that opened in the West Sea in 1928, Muchangpo Beach is 1.5km in length and 50m in width. The water is 1-2m in depth, 22C in temperature, and only 4 in grade. The beach is surro...
[Daecheon Beach]
Daecheon Beach is the only beach in Asia that is made up of powdered shells. Clam shells have broken down into sandy particles through time. Unlike quartz sand that sticks to your body,
[Mt. Bonghwa]
This wide open view will open up your heart. The Korean ancestors used its openness as a beacon. The military announcement from Mt. Jochim in Boryeong-hyeon (todays Mt. Bongdae at Songhak-ri Jugyo-...
[Nampo Police Cemetery ]
Gogaetmaru by National Highway No. 21 at Nampo-myeon of Boryeong in Chungnam has a memorial park cherishing 15 police officers, including Sir Chul Mo Jung, who were killed by the communist invaders du...
[Nampo Reservoir]
The reservoir is known for clear water and beautiful landscapes. Crucian carps about 20cm-long are frequently caught. Waters on the upstream covered with aquatic plants form a good fishing ground ev...
(ߣ1) 约500Ҵ义树岭ߣ䣬现70%从农业义40%60%处磬乐ס树岭߾树从树߾٣...
[Origin of Names of Local Areas]
Songti (Songsan-1-ri) About 500 years ago, Songsan-ri established as the settlement of the Yi Family of Jeonui, beneath a low hill called Saenggoljae. Today, 70% of the residents engage in farming ...
[Food Experience]
Bugok 1000top Village produces eco-friendly farm produce that are mostly chemical-free. Therefore, there are many kinds of eco-friendly foods to eat throughout the year. In spring, you can gather mo...
[Traditional Culture]
The most special experience of Bugok 1000top Village would be stone tower building. Devote yourself in placing the rocks one by one. You will learn perserverence and feel the sense of accomplishment...
[Farm Experience]
In the farm, you can make beautiful memories throughout the year. You can plant potatoes or sweet potatoes and harvest them when they are fully grown.
[Ecological Experience]
It is very important for growing children to learn about the nature. At Bugok 1000top Village, children from urban areas can experience and learn about the nature. They can observe the tadpoles befo...
[Magoksa Temple]
This temple was named Magoksa Temple because the believers who gathered to listen to Priest Bocheol of the Shilla Empire resembled hemp stalks covering a field. It is said that this temple was establ...
[Tomb of King Muryeong]
This tomb was coincidentally discovered in 1971 while laying water discharge pipes to prevent flooding around Old Tombs #5 and #6 of Songsan-ri. This tomb had been buried undiscovered for about 1,500...
[Gong Fortress]
Gong Fortress is Historical Relic No. 12 that covers Geumseong-dong, Sanseong-dong, and Ongnyong-dong of Gongju. About 400m of the walls was built with earth in the Baekje Empire and about 250m was b...
[Magok Hot Springs]
Magok Hot Springs has a hot bath, heated bath, cold bath, massage bath, outdoor bath, and dry/wet saunas. The facility includes several pleasant, spacious lounges and locker rooms. In particular, Ma...
[Shrine and Tomb of Danjae]
Designation: Chungcheongbuk-do Monument No. 90
[National Gongju Museum]
The development of National Gongju Museum started with Gongju Historical Preservation Association, which was organized by the people of Gongju to protect the cultural heritage of Baekje during the Jap...
[Chungnam Forestry Museum]
Chungnam Forestry Museum is dedicated to preserving and exhibiting the forestry resources while educating its visitors. As the first local forestry museum (opened in late October 1997), it is located...
[Mt. Gyeryong Museum of Natural History]
Koreas first restoration of Brachiosaurus, which was discovered in the Morrison Strata of Wyoming, is a precious fossil that is only exhibited in three museums throughout the world. About 85% preser...
[Seokjang-ri Museum]
Seokjang-ri historical relics are precious resources that taught us that the first group of people in the Korean Peninsula dates back to the Old Stone Age, long before the Civilization of Dangun (the ...
[Magoksa Temple Natural Pine Forest]
Administratively, Mt. Taehwa is standing among Sagok-myeon, Sinpung-myeon, and Yugu-eup. A 1,000-year-old temple called Magok Temple is situated on the mid-slope. The clear stream from the deep wood...
[Mt. Museong]
Mt. Museong (613.5m above sea level) surrounds the east of Magoksa Temple around Sagok-myeon and Useong-myeon. Mt. Museong stretches for 15km in linear distance from the north to the south. Yugu Mag...
[Sangwon Valley]
Sangwon Valley springs at Guksa Peak of Mt. Taehwa (Bugok-ri) and flows by the village to Magoksa Temple. Dipping your feet in the cool, clear water of the valley will make you feel like a wizard. E...
[Sunflower Road]
As you enter Bugok 1000top Village, you will be greeted by big, yellow sunflowers. Bugok 1000top Village joined sisterhood with Samsung Semiconductor Onyang Branch whose employees come to the villag...
[Chae Ho Shins Shrine]
Location: 305 Guirae-ri Nangseong-myeon Cheongwon-gun, Chungbuk
[Chojeong Springs]
Address Chojeong-ri Naesu-eup Cheongwon-gun
[National Cheongju Museum]
National Cheongju Museum opened on October 30, 1987 to research and exhibit Chungbuks cultural heritage and to revitalize the characteristics of the local culture through various educational programs...
[Okhwa Natural Forest]
Characteristics - Luxurious forest and clean valley good for family vacation.
[Nangchugol Learning Center ]
Description Nangchugol Learning Center is a place surrounded by beautiful mountains, clean air, and luxurious nature. Its natural environment is beautiful throughout the seasons. Here, cool valleys ...
[Stone Towers]
Bugok 1000top Village got its name from the stone pagodas that have been erected for its wellness. Being a mountainous village, there are lots of rocks in the village. The local people erected the s...
Haenam still has 49.2 tidelands and about 250 reclaimed lands. The tideland at Bukpyeon-myeon of Haenam is particularly popular. The COD purification analysis of tideland proved that this tideland...
[Swimming Pool]
The swimming pool is located between the nearby valley and natural forest. It makes you feel free and restful in the middle of the forest.
[Mt. Daedun]
Mt. Daedun was originally called Mt. Duryun. It is assumed that the new name was originally Handeum, which means big mountain, and Handeum changed to Daedeum and then to Daedun. Daedunsa Temple was ...
[Origin of Endland]
Sinjeung Donggukyeojiseungrams Mangukgyeonguido marked Haenam-hyeon as the southernmost point of the Korean Peninsula and Onseong-bu of Hamgyeongbuk-do as the northernmost point. General Information...
This is a pond situated at Sutyongchugol of Bunam-ri, characterized by a 10m-long waterfall. The local people believe that it used to be the home of a male dragon. The pond is about 4m deep in a gra...
[Sea Fishing]
As a peninsula, Korea is surrounded by many maritime resources and sea fishing is available in all three seas. There are two types of sea fishing. There is fishing on Gatbaui by the coast and boat f...
[fishing from the rocks on the seashore]
Gaetbaui Fishing at Bogildo Island is a special experience that allows you to taste the fresh fish you catch. You can expose yourself to the clear seawater and the beautiful scenery of Dadohae while ...
[Gosan Yoon, Seon Do ]
Yoon, Seon Do (1587 ~ 1671) was a government officer and poet from the mid-Joseon Dynasty. - The Remains of Yoon, Seon Do reflects the typical garden landscaping of the Joseon Dynasty. When Yoon was...
[Yesong-ri Beach]
Yesong-ri Beach is known for the dark-blue pebble beach in front of Yesong Village. The beach is looking out to many inhabited or deserted islands nearby, including Dangsa, Yejak, Dakseom, and Giseom...
[Yesong-ri Evergreen Forest]
Yesong-ri Evergreen Forest aligns to the coast and stretches about 740m in length, 30m in width, and 15-20m in height. The trees are about 30cm in circumference at chest-height and form a half-moon s...
[Songchon Hot-pepper Village Cultural Heritages]
Songchon Hot-pepper Village has many cultural heritages nearby. The 3-story stone pagoda by Naju North Gate is designated as Treasure No. 50 and Seokdanggan by Naju East Gate as Treasure No. 49. Jeo...
[Mt. Geumseong]
Mt. Geumseong is Najus guardian mountain. It is 451m in height and consists of four peaks. The east peak is called Nojeokbong, the west peak is Odobong, the south peak is Dabokbong, and the north p...
Yeonhwaje is located by the entrance to Songchon Hot-pepper Village. It has been called Yeonhwaje since the Joseon Dynasty. Yeonhwaje beautifully preserves the natural habitats of many aquatic plant...
[Zelkova tree ]
Zelkova tree lives in the warm regions of Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and China. The tree looks rounded as its stems spread to all directions. The flowers bloom in May and the disk-shaped fruit ripens in ...
[Abeliophyllum distichum]
Type: Natural Monument No. 147 Name: Goisans Abeliophyllum distichum Habitat
[Gagyeonsa Temple]
his is a temple situated beneath Mt. Bogae, by the entrance to Mt. Songni National Park. Approaching the temple from Taeseong-ri, it takes a long walk past the village, farms, and fields, then throug...
[Seonyu Valley]
Location: Samsong-ri Cheongcheon-myeon Goisan-gun, Chungbuk Homepage: Goisan-gun Office ( Tel. No.: 043-832-4347
[Hwayang Valley]
Hwayang Valley Location: 402-2 Hwayang-ri Cheongcheon-myeon Goisan-gun, Chungbuk Tel. No.: 043-832-4347
[Ssanggok Valley]
sanggok Valley stretches 10km from Ssanggok Village of Chilseong-myeon, which is 12km from Goisan toward Yeonpung. The valley includes Horong Pond, Sogeumgang, Beongam (Rice Cake Rock), Munsuam, Ssan...
[Mt. Bakdal]
Mt. Bakdal is an independent peak that is clearly found from every direction. It is magnificent just to look at. If you go into the woods, you will find luxurious forests that remind you of a jungle...
[Brother Justice Shrine]
Hee Bo and Hee Yeol Kang are brothers who were born in Sinchon Village of Bonggang-myeon around 1560. The older brother, Hee Bo, gathered about 100 civil soldiers in Gwangyang and led them to Danseon...
[Mt. Baegun]
Mt. Baegun is the last tip of the Baekdu Mountain Range. Mt. Baekdu of Korea runs through the Baekdu Mountain Range and continues to Honam Vein to stop at Mt. Baegun. The backbone of Korea through M...
[Mt. Bagu Trail]
Standing behind Brother Justice Village, Mt. Bagu is a popular attraction among many mountain hikers. This trail leads to all peaks of Mt. Baegun, including Hyeongje Peak and Gitdae Peak.
[Seongbul Valley]
Seongbul Valley is one of the four major valleys of Gwangyang – Donggok Valley, Seongbuk Valley, Eochi Valley, and Geumcheon Valley.
[Jilmaeje Valley]
This valley runs through Brother Justice Village. Although not widely known, it is a great destination for family picnics since it is very well-preserved.
[Gwangseok Fishing Ground]
The best natural fishing ground of Daejeon!! Gwangseok Fishing Ground. It is a flat fishing ground that makes good fishing points everywhere. The fishing ground offers various competitions and spec...
[Sindoan Foundation Stones]
Mt. Gyeryong Sindonae Foundation and Stone Materials: Stone materials that were used to build the palace in the 2nd year of the reign of King Taejo (1393). 115 1.2-1.8m round stones.
Sinwonjae: Ritual house of Bi Kim (1613-1699), the 9th son of Sir Jang Saeng Kim. Built in 1710 and rebuilt in 1872.
Mowonjae: Ritual cell of Guk Gwang Kim, a literary scholar from the era of King Sejong in the Joseon Dynasty (1623). Kim was the prime minister of King Seongjong and compiled Gyeonggukdaejeon (Nation...
Eunnongjae (Old Home of Jang Saeng Kim): the place where Jang Saeng Kim stayed in the mid-Joseon Dynasty to teach Si Yeol Song and Jun Gil Song. (He stayed here for about 29 years.)
At Amyongchugol of Yongdong-ri there is a pond created by a female dragon when it flew up to the sky. 12m in width and 2.5m in depth, this pond is sitting on granite bedrock. Amyongchu is larger tha...
[Mt. Cheonma]
From Mt. Cheonma, you can see the town of Geumam-dong, Gyeryong at a glance. Far away to the southwest, you can also see Hwangsanbeol, the place of General Gyebaek's faith.
[Mt. Hyangjeok]
Mt. Hyangjeoks Guksa Peak is the southern peak of Mt. Gyeryong which rises 574m above sea level. It borders Sangwol-myeon of Nonsan and Duma-myeon of Ryeryong. It is known as the mountain filled wi...
[Mt. Gyerong Cheonhwang Peak]
Cheonhwang Peak is the highest point of Mt. Gyerong. Although it is only 845.1m in height, Cheonhwang Peak is a magnificent terrain with lots of beautiful rocks. Since the Age of Three Empires, it h...
[Tongil Pagoda]
The new integrated base of the army, navy, and air force was established on Mt. Gyeryong (Namseon-myeon, Gyeryong) as a secret operation called 6•20 Plan' since 1938. The army and the air force sett...
[The Partisan Route]
Mt. Jiri has breathed with the spirit and emotion of the Korean people. However, it was once the base of communist guerrillas and the background of the most tragic event in Korean history.
This hill was named Odojae because Priest Cheongmae Ino (1548-1623, pupil of Seosan), who was studying at Dosolam of Yeongwonsa Temple at Samjeong-ri of Macheon-myeon, achieved enlightenment while wal...
[Hansin Valley]
Hansin Valley refers to a deep, wide valley that is chilly even in the middle of summer. Some say that this valley is named so because it is cool, rough, and severely meandering; others say that it g...
[Chilseon Valley]
It takes several adjectives to describe Mr. Jiris greatest Chilseon Valley. Along with Cheonbuldong Valley of Mt. Seorak and Tamla Valley of Mt. Halla, it is known as one of Koreas three greatest v...
[Yeongwonsa Temple]
Traditional Temple No. 106 (Registered on Jan 24, 2003) Yeongwonsa Temple is located about 920m in altitude on Mt. Jiri at Samjeong-ri Macheon-myeon Hamyang-gun. Its time of establishment is not kno...
[Seoamjeongsa Temple]
This is an old temple that was reconstructed by Great Priest Jieom who succeeded the original order of Korean Buddhism. This temple is Located about 600m to the west of Beoksongsa Temple, this temple...
[Birth Home of Jae Woo Gwak]
General Jae Woo Gwak is originally from Hyeonpung. His given name was Gyesu, pen name was Mangudang, and posthumous name was Chungik.
[The Tombs of Sangjeong-ri ]
These tombs are located on the fields to the south of Hwajeong Middle School. This is a group of seven tombs. The first four tombs are situated in the center of the field and the remaining three by ...
Jeongamjin at Jeongam-ri of Euiryeong-eup is the name of a ferry on Nam River that flows from Euiryeong to Haman. It is also the place where the volunteer troops achieved their greatest victory again...
[Chungiksa Temple]
Chungiksa Temple is a shrine that preserves the tablets of General Jae Woo Gwak and the 17 Warriors. General Gwak was the first person to organize volunteer troops to fight the invaders during the Ja...
[Raft Experience ]
This experience program allows you to ride a raft on Nam River and explore the footsteps of the volunteer troops.
[Birth Home of Priest Seongcheol]
he birth home of priest Seongcheol and Geoboisa Temple are located at Mukgok-ri Danseong-myeon of Sancheong-gun by Daejeon-Tongyeong Highway. Priest Seongcheol is the pioneer of modern Buddhism in Ko...
[Daepo Forest and Valley]
Daepo Forest is a natural resort formed where Naewonsa Valley and Daewonsa Valley converge. The forest has an abundant water source and casts large shadows by the water, attracting many visitors every...
[Sir Sik Chos Historical Remains]
Cheonwang Peak of Mt. Jiri is located to the northwest of Daepo Village. The water from the peak divides into Jungsan and Samjang on its way and the streams meet again at Yangdang to form Deoksan. S...
[Daewonsa Temple]
Daewonsa Temple is very neat and humble. It cherishes the worlds most beautiful valley and lives among a couple of clean streams that flow between the rocks. Daewonsa at Yupyeong-ri Samjang-myeon o...
[Naewonsa Temple]
Naewonsa Temple is beautifully located at Daepo-ri Samjang-myeon of Sancheong-gun, where Jangdanggol and Naewongol converge. At the time of its establishment by National Priest Muyeon, during the rei...
[Fishing Experience]
Chujado Island is famous for boat fishing and Gaetbaui fishing. As Chujado Island is distant from the mainland and surrounded by deep seas, boat fishing is impossible even when it is only slightly w...
[Chuja Shrine of Cheosa ]
Chuja Shrine of Cheosa was designated as Jejudo Islands Tangible Cultural Asset No. 9 on March 12, 1975. It was established in memory of Park, In Taek (pen name: Cheosa), but it is not known exactly...
[Haok Valley]
Haok Valley is the northeastern tip of Pohang that borders Songra-myeon of Pohang, Budong-myeon of Cheongsong-gun, and Dalsan-myeon of Yeongdeok-gun. The valley covers 600,000 for about 12km from Do...
[Sinyang Beach]
The beach is covered with small pebbles between the size of a pea and the size of an egg. This pebble beach extends 300m in length and is known for its special effects in treating neuralgia and skin ...
[Gyeongsangbuk-do Arboretum]
Located on a highland that rises 630m in average altitude, Gyeongsangbuk-do Arboretum is Asias largest and the worlds second largest arboretum (3,222ha). As a great learning center of mountainous p...
[Chujado Lighthouse]
cherishes the 10 Beautiful Sceneries of Chuja, and Chujado Lighthouse stands on the top of a 125m-high hill in Upper Chujado Island.
[Tomb of Hwang, Gyung Han]
Hwang, Gyung Han is the son of Hwang, Sa Young (Alexio), who was executed in 1801, and Jung, Nan Joo (Maria), who was exiled to Jejudo Island as a national slave. His tomb is situated on the mid-slop...
[General Choi, Young Shrine]
General Choi, Youngs shrine (1316-1388) is situated on the cliff to the northwest of Upper Chujado Islands Daeseo Elementary School.
[Gido Village School]
Gido Village School is located at Gido-ri of Anpyeong-myeon. This village was dominated by the Ok Family of Euiryeong that was strongly dedicated to fostering the next generations to preserve the tra...
[Gray Heron Habitat]
Euiseongs Gray Heron Habitat is located at Jungryul-ri of Sinpyeong-myeon. Sinpyeong-myeon is situated to the northwest of Euiseong. Jungryul-ri is Koreas greatest gray and white heron habitat and...
[Anpyeong Urigol 3.1 Movement Memorial Monument]
Anpyeong-myeon is a patriotic town where many independent activists who participated in the 3.1 Movement originated from.
[Bangdanhyeongjeok Stone Pagoda]
This pagoda is Gyeongsangbuk-dos Intangible Asset No. 301. This pagoda was made in the Goryeo Dynasty with unevenly-shaped natural stones. However, we have not found any records about this pagoda o...
[Gounsa Temple]
This is the main temple of the 16th region of Jogye Order. It was established by Priest Euisang in 681 (1st year of the reign of Shilla King Shinmun) and manages about 60 branch temples.
[Okryeonsa Temple]
This temple is situated to the south of Mt. Bongdu, which is a part of Mt. Ilwol in Samchun-ri of Anpyeong-myeon. This temple is thought to be established by Priest Euisang. Its name Okryeonsa cam...
[Unramsa Temple]
It is located about 10m beneath the peak of Mt. Cheondeung in Sinan-ri of Anpyeong-myeon. About 1300 years ago, Priest Euisang established it for King Shinmun of the Shilla Empire. The temple was na...
[Binggye Valley]
As one of the eight beauties of Gyeongbuk, Binggye Valley is called Bingsan because it has an ice hole and a cool air hole. Binggye is the stream that flows around the mountain and the village by the...
[Seonseoksa Temple]
This building is located in Seonseoksa Temple on Mt. Seonseok of Incheon-ri in Wolhang-myeon and about 200m from Great King Sejong Offspring Umbilical Cord Center of Taebong Peak.
[Great King Sejong Offspring Umbilical Cord Center]
Great King Sejong Offspring Umbilical Cord Center on Taebong Peak of Mt. Seonseok of Inchon (742.4m) preserves the umbilical cords of 17 out of 18 legitimate princes of Great King Sejong (not includin...
[Korean Melon Ecology Center]
Seongju-gun of Gyeongbuk is the town of Korean melon. Korean Melon Ecology Center recently opened to show everything about Korean melon and offer related experience programs.
[Hangae Village]
Hangae Village is the town of the Yi Family of Seongsan. About 500 years ago, Woo Yi, the 15th-generation descendant of the Yi Family and the former governor of Jinju, first settled here. Hangae sta...
[Farm Experiences]
Farm Experiences
[Namyang Sacred Land of Virgin Mary]
Namyang Sacred Land of Virgin Mary was created in the memory of many unknown martyrs who were killed in 1866. Dedicated to Virgin Mary on October 7, 1991, this place became the first official sacred ...
[Tomb of General Nami]
The Tomb of General Nami was designated as Gyeonggi-do Monument No. 13 on July 10, 1973. It is sitting on a double stone foundation at Namjeon-ri Bibong-myeon Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do.
[Changmun Art Center]
Changmun Art Center was completed in May 2001 in the former Changmun Elementary School building in Hwaseong and opened as a beautiful, visitor-friendly art museum.
[Bibong Marsh Park]
Sihwa Lake Reed Marsh Park was created in 2002. It is designed to serve as a natural water treatment plant with aquatic plants and reeds to purify the nearby streams that flow into Sihwa Lake.
[Mt. Sanbang]
Mt. Sanbang is a bell-shaped volcanic mountain composed of trachyte rocks that connect to the sedimentary rocks of Yongmeori by the coast of Sagye-ri of Andeok-myeon.It stands in the southwestern plai...
[Oh! Seollok Museum]
It is Koreas first tea museum. Its official name is Seollok Tea Museum Oh! Seollok. It was established by Amore Pacific Corporation, which produces Seollok Tea, in September 2001.
[Historical Relics of Chusa]
The Historical Relics of Chusa is located inside the old East Gate Site of Daejeong-eup. This is where Kim, Jung Hee (1786~1856; pen name: Chusa), a government officer and writer during the Joseon Dy...
[Soingook Theme Park]
Koreas largest miniature theme park opened at Jeju Special Self-governing Province. Located nearby Mt. Halla and surrounded by parasitic volcanoes, the park beautifully harmonizes with the heavenly ...
[Chocolate Museum]
Chocholate Museum is situated inside Daejeong Agricultural Complex at Ilgwa-ri Daejeong-eup, Seogwipo. Neither magnificent nor colorful, this humble museum harmonizes with the natural environment of ...
[Noranggul and Geomeungul Kilns]
These kilns were designated as Jeju Special Self-governing Province Monument No. 5801 on April 17, 2002. This place used to make traditional earthenware. Gueok-ri Noranggul made the firing wall apar...
This is a clean and clear valley surrounded by bizarre-looking rocks.
Located at Yeoryang-ri of Buk-myeon, Auraji is one of the major origins of Jeongseon Arirang, Gangwon-dos Intangible Cultural Asset No. 1.
[Meju and Cellist]
The scent of soybean paste and soy sauce fermenting in 3,000 jars every year
[Gathering Herbs]
Baekdu Village offers a unique experience of herb gathering.
[Leisure Experience]
You can enjoy riding a donkey-pulled flower wagon or a bicycle amongst Baekdu Villages beautiful landscapes.
[Yangyang Water Power Generator]
Yangyang Water Power Generator is located at Seo-myeon of Yangyang-gun and Jindong-ri of Girim-myeon in Inje-gun.
[Village Resort]
The best place for lodging and water fun!
[Haedam Experiences]
Traditional games (Jegi, hoop, Korean see-saw, Yut, etc)
[Injin Mugwort Taffy Experience]
Haedam Villages Injin mugwort is known as the best mugwort in Korea.
[Joseon Folk Painting Museum]
Joseon Folk Painting Museum opened on July 29, 2000 in celebration of Yeongwol Dong River Raft Festival.
[Muksan Art Museum]
Muksan Art Museum is located at San-605 Waseok-ri Hadong-myeon, by the entrance to Gimsatgat Valley, surrounded by Janggun Peak and Great King Sejong Rock.
[Gimsatgat Literature Center]
This place exhibits Sir Gimsatgats life and literature at a glance.
Jangreung is the tomb of King Danjong, the 6th king of the Joseon Dynasty
Cheongryeongpo is located about 2km to the southwest of Yeongwol-eup.
[Folk Museum]
Yujeon Folk Museum is located in a log building with yellow earth walls and tile roofing.
[Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter]
Mini Samgut experience
[Bangsan Porcelain Museum]
Bangsan-myeon of Yanggu has been a popular porcelain producer since the Goryeo Dynasty.
The abundant Suipcheon is a long river that runs 34.8km in length.
[Jigyeon Falls]
Jigyeon Falls is a 15m-high waterfall located at the bottom of Suipcheon in Jangpyeong-ri of Bangsan-myeon.
[Seasonal Experiences]
Environmentally-friendly farming: hand-planting, duckling method
[Omi Experience School]
After its shut down in 2004, Omi School was renovated into an experience school.
[Mt. Eungbong]
Mt. Eungbong stretches from Samcheok of Gangwon-do to Bonghwa-gun and Uljin-gun of Gyeongsangbuk-do.
[Gagok Natural Forest]
[Deokpung Valley]
Deokpung Valley is located far from the village in a quiet mountainous terrain.
[Fly Fishing]
Deokpung Valley and Gagokcheon is full of mountain trout, Chinese minnow, freshwater eel, and catfish that only live in Class 1 clean water.
[Survival Game]
At Punggok Village, you can experience the thrill of survival game.
[Gyeongpo Beach]
Known as the largest beach on the East Sea.
[Sacheon Beach]
acheon Beach is 300m in length and 18,00 in size.
[Unbaengigol and Eomnamugol]
Umbaengigol used to be abandoned as unused farms and fields, but the farms were reclaimed for iris and rush cultivation and to establish an eco pond.
One of Baekmiri Villages great attractions is fishing in the sea. Baekmiri Village offers fun sea fishing any time of the year and Baekmiris open seas make a good fishing ground throughout the ye...
[Tideland Experiences]
There are many clams, worms, octopuses, and unknown maritime organisms living in the tidelands. The endless tidelands nearby Baekmiri Village serve as an important course of resources for the local p...
[Dinosaur Egg Fossils]
About 1,596ha of land by Sihwa Lake at Gojeong-ri Songsan-myeon, Hwaseong was designated as Natural Monument No. 414 on March 22, 2000.
[Dano Experience]
In Korea, the dates where two numbers overlap, such as March 3, May 5, June 6, July 7, and September 9, were believed to be full of good energy.
[Samcheonryang Experience]
Just like Jejudo Island is famous for three things, Haesari Village has three major specialties
[Haesari School of Traditional Culture]
The former Sacheon Elementary School Sagimak Branch building has been rented and remodeled to make Haesari School of Traditional Culture.
The coastal park at Gungpyeong-ri Seosin-myeon, Hwaseong is a great tourist attraction with beautiful sea pines and sand beaches. The white-sand beach, which is 2km in length and 50m in width, beauti...
[Jebudo Island]
Jebudo Island is a small island that floats in the open seas by Seosin-myeon of Hwaseong in Gyeonggi-do. It is only 1 in size and its coastline only extends 12km. It is even smaller than Yeouido, b...
Haenam still has 49.2 tidelands and about 250 reclaimed lands. The tideland at Bukpyeon-myeon of Haenam is particularly popular.
[Water Experience Pool]
The swimming pool is located between the nearby valley and natural forest. It makes you feel free and restful in the middle of the forest.
[Mt. Daedun]
t. Daedun was originally called Mt. Duryun. It is assumed that the new name was originally Handeum, which means big mountain, and Handeum changed to Daedeum and then to Daedun.
injeung Donggukyeojiseungrams Mangukgyeonguido marked Haenam-hyeon as the southernmost point of the Korean Peninsula and Onseong-bu of Hamgyeongbuk-do as the northernmost point.
[Sea Fishing]
As a peninsula, Korea is surrounded by many maritime resources and sea fishing is available in all three seas. There are two types of sea fishing. There is fishing on Gatbaui by the coast and boat f...
[Gaetbaui Fishing]
Gaetbaui Fishing at Bogildo Island is a special experience that allows you to taste the fresh fish you catch. You can expose yourself to the clear seawater and the beautiful scenery of Dadohae while ...
[Gosan Yoon, Seon Do]
Yoon, Seon Do (1587 ~ 1671) was a government officer and poet from the mid-Joseon Dynasty.
[Yesong-ri Beach]
he beach is looking out to many inhabited or deserted islands nearby, including Dangsa, Yejak, Dakseom, and Giseom. It even displays a beautiful view of Jejudo Island and many other beautiful islands...
[Yesong-ri Evergreen Forest]
Yesong-ri Evergreen Forest aligns to the coast and stretches about 740m in length, 30m in width, and 15-20m in height. The trees are about 30cm in circumference at chest-height and form a half-moon s...
[Mt. Yongmun and Gingko Tree]
Mt. Yongmun has countless rocky peaks that exhibit magnificent views every season. It is the third highest mountain in Gyeonggi-do after Mt. Hwaak and Mt. Myeongju. With magnificent terrains and dee...
Dumulmeori is where Bukhan River meets Namhan River. Along with Yamadang and Yongmunsa Temples Gingko Tree, Dumulmeori is one of the three major landmarks of Yangpyeong-gun. Dumulmeori is Yangsu-...
Semiwon is a meaningful place where Gyeonggi-do shares its intentions to make the Han River, the main artery of Korea, clear and beautiful.
[Songchon Hot-pepper Village Cultural Heritages]
Songchon Hot-pepper Village has many cultural heritages nearby. The 3-story stone pagoda by Naju North Gate is designated as Treasure No. 50 and Seokdanggan by Naju East Gate as Treasure No. 49. Jeo...
[Mt. Geumseong]
t. Geumseong is Najus guardian mountain. It is 451m in height and consists of four peaks. The east peak is called Nojeokbong, the west peak is Odobong, the south peak is Dabokbong, and the north pe...
eonhwaje is located by the entrance to Songchon Hot-pepper Village. It has been called Yeonhwaje since the Joseon Dynasty. Yeonhwaje beautifully preserves the natural habitats of many aquatic plants...
[Seongbul Valley]
eongbul Valley is one of the four major valleys of Gwangyang ? Donggok Valley, Seongbuk Valley, Eochi Valley, and Geumcheon Valley. It brings many visitors not only from Gwangyang but also from the s...
[Brother Justice Shrine]
Hee Bo and Hee Yeol Kang are brothers who were born in Sinchon Village of Bonggang-myeon around 1560. The older brother, Hee Bo, gathered about 100 civil soldiers in Gwangyang and led them to Danseon...
Experience a beautiful world of straws at Chorok Craft Experience. The useless straws transform into shoes, ropes, bags, and rugs. You can take home anything you create.
[Chorok Taste]
Although Chorok Bibimbab is a humble dish just like the one your grandmother used to make, it can satisfy your hunger away from home.
[Chorok Experiences]
Draw beautiful pictures in the nature. All you need is pretty flowers and grass. Use real plants to draw the nature. You can even take home what you make here.
[Family Shrine of Sir Soang Cho]
Sir Cho was an independent movement leader and politician from Hwangbang-ri of Nam-myeon.
[Mt. Baegun]
Mt. Baegun is the last tip of the Baekdu Mountain Range. Mt. Baekdu of Korea runs through the Baekdu Mountain Range and continues to Honam Vein to stop at Mt. Baegun.
[Nam-myeon Zelkova and Eco Pond]
This zelkova tree has been designated as Natural Monument No. 278. It is thought to be about 850 years old. It is 21m in height and 12m in girth, with its branches spread in all directions around 4m...
[Mt. Bagu Trail]
Standing behind Brother Justice Village, Mt. Bagu is a popular attraction among many mountain hikers.
[Bongam Reservoir]
Bongam Reservoir is a mountainous reservoir that rises 140m above sea level beneath Mt. Gamak. The road between Bongam-ri of Eunhyeon-myeon and Jeongok of Yeoncheon-gun meanders around the reservoir....
[Jilmaeje Valley]
This valley runs through Brother Justice Village. Although not widely known, it is a great destination for family picnics since it is very well-preserved. This valley is only 20 minutes from Gwangya...
[Traditional Home]
Traditional home experience is held at the traditional home of Su Hyun Baek. This traditional building was built in the 1890s, and children can learn about the structures of old homes and the lifesty...
Sculpture experiences are mostly provided for families. Sculptures are made using wood, as well as other materials such as soap, clay, and plaster.
[Dairy Processing]
Mengol Villages dairy processing experience allows its participants to make cheese, yogurt, and ice cream by the pasture.
[Sinam Reservoir]
Sinam Reservoir was a restricted area for protection until a while ago. Today, it is open to visitors. The reservoir has formed with the clean waters from Mt. Gamak.
[Mt. Gamak]
Mt. Gamak lies in between Seoul and Gaesong, rising 675m above sea level. It has been called Gamak (a dark-blue rocky mountain) because its rocks emit both black and blue lights
[Traditional Home of Su Hyun Baek]
The Traditional Home of Su Hyun Baek is Historical Item No. 128 and was built as a hideout in the late Joseon Dynasty (1870s) by Queen Myeongseong.
[Seasonal Experiences]
Collecting spring greens (aralia shoots, fernbrake), planting sweet potatoes/potatoes, planting Italian millet/Indian millet, making shows, thatch, and egg carriers with straws, crossing stone bridge,...
[Natural Experiences]
Through 9majigi Village flow the clean waters of Yongchu Valley, one of the eight views of Gapyeong. This place is very popular in the summer time because everyone can enjoy the clean waters. Bathe ...
[Farm Experiences]
Picking apples Participants experience apple picking, apple eating, and selecting good apples (by measuring sweetness). Families can gather around the orchard to experience nature along with the swe...
[Morning Calm Arboretum]
The garden of Korean beauty! Morning Calm Arboretum is designed to exhibit the beauties of Korea in the views of Mt. Chungnyeong. It includes many unique traditional gardens and offers a comfortable...
[Jara Island/Mt. Yeonin]
Jara Island is not very popular, but it is one of the most romantic islands in Korea The old name of Mt. Yeonin, which is the origin of Yongchu Valley and Seungan-ri, was Ahopmajigi (9 majigi). M...
[Yongchu Valley]
Yongchu Valley originates from Mt. Kalbong, which rises 900m above sea level.
[Goransa Temple]
Goransa Temple is located by Baekma River beneath Nakhwaam to the northwest of Buso Fortress, which was the last royal castle of Baekje. As Nakhwaam and Goransa Temple are formed by rocks, it does no...
Nakhwaam is a rocky wall that rises about 40m above sea level at the northern end of Mt. Buso. It is where the women of Baekje jumped off to kill themselves when Baekje was defeated by the Shilla-Tan...
[Cheongma Fortress]
Cheongma Fortress is the outer wall that was established in the late Baekje Empire to protect Sabi, the capital of Baekje. Currently, the west side of the castle is relatively well preserved. The we...
[Jeongrimsa Temple Site Five-story Stone Pagoda]
Jeongrimsa Temple Site Five-story Stone Pagoda is the stone pagoda from the late Baekje Empire. A five-story pagoda body is placed on a narrow and low single-story stylobate. General Sojeongbang of ...
[Baekje Culture and History Center]
Baekje Culture and History Center shows the history and culture of Baekje at a glance. Baekje marked a cultural height in the Korean Peninsula through the Hanseong, Ungjin, and Sabi eras. Baekje Cul...
[Songguk-ri Ancient Settlement]
Songguk-ri Village is located on a moderately sloped hill 40m above sea level. To the east and west of the village flow streams from north to south, and broad farmlands are covering the village throu...
[Steamed Bread]
Steamed Bread Experience
[Mt. Gamak, Seomari River, Old Printmaking Museum]
Mt. Gamak (885m) is located where Bongyang-eup of Jecheon in Chungbuk and Sinrim-myeon of Wonju in Gangwon meet. It is generally called Mt. Gamak, but it is marked as Gamak Peak on the map by the Nat...
[Jeongrimsa Temple Site Five-story Stone Pagoda]
Jeongrimsa Temple Site Five-story Stone Pagoda is the stone pagoda from the late Baekje Empire. A five-story pagoda body is placed on a narrow and low single-story stylobate.
[organic farming experience]
The Kimchi-making day of the winter was a precious cooperating culture where the neighbors gathered to make healthy food for their families and shared their love and friendship.
[Odokttegi Experience]
Experience the 1,000-year-old Odokttegi (Visit the training center to learn Odokttegi and try singing Odokttegi while planting seeds in the fields.)
[Cultural Assets/Temples]
Family name is Kim and pen name is Tonghyo. Also called Pumil. He left for Buddhist meditation at the age of 15 and received the rules of Buddhist priest in 829 (4th year of the reign of King Heun...
Gyeongpo Beach is located 6km to the north of downtown and 1km from Gyeongpodae. It is popularly known as the greatest beach of the East Sea
Mt. Chilseong is so called because of the seven rocks on its top which resemble the Great Bear.
[Farm Harvest Experience, Hand Tofu Making, Soybean Paste Making]
Experience harvesting fully grown farm produce and learn the preciousness of each food item you eat everyday.
[Old Streets of Baekbongnyeong]
Baekbongnyeongs real name is unknown, but Taengniji calls it Baekbongnyeong and Jeungpomunheonbigo and Yeojidoseo call it Baekbongnyeong or Hibokjae.
[Mangsang Beach, Chuam Beach]
41,760 of camping ground and 14,9172 of parking lot. Includes convenient facilities such as water/sewer, management office, Mangsang Auto Camping Resort, hotels, homestay, and shops.
[Mureung Valley, Cheongok Natural Cave, Yongsogol, Seohakgol]
Often called the Paradise, Mureung Valley is where Yi, Seung Hyu wrote at Yongandang, the previous form of Cheoneunsa Temple, in the Goryeo Dynasty.
[Dalbang Dam]
The construction of Dalbang Dam began in 1986. We started to add water in 1989 until it was completed in May 1990. Dalbang Dam supplies Donghaes agricultural, industrial, and domestic waters.
[Waterside Experience]
Enjoy various waterside experiences throughout the year, such as water sports and fishing of Crusian carp, leather carp, pond smelt, and mountain trout.
[Winter Exchange]
Learn to build friendship and have fun in the nature. Spin tops on frozen rivers and participate in various folk games, such as Tuho game, Yut game, and kite flying.
[Autumn Experience]
Make soybean paste using clean soybean from Woncheon-ri.This is a good experience in which children can learn about Koreas foods and culture, while cooking and taking the cooked food home.
[Summer Experience]
Come to Wonvheon-ri in June and July to experience the harvesting of potatoes, corn, and tomatoes.
[Spring Experience]
Early spring, come to Mt. Janggun to gather various mountain greens such as groundsel, mugwort, pickpurse, and fernbrake on Mt. Janggun. In this experience, you will learn their names and how to gath...
[Water Sports, Woncheon Fishing Ground]
Located by the upstream of Bukhan River, Woncheon Fishing Ground is known for clean waters and beautiful surrounding natural landscapes.
[Water Sports, Woncheon Fishing Ground]
Experience water sports by Gangwon-dos clean forests and clean and clear lake.
[Native Wild Flower Donggurae Complex]
Located by the hiking course along the cool valley, the wild flower complex has about 50 species of wild flowers, including adonis, dicentra, columbine, and bellflower.
[Mt. Hwaak]
Mt. Hwaak is a 1,468m-high mountain located between Sanae-myeon of Hwacheon-gun and Buk-myeon of Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do.
[Woncheon Life Sports Park, Lake Park]
Lakeside Park is a picture-perfect location by the village.
[Woncheon Life Sports Park, Lake Park]
This 1.4ha open sports park by the lake is great for athletic meetings and many other community sports events.
[Bukhan River, Paro Lake]
Paro Lake is an artificial lake that was initiated in 1938 and completed in 1943 by the hydropower generation plant established by Japan in Guman-ri Gandong-myeon Hwacheon-gun to supply electricity fo...
[Bukhan River, Paro Lake]
Being the longest tributary of Han River with an abundance of water, Bukhan River led the development of many dams, including Soyang River Multipurpose Dam, Hwacheon Dam, Chuncheon Dam, Uiam Dam, and ...
[Farm Harvest Experience Forest Experience]
Mupung-myeon, which is mostly covered with forests and fields, is preparing an experience program of farm harvest experience connected to tourism for the urban dwellers.
[Muju Resort ]
Large-scale leisure, sports, and entertainment facilities are located in the beautiful landscapes of Mujugucheon-dong within Mt. Deogyu National Park.
[insect a museum ]
At Gyeongryang-ri Seolcheon-myeon, about KRW 9.5 billion of national and military funds were invested to establish a 3,305 building (1 basement level and 1 ground level) for the Insect Museum.
[Mt. Daedeok Mt. Sambong ]
Deokji-ri and Geumpyeong-ri Mupung-myeon Muju-gunThe 1,290m-high Mt. Daedeok, located at the easternmost corner of Muju-gun, divides Gimcheon of Gyeongbuk and Geochang of Gyeongnam with its ridgeline ...
[Mujugucheondong Valley ]
Mujugucheondong Valley along the ridges of Mt. Deogyu is one of the major attractions of Mt. Deogyu. The veins of the waters that flow in front of Baengnyeonsa Temple form about 36km of a long valley...
[Birth Home of Sir Yi, Seok Jeong Tomb of General Ahn, Ui Baeksan Lecture Hall]
This is the birthplace of Sir Yi, Seok Jeong (18401910; given name: Hyeongo), the master of Practical Science from the late Joseon Dynasty.
[Baeksan Reservoir ]
Baeksan Reservoir is located at Hajeong-ri Baeksan-myeon Gimje, Jeonbuk. It is a 175ha reservoir containing 3,516,000 of waters and was established when Honams wild mountains got developed in 1969.
[ Unnim Art Studio]
This is Unnim Art Studio. Unnim probably was the best name for it because this mountainous area surrounded by countless peaks of Mt. Cheomchal must have had foggy forests every morning and evening.
[The world-famous Mysterious Seaway ]
The world-famous Mysterious Seaway is about 2.8km in length between Hoi-dong-ri of Gogun-myeon and Modo-ri of Uisin-myeon.
[Geumgap Beach ]
Although Gaumgap Beach is not very big or well-known, it is located at a clean region full of fishery resources. Fishing is possible at any part of the beach.
[Wellbeing Hiking Trail]
Jeopdo Island, a very isolated island located in Uisin-myeon Jindo-gun, was where Geum, Gab Do was exiled to.
[Story of Baekgu (Baekgu Park)]
Jindogae, the Natural Preservation No. 53 and Worlds Noted Canine No. 334, is a mid-sized canine species that is known for its outstanding faithfulness, brightness, cleanliness, attachment, courage a...
[Spring (Life), Summer (Energy), Autumn (Harvest), Winter (Rest)]
* Mountain berry planting/growing/harvesting/making * Mountain greens gathering * Spring wild flower experience * Cooking with mountain berries
[Photography Museum]
Yeongwol declared to be Donggang Photography Village on September 1, 2001 and became the new base of Koreas photography culture by successfully holding Donggang Photography Festival in the summer...
[Jangneung, Cheongryeongpo, Gossi Cave, Byeolmaro Observatory, Museum of Modern International Arts]
Jangneung is the tomb of Joseons 6th King, King Danjong. King Danjong was King Munjongs only son and was born in the 23rd year of the reign of King Sejong (1441).
[Rafting in Dong River]
Rafting refers to a leisure sports in which rafters ride on a rubber boat and face many obstacles, such as fast currents, rocks, and waterfalls, to sail down valleys
[Soybean Paste and Straw Craft Experiences]
Each family typically make Kimchi and soybean paste for the winter around the first day of winter.
[Rail Bike]
Bikes run along railroads into beautiful landscapes Although not very well-known in Korea, Rail Bikes are popular in the mountainous areas of Europe with their four-wheels that run on railroads.
[Monument of Sir Yi, Gyu Bok]
Sir Yi, Gyu Bok was born in Songseok-dong Buk-myeon Jeongseon-gun in 1707. His family origin was Gyeongju, given name was Baekgeun, and pen name was Songseokwa.
[Sangjeong Rock, Baekseok Falls, Hyanggol Pagoda Park, Jagaegol, Sugam Valley, Mt. Ombong, Yongbaui R]
From the top of the rock, the shape of Joyang River that flows around Sangjeong Rock on three sides resembles the map of the Korean Peninsula. This is a natural observation deck that presents a very ...
[Group of Dolmens]
Location: About 1.5km from the village across Nampyeonggyo Bridge and along National Highway No. 42 (Jeongseon-Yeoryang)
[Spring of FernbrakeCool and Freezing SummerAbundant AutumnWinter in Warm Mountain Village]
* Old Games (Jegi, Gulleongsoi Hoop, Korean-style Seesaw, Yut Game, etc) * Soft Tofu Making I (Try grinding organic soybean using grinding stones and firing Korean stove)
[Tomb of Jungyeong, Tomb of Yeonggyeong]
Tomb of Jungyeong is the tomb of General Yangmu, the 5th-generation ancestor of Joseons Founder King Taejo and Tomb of Yeonggyeong is the tomb of General Yangmus wife, Madame Yi.
[Jukseoru Pavilion]
A pavilion is an open loft-like structure. This particular one was established by Sir Yi, Seung Hyu, a great scholar from the Goryeo Dynasty, in 1275 (the 1st year of the reign of King Chungryeol).
[Maengbang Beach]
This beach is about 7km away from Downtown Samcheok and is widely known as a clean beach.
[Samcheok Beach]
1.2km in length and 100m in width, Samcheok Beach is Samcheoks largest white-sand beach located only 1.4km away from Downtown Samcheok.
[Gangwon Museum]
Gangwon Museum was established by Daejin Educational Foundation in December 2004 and its building uses various ancient architectural styles from the East and the West.
[Mt. Duta]
Mt. Duta is a 1,353m-high mountain located at the meeting point of Miro-myeon, Hajang-myeon, and Mureung Valley of Donghae.
[Hwanseon Cave, Mt. Deokhang, Daei Valley, and Mureungcheon Valley]
Hwanseon Cave, located at the Cave Region in Daei-ri Singi-myeon, was designated as Natural Preservation No. 178 along with Gwaneum Cave and has been protected as Koreas largest limestone cave.
[Historical Artifacts]
Samyong-ri of Iwol-myeon is a mountainous area that stretches along Mihocheon Stream, a tributary of the Geum River.
[Snow Blossoms]
* Snow-sledding ? snow-sledding on a raft, traditional skiing, snow-sledding on gunny bag
[Athletic Competition in the Mountains]
An experience that will remind you of the childhood athletic competition.
[Saldun Picnic]
* Bicycle trip to Saldun Village ? Ride a bicycle along Naerincheon Stream
[Mt. Gyebang]
Being a high mountain of 1,577M above sea level and a vein of Taebaek Mountain Range, Mt. Gyebang is surrounded by Koreas 4th highest Unduryeong (1,089M) and is covered with yew trees and royal azale...
[Sambong Forest]
Mt. Odae that stretches through Yeongok-myeonn of Gangneung, Jinbu-myeon of Pyeongchang-gun, and Nae-myeon of Hongcheon-gun was designated as a national park in February 1975.
[Sambong Forest]
Opened in 1992, Sambong Forest is 21,400,000 in size and can accept up to 1,500 people a day, with the recommended number of visitors per day as 1,000. It is managed by Bukbu Local Forest Administra...
[Mt. Gaein]
Taebaek Mountain Range connecting from Mt. Seorak to Mt. Odae stretches to the west at Galjeongok Peak and forms Mt. Gaein.
[Saldun Valley]
DescriptionSaldun Valley, created by Gyebangcheon Stream and Jauncheon Stream, cherishes its original beauties. The luxurious virgin forest is of another world from the entrance on.
[Saldun Cabin]
Saldun Cabin is very popular among mountain lovers as one of the 100 most beloved cabins in Korea.
[Naerincheon Stream]
DescriptionNaerincheon Streams originates from Gyebangcheon Stream and Jauncheon Stream, which come from Mt. Sogyebang and Mt. Heungjeong in Nae-myeon Hongcheon-gun. Gyebangcheon and Jauncheon meet a...
[Wild Flower Experience, Green Tea Experience, Yellow Earth Duckling Experience, Village Festival ]
Field trip to Wild Flower Experience Center - Wild flower exhibition hall, wild flower cultivation center, and wild flower photography.
[Cheonggan Pavilion, Cheonhak Pavilion, Hwaamsa Temple, House of Eo, Myeong Gi ]
Cheonggan Pavilion is one of the eight beautiful scenes of Gwandong and eight beautiful sunrises of Mt. Seorak. Located at 81 Cheonggan-ri Toseong-myeon by the East Sea, Cheonggan Pavilion is a gable-...
[Ayajin Beach ]
DescriptionAyajin Beach, with 2km of clean coastline by the mountains and 2.4ha of fine white-sand beach, is widely known as a beautiful family picnic site and summer camp location.
[Wanggok Folk Village, Tongil Observation Deck ]
Wanggok Village is located behind Songji Lake in Jukwang-myeon and is the old name for todays Obong-1-ri.
[Gyeokpo Beach]
Gyeokpo Beach is located in between Chaeseokgang and Jeokbyeokgang. It is more beautiful and clearer than any other beach in Korea and brings a continuous line of tourists throughout the year.
[Mohang Tideland Beach]
Mohang Beach is a small beach along the luxurious pine forest by the entrance to Mohang Village.
[Jikso Falls]
Jikso Falls is located in a basin surrounded by the noted Ongnyeo Peak, Seonin Peak, and Ssangseon Peak of Byeonsan.
Mt. Oibyeons most popular attractions are Chaeseokgang and Byeonsan Beach. Chaeseokgang refers to Gyeokpo Port that appears at the western tip of the Byeonsan Peninsula in low tide and the layered c...
[Naesosa Temple]
Naesosa Temple was established in the 34th year of the reign of Baekje King Muwang (633). Its original name was Soraesa Temple, meaning a place to visit to be reborn.
[Experiences at Gosari Village]
It is a good natural and ecological experience just to watch the evergreen Mt. Songnim and the beautiful Duam Reservoir in April.
[Gochang Castle]
Gochang Castle is a natural-stone castle erected by the people of Jeolla-do to prevent invasions in the 1st year of the reign of Joseon King Danjong (1453).
[Dongho Beach]
Dongho Beach is located at Dongho-ri Haeri-myeon. The beach is surrounded by a luxurious forest with pine trees that are several hundred years old and the 4km-long white-sand beach is fine and modera...
[Gusipo Beach]
Gusipo Beach has a long white-sand beach, luxurious forest, and a branch of Mt. Jangja along the coastline.
[Mt. Seonun Provincial Park]
Mt. Seonun is also called Mt. Dosol. Seonun means meditating in clouds and Dosol means the mountain of Buddhist learning.
[World Cultural Heritage – Gochang Dolmen Park]
Gochang Dolmen, a world cultural heritage, proudly presents various forms to show the Korean ancestors creativity.
[Green Barley Fields]
Our 100ha Hakwon Farm in Seondong-ri Gongeum-myeon was designated as a tourism farm in 1994.
[Seongeup Folk Village]
Seongeup-ri was the administrator of Jeongui-hyeon when Jeju Special Self-governed Province was divided into three Hyeon (1410~1914). It still preserves the characteristics of an eastern mid-slope vi...
[Sinyang Beach]
Sinyang Beach is located inside Sinyang-ris Seobjikoji to the southeast of Seongsan-eup.
[Ilchul (Sunrise) Land]
Ilchul Land exhibits the outcomes of Jejus academic researches, development plans, environmental assessment,
[Seongsan Sunrise Peak]
The basin is surrounded by 99 rocky peaks and the smooth ridgeline to the south forms a large prairie. You can enjoy riding ponies by the entrance, observe Mt. Halla and the seas on the mid-slope, an...
[Digging Short-necked Clam]
Tideland is a voyage into a small yet large world. Every small living organisms of the world lives within the humid and muddy tideland.
[Sea Fishing]
Fishing is a very good leisure sports that will wipe away your stress, refresh your mind, and help you foster perseverance.
[Scuba diving ]
Scuba Diving generally refers to sports and leisure diving. Scuba particularly refers to the equipment which allows us to breathe independently underwater.
[Tongyeong Maritime Science Center ]
The Sea of the Land: The New World of Dreams and Courage created by the Sea Tongyeong Maritime Science Center is Tongyeongs tourism resource by the beautiful Hallyeo Maritime Park and the site of mar...
[Dara Park]
Location: Minam-ri Sanyang-eup Tongyeong, Gyeongsangnam-doContact: Tongyeong Tourism Promotion Department 055)645-0101 Tourist Information Center 055) 650-5735~8 Location This place is k...
[Underwater Tunnel ]
483m in length, 5m in width, and 3.5m in height, this tunnel is Asias first underwater tunnel built over a year and four months between 1931 and 1932.
[Tongyeong Grand Bridge]
As an increasing number of tourists are visiting Donam Tourism District and more and more people are moving into the new residential areas of Mireukdo Island, Tongyeong Brand Bridge was established to...
[Nammangsan Sculpture Park]
Mt. Nammang Sculpture Park was established in the 15,700 property within Mt. Nammang Park in Dongho-dong to connect Tongyoeng to Mireukdo Islands special tourism district and foster Tongyeong into a...
[citizen's cultural center]
Citizens cultural center harmonizes with the surrounding Mt. Nammang Sculpture Park and shares outstanding cultural and artistic performances and exhibitions with the local people.
[Chungryeolsa Temple]
Chungryeolsa Temple enshrines the tablet of Yi Chungmugong. In the 39th year of the reign of Joseon King Seonjo (1606), eight years after the Japanese Invasion of 1592, the temple was built by the Ki...
[Bukjangsa Temple]
Bukjangsa Temple Bukjangsa Temple is located at 38 Bukjang-ri Naeseo-myeon on Mt. Cheonju. As a temple of Jogye Order, we presume its establishment took place during the Shilla empire. It was recons...
[Sangju Bicycle Museum]
View the History of Bicycles at a glance. Koreas first Sangju Bicycle Museum has become a local landmark. Bicycle Museum was established on October 26, 2002 at a 500 old school site in Namjang-don...
[Mt. Noeum]
As one of the three noted mountains in the region, Mt. Noeum is often called Noak and guards the west of Sangju.
[Ssangyong Valley]
The water that flows along the valley to the east of Mt. Songni creates Ssangyong Valley about 4km from Mt.
[Ggujinamu (Paper Mulberry) Beach]
Ggujinamugol Beach is located at the northern tip of the Taean Peninsuma. Thanks to its unfamiliar name, it is still preserving its clean, natural beauty.
[Samok Beach]
Looking into the Iwon Peninsula of Taean-gun, we can find many unknown beaches. One of them is Samok Beach. It is the best beach in the Iwon Peninsula for family picnics.
[Mandae Port]
A Buddhist priest from the Joseon Dynasty came to Taean. He was walking on the road in search of an isolated land when he suddenly encountered the blue sea.
[Forest of Hope]
Observe wild flowers and breathe fresh air along the luxurious pine tree trail!!
[Gumeongbaui (Hole Rock) ]
Gumeongbaui is a rock(baui) that has a tunnel-like hole(gumeong) made by a long weathering process, thus it was named so.
[Festivals/Events (Scarecrow Festival)]
Scarecrow Festival is held every autumn when scarecrows do their jobs most actively. Get away from your routine life and participate in our cultural festival in the nature.
[Experiential Program (Changmun Farm Culture Experience)]
Hwaseong of Gyeonggi-do has developed a cultural farm village for the urban dwellers who wish to come to a farm village and experience natural soil away from the busy urban life.
[Nearby Attractions (Light Airplane Runway and Reed Fields)]
Running on National Highway No. 77 toward Sinoe-dong, you will arrive at a dead end. Inside the barbed wire fence is Lake Sihwas Reed Fields, and many light airplanes can be found in the skies.
[Nearby Attractions (Sinoe-dong Teojugari Shrine)]
Sinoe-dong Teojugari Shrine is currently not designated as a cultural heritage, but has been succeeded for a long time. Sinoe-dong is divided into 1-ri and 2-ri.
[Nearby Attractions (Tomb of General Nam, Ee)]
The Tomb of General Nam, Ee was designated as Gyeonggi-do Folk Item No. 13 on July 10, 1973 and is plated on a double-layer stone terrace in Namjeon-ri Bibong-myeon, Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do.
[Nearby Attractions (Old Home of Jeong, Won Chae)]
The Old Home of Jeong, Won Chae was designated as Gyeonggi-do Folk Item No. 6 on June 28, 1985. Located in Songnim-ri Namyang-myeon Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do, this house is a mansion from the late Joseon ...
[Nearby Attractions (Changmun Art Center)]
An open space for creation, exhibitions, and learning experience. Changmun Art Center renovated Changmun Elementary School in Hwaseong of Gyeonggi-do, in May 2001, to establish a beautiful and plea...
[Nearby Attractions (Marsh Park)]
Created in 2002, Lake Sihwas Reed Marsh Park uses aquatic plants, such as reeds, to improve the quality of water in the tributaries that flow into Lake Sihwa. This is a 105ha waste water treatment p...
[Nearby Attractions (Herbal Park)]
At the Herbal Park located by Imjin River, you can feel the nature within various cultural facilities, as nature and culture are harmonized without boundaries.
[Specialties (Rice)]
MaeHyang-ri is a farm and fishery village. Its quality rice is as popular and tasty as its seafood from tidelands.
[Specialties (Short-necked Clam and Oyster)]
The people of MaeHyang-ri pick best quality Solen strictus, short-necked clams, and oysters at the broad tideland of MaeHyang-ri.
[Specialties (Tideland Organisms)]
aeHyang-ris broad tideland is a great habitat for top-quality octopuses, webfoot octopuses, snails, Macrophthalmus japonicus, and Philyra pisum.Octopus: Octopus is low-calorie stamina food that lower...
[Nearby Attractions (Ippa-do Island)]
Ippa-do Island is a part of Gukhwa-ri Ujeong-myeon, Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do.
[Nearby Attractions (Jebu-do Island)]
Jebu-do was named after 'Jeyakbugyeong,' people who used to help children and elderly cross the waterway between Songgyo-ri and this island.
[Nearby Attractions (Nong Island)]
Nong Island in MaeHyang-ri is about 10 minutes by boat from the land. The U.S. Army established Cooney Shooting Site, in 1951, during the Korean War in Nong Island, but the site was closed down as the...
[Nearby Attractions (Baengmi-ri)]
Baengmi-ri Seosin-myeon, Hwaseong ? the Typical Fishery Village with Heavenly Natural Tidelands
[Nearby Attractions (Gungpyeong-ri)]
Gungpyeong-ri Seosin-myeon, Hwaseong is widely known for sea pines and the sunset. Gungpyeong-ris shore park is a magnificent attraction with sea pines and a sand beach.
[Experiences (Seasonal Experiences in the Farm)]
Spring: The villagers begin gathering day lily, Euonymus alatus, wild garlic, pickpurse, various mountain greens, such as Saussurea, fernbrake, Osmunda japonica,
[Nearby Attractions (Sunguijeon Palace)]
Sunguijeon Palace is located on a hidden edge of Mt. Ami and cherishes many stories and memories from the history of Korea by Imjin River. Currently, it enshrines tablets of King Taejo, King Hyeonjo...
[Nearby Attractions (Tomb and Birth Home Site of Heo, Mok)]
This is the tomb of Heo, Mok (1595-1682), a great scholar and calligrapher from the mid Joseon Dynasty. Heo, Moks given name was Munbo or Hwabo, pen name was Misu, and family origin was Yangcheon.
[Nearby Attractions (Tomb of General Jeong, Bal)]
Jeong, Bal (1553-1592) was a government officer in the mid Joseon Dynasty who was born in Baekseok-ri. His given name was Jago, pen name was Baegun, and family origin was Gyeongju.
[Four Season Experience]
Songhak-3-ri of Gangsang-myeon offers various farm experience programs, such as the sweet potato digging experience.
[Attraction (Mt. Yangja Hiking Trail)]
Mt. Yangja is where Gangsang-myeon and Gangha-myeon to the southwest of Yangpyeong-gun and Sanbuk-myeon of Yeoju-gu meet. Because it is moderately sloped and easy to access from the metropolitan area...
[Attractions (Seorimsa Temple)]
Run about 4km from Gangsang-myeon of Yangpyeong to Mt. Yangja and you will arrive at Seorimsa Temple.
[Attractions (Tomb of Sir Yun, Geuk Yeong)]
Songhak-3-ri of Gangsang-myeon has the tomb and monument of Sir Yun, Geuk Yeong (pen name: Bandal).
[Attractions (Namhan River Training Center)]
his is a training facility that includes an auditorium, seminar room, and lecture halls for various multimedia training lectures and seminars. Trainees that participated in lectures or seminars can c...
[Farm Experience]
Participate in various farm experience programs at Loveme Village and feel the joy in harvesting organically grown environmentally-friendly agricultural produce. We offer various seasonal experience p...
[Attractions (Mirinae Camp)]
Mirinae Camp was created for everyone to learn, enjoy, and grow in the nature. At Mirinae Camp, you can participate in various events and family experience programs, such as Well-being Farming Experi...
[Attractions (Elido Horseback Riding Experience)]
Elido Horseback Riding Club of Okhyeon-ri Jije-myeon Yangpyeong-gun is a pension where you can enjoy natural greens and exciting horseback riding at only KRW 10,000. This is a clean, quiet place to w...
[Attractions (Gwangtan Recreation Park)]
Pass Yongmun to arrive at Gwangtan Recreation Park. This is where you can enjoy the fresh scent of grass, the songs of crickets and birds, and the picture-perfect scenery of Gwangtan Valley surrounde...
[Attraction (Jeong, Gyeong Ja Art Museum)]
Jeong, Gyeong Ja, a female painter, is not very renowned in Korea. She was mostly active in Japan and France for about 30 years. She returned to Korea in the mid-1990s and settled in Yangpyeong of G...
[Attractions (Yongmunsa Temple)]
Yongmunsa Temple is the branch temple of Bongseonsa Temple, the 25th temple of Koreas Jogye Order. It is administered by Sinjeom-ri of Yongmun-myeon and is the greatest among the temples in Mt. Yong...
[Attractions (Wolsan Reservoir)]
Wolsan Reservoir in Yangpyeong is located to the east of Jipyeong of Wolsan-ri in Jije-myeon. Many people come to see its beautiful landscape and many TV series have used its beauty as their backgroun...
[Experience Programs]
- Mudfish Catching, Eel Catching, Persimmons Picking, Winter Icebreaking, Sledding
[Nearby Attractions (Jukju Fortress)]
Jukju Fortress is located on Mt. Bibong in Maesan-ri. Jukju Fortress inner walls were built during the Shilla Empire and outer walls during the Goryeo Dynasty.
[Attractions (Chiljangsa Temple)]
[Attractions (Mt. Chilhyeon)]
Mt. Chilhyeon is not very high (516.2m) but has beautiful features. It has a well-made trail which is great for casual family hiking.
[Nearby Attractions (Juksan Catholic Sacred Land)]
Run southbound on Jungbu Highway from Seoul toward Juksan-myeon of Anseong and exit at Iljuk Interchange to arrive at Juksan Catholic Church. Nearby the Church we find the place where many Catholic b...
[Nearby Attractions (Hong, Shin Ja International Art Complex)]
Coming from Yongseol Reservoir toward the embankment, we encounter a road sign to Utneundol (Smiling Stone) on the right. The sign takes us to an internationally renowned Avant-Garde Dancer Hong, S...
[Attractions (Gume Reservoir)]
Dume Reservoir in Dugyo-ri Juksan-myeon, Anseong, creates a beautiful scene with Mt. Chiljang in its background.
[Experience of Cooking Pumpkin]
When it gets cold, there are many people who catch a cold. For prevention of a cold, pumpkin juice is good. And it is also good to improve examinees memory and thinking power.
[Beolcheonpo Beach]
Beolcheonpo of Seosan, Chungcheongnam-do is one of west coast mud flats unpolluted yet. Beolcheonpo Beach as wonderful as ever is located at Oji-ri of Daesan-eup,
This is a reservoir made by blocking old mud flats, so it has been called Ganwolgae or Ganwolji. As an old place, it has a lot of water plants and it is generally not deep.
Hoetgaebeyotgaje is a play starting on 14th of January and ending on the 1st day of February by lunar calendar, which is a traditional cultural event for farmers to pray peace of the village for
[Daeho Seawall]
Daeho Seawall is located at Samgilpo-ri, Daesan-eup of Seosan si, which is a north gate of Seosan bordering with Daehoji-myeon of Dangjin gun.
This is a mountain (302m) in Daesun-eup, which had dense forest in 1940s, so the inhabitants was reluctant to go near there, and after liberation,
Mangilsa in the southeast direction from Daesan-eup is located at 170m above sea level of Mangilsan, about 1km away along the road to Unsan-ri to east from seat of Daesan-eup office.
[Seonggumi Port]
This is Seonggumi-li, Changtaek-myeon, Myeoncheon-gun area in the past, now it is located at the north side of Songsan-myeon.
[Seokmun Embankment]
Seokmun lake is an artificial lake that was developed in 1995 with the Seokmun reclaimed land project. It has a great special landscape with farm lands and industrial complexes by making the reclaimed...
[Experiencing Salicornia herbacea ]
Salicornia herbacea is a halophyte that grows in the clean ocean, it is 10~30cm tall, has good tissue in the stem, cylinder shape, branches are facing each other. It is an annual plant and photosynthe...
[Collecting Painted maple sap]
You can collect the sap of the Painted maple in Namyangju, which is famous for its clean forests and tastes, and purchase the sap. .......
[Seorisan Mountain]
Shaped like a castle wall, Seorisan Mountain in connected to Chukryeongsan Mountain (879m). It is also called Sangsan Mountain in Chinese and is located on the boundary of Sudong-myeon, Namyangju-gun ...
[Jugeumsan Mountain]
The altitude is 813 meters. It is called Bidansan Mountain (Silk mountain) in Naechon-myeon of Pocheon-si since its features are beautiful.
[Introduction of cultural exchanges and performances of Mongolian Cultural Village]
Namyangju-si concluded a peace treaty with Ulan Bator of Mongolia and has held various cultural events such as the invitational performances of the Mongolian Folk Art Team and has been reborn as an in...
[Experiencing Salt Farm]
Gagok-li, which is surrounded by the sea, brought ocean water from the beginning of 1950s to produce salt, and in the end of the 1950s, they reclaimed the ocean and started to produce salt in the natu...
[Horticultural Experience ]
On the front of the Village, a large horticultural complex cultivates flower plants, ornamental plants, Hong Kong coconuts, occidental orchid, oriental orchid and wild flowers; they are available for ...
[Farming Experience]
The activities offer opportunities for families to realise the importance of farming, to relax in the beautiful nature as well as to experience the educational farming.
[Introduction about Mongolian Cultural Village]
Building a ger, to a Mongolians, means a family receives new family members through marriage or birth
[Experiencing Herb]
You can learn how to use and many kinds of herbs when you walk around the herb farm. An Herb meal will increase your appetite and herb tea or herb ice cream can improve your healthy condition.
[Lotus Experience]
Various activities and programmes related to the theme of lotus refresh old memories for citizens, and give beautiful dreams to their children.
[Salt Introdution]
Sun-dried salt is very clean salt that is made by evaporating sea water with sunlight and wind on a salt farm. Normal salt is salty from the first to the last taste however, Sun-dried salt is salty fi...
[Janheung Tourist Development]
Chestnut Forest, Parking lot, General Gwonyuls grave, walking course, swimming pools. Museum, pottery exhibition centre and camp sites are located nearby.
[Ilyeong Park]
A romantic dating drive course for lovers, incredible outing site for students, and hut, farm, stream, swimming pool, restaurants and accommodations for family outings.
[Herb Introduction]
Herb comes from the Latin Herba, which means the leaves, stems, roots of plants that are used for food or for medicine or its smell or flavor is used.
[General Gwonyuls Grave]
The grave of General Gwonyul(1537~1599). His family town is Andong, name Unshin, pen name Manchwidang and Moak, and poetry pseudonym Chungjang. He passed his military officers exam in 1582, and becam...
[Lee Sugwangs Grave]
The grave of Jibong Les Sugwang(1563~1628), a scholar of Confucianism and literature in the mid-Joseon period.
You can enjoy Catherine wheel, riding sled, flying kite, writing brush, picking mushroom, ice fishing, top spinning.
This experience has one day course and one night two days course; also you need to make a reservation to enjoy the program.
This experience has a one day course and a one night two days course; also you need to make a reservation to enjoy the program
This experience has a one day course and a one night two days course; also you need to make a reservation to enjoy the program.
[Experiencing ink stone]
Making ink stone is one of the experiences that everybody can enjoy in any season. You can learn how to make the ink stone from the beginning, how to make a groove, how to carve the pattern and watch ...
[Ocheon Harbor]
Ocheon harbor is located at Cheonsu bay, and it has good natural conditions that allow many ships to anchor there without any special facilities such as breakwaters.
Cheonsuam is a very beautiful temple. There are old pine trees on the both side of the path to the temple, also there are many bamboos are surrounding the temple.
[Gwin Rock]
The rock which is located at the north side of called Gwin Rock. Thousands of years ago, one powerful husband and wife were throwing rocks for fun at Seongju mountain.
[Lee, Ji-Hams Grave]
Lee, Ji-Ham is a scholar in the middle of Cho-seon dynasty, his family house is Hansan and his pen name is To-Jeong.
[Galmaemot Holly Land]
This sea execution ground Galmaemot is evidence of the sad missionary history. 3 French Christians and two chairmen who were the main people of the church went to the police themselves to protect othe...
[Shin, Gyeongseop's House]
This is a Korean style house which was built at the end of the Choseon Dynasty. It was built of big wood which was used for rich people's main building.
[Hwa-am Auditorium]
This auditorium is built in remembrance of the scholarly and moral conduct of Lee, Ji-Ham, Lee, San-Bo, Lee, Mong-Gyu. Lee, Ji-Ham (15171578) is a scholar in the middle of Cho-seon dynasty, his pen n...
[Mr. Kim, Jin-Han]
Mr. Kim, Jin-Han is Korean intangible cultural asset No.6. He makes the traditional Nompo ink stone after succeeded his grandfather Kim, Hyeong-Su, and his father Kim, Gap-Yong. He is maintaining hi...
[Power Plant]
Boryeong Power Plant is 3.83km2 big, has 6 facilities with a 50kW capability that can burn a total of 3,000,000 kW of bituminous coal and heavy oil. It was built in Dec, 1979 and No.1 was built in Dec...
[Daecheon Beach]
The long and white sand, blue sea, many islands beyond the horizontal line, sunset.... Daecheon beach has good harmony with youth, romance, comfort, and natural beauty.
[Myeongdae Valley]
The stream which comes from the northwest side of Oseo mountain made the Myeongdae Valley with clean water. Myeongdae Valley is covered with rush forests, and has a few water falls, so it has cool win...
[Oseo mountain]
Oseo mountain was named Oseo because there were many crows and magpies. Also ships that pass the Cheonsu village found the direction by this mountain, so this mountain also called the "Lighthouse of t...
[Coal Museum]
The coal museum was built on May, 18, 1995 on the 25,163 land with a total floor space of 1,600 in memory of the coal labor's efforts in Chungnam coal mine and to inform our descendants of the devel...
[Cold Wind Bathing]
A cold wind blows out from hundreds of meters below the ground through the coral mines, and this cold wind will make you cold even in the summer.
[CheongCheon Lake/Fishing]
CheongCheon lake is located at Boryeong city which has the largest beach in the West Sea. This U shaped lake was built in Sep, 1960 and very famous for big fish fishing in the Chungnam area.
[5-story stupa in Jeongrimsa site]
This is a stupa in Jeongrimsa site of Buyeo, which has the shape that 5-story body stands on the narrow and low 1 stylobate. So Jeong Bang, general of Tang who conquered Baekjae with allied forces wit...
[Buyeo Sedo General Village]
This is an incense burner of Baekjae founded with about 450 relics in a hole in the west part of a temple site between Baekjae Naseong and Neungsanri old tombs group. It is a great incense burner of...
[Chusas Calligraphic Stone Engraving ]
The engraved article is thought to be the work of the great scholar and artisit of the late Joseon, Chusa Jeonghee Kim
[Nogosan Mountain]
Nogosan which locates behind the village (495m) has an easy walk course for the citizens. Also, picking chestnuts, the speciality of Jangju, will offer you an opportunity to enjoy the homely relaxatio...
[Jeungpyeong Blacksmith]
Blacksmiths never stop beating iron in heat and near flames even in mid-summer.
[Wild Flower Hiking Course]
Wild Flower Hiking Course is located behind Mt. Mudeung Tourism Farm in Chojung-ri Jeungpyeong-gun.
[Bogangcheon Fitness Park]
It is Jeungpyeong-guns largest fitness park that is equipped with handy fitness equipment, physical enhancement devices, and convenience facilities.
[Healthy Winter Experiences]
These are experiences program that can be done in January ~ March. - Experiences of ice soccer You can experience ice soccer between January and February.
[Traditional Fall Experiences]
These are experiences program that can be done in October ~ December. - Experiences of cooking traditional foods
[Clean Summer Experiences]
These are experiences program that can be done in July ~ September. - Fishing event Fishing event using fishing nets in weekend farm (July ~ August)
[Well-being Sprig Experiences]
These are experiences program that can be done in April ~ June. - Gathering wild vegetables Events during the season gathering wild vegetables in spring (concentrative period in April)
Maewoldae means a precipitous pocky cliff (alias, Seonam) of 40-meter-high located on the mountaintop, 595m above the sea level at the mountain edge of Mt. Bokgye where Maewoldang Kimsiseup, one of li...
[Mt. Bokju Recreational Forest]
Mt. Bokju recreational forest of Cheolwon, Gangwon-do is a recreational forest located on the north edge of Mt. Bokju in Jamgok-ri, Geunnam-myeon which is the interior from Cheolwon, and opened in Jun...
Goseokjeong designated as nation tourist attraction in 1977 is one of Cheolwon 8 wonderful sceneries located on midstream of Hantan Riv., which is peculiar because of a huge curious rock dominating in...
[Migratory birds watching sightseeing]
Our nation is one of international migrants protection areas. There are many winter immigrants to fly to our nation to pass the cold winter from the far Siberia and like places. Especially, Cheolwon...
[Unification & Security sightseeing]
Cheolwon is the place to have the most traces of Korean War. You can make a round the iron delta war records site, which completely remains the traces of Korean War which was as fierce as the violent ...
[Nue(Silkworm) Lake]
As a reservoir completed in 2003, also called Jamgok reservoir, this is located in the forests, thus the surrounding scenery is wonderful.
[Experiences of fishery, a traditional culture, and ecology ]
This is a one day fishing experience riding on a two- to five-ton vessel. At dawn, the participants of this experience go to the sea with fisher men, draw the fish net that was already cast to gather ...
[Soraesan Mountain]
When we talk about the mountains in Siheung, we cant omit Soraesan Mountain. On the mountain, you can see people who enjoy a forest bathing in the dense forest and the view of the downtown of Daeya, ...
[Wolgotpogu Estuary]
An estuary is where ships come in and out. In Siheung-si, there are many estuaries but here we would like to introduce you Wolgotpogu Estuary, where ships come in and out around a full tide due to the...
[Visit to a prehistoric site]
Oido Paechong is the largest shell mound in the West Sea coast, and it is not only the only historic site from which to learn the situation of the relationship between the north and south during the N...
[Okgu Park]
Okgudo is an environmentally friendly park located in Siheung-si to attract visitors. The facilities of Okgudo Park sitting on 47,500 pyeong around Okgudo are divided into Hometown Hill, Forest Class...
[Mongolian Culture Village]
Location: Naebangri, Sudongmyeon, South Yangju (In Sudong Tourism Development) Area : 10,483(3,170pyeong)
[Pine mushroom farms]
Young Pine Mushroom belongs to agaric family of fungus, and its acacedmic name is big agaric mushroom.
[Seorisan Mountain]
Seorisan, connected to Chukryeongsan(879m) like a fortress wall, is also called Seongsan, and locates over Sudongmyeon of South Yangjugun and Sangmyeon of Gapyeonggun in Gyeonggido Province.
[Yongchugugok Valley]
Yongchugugok Valley, which lies below Yeoninsan Mountain with the altitude of 1068 meters, originated in a legend that a dragon embroidered the picture-like view of nine turns as it disappeared into t...
Chukryeongsan is a rock mountain which is formed before Hangang river; it derives from the Gwangju mountains that comes to Gapyeonggun to form Myeongjisan and Unaksan mountains.
[Gamaso Park]
As you go down along the valley in Yeoninsan Village, you will see Gamaso Park, which was named so because it looks a cauldron. The water flowing under the rocks is so clear and quiet that it has bec...
[Myeongjisan Mountain]
As a 1,267 meters mountain which is located 18 kilometers north of Gapyeong, it is the second highest mountain after Whaaksan Mountain in Gyeonggi-do. The geographical features of Myeongjisan Mountain...
[Yeoninsan Mountain ]
"A place where love and hope are realized" Yeoninsan Mountain! Peak 906 in the southeast of Yeoninsan Mountain was named to Ujeongbong Peak, Jeonpaegogae Hill to Ujeonggogae Hil, and Peak 879 in the...
[Chukryeongsan Forest ]
Chukryeongsan mountain stands over South Yangju and Gapyeonggun, and is 879m high. The forest is mature, and its valleys are beautiful. A myth is passed on that Seonggye Lee, the founder of Choseon dy...
[Namyang Temple Three-Level Stone Tower]
Namyang Temple Three-Level Stone Tower is Gyeongsangbuk-dos Cultural Item #71. A book called Seonsangji records, Namyang Temple was located beneath Taejobong, telling us that Namyang Temple used...
[Experiencing Naeyirang Village]
We manage a theme experience in which you can experience traditional culture and organic farming through an environmentally friendly technique.
[Shinam Falls ]
Shinam Falls is located to the east of Maejeong-ri of Nokjeon Native Village. It is where Sir Toigye and his pupil, Deok Hong Lee, shared their intellectual ideas and its landscapes and clear waters ...
[Kitchen Garden Distribution]
The city people who want a garden through Naeyirang Village homepage to cultivate something at Naeyirang Village, we call Naeyirang Family.
[Rock, Others]
This is located in San 80, Shinbong-li, was used for the ritual ceremony, also it is known that ginseng was produced in here.
[Yonghwasa/Seokju yerae Ipsang]
The temple, which is located at the bottom of Goryong mountain at Shinbong-li, was repaired 48 years ago, and it is the sight of a Seokju yerae Ipsang.
[Seolbong Mountain Cattle ]
Seolbong mountain is in the Icheon, and about 30,000 pyeong high lands is the site of ancient cattle which has Kalrock in the center with 7 - 8 ridge.
[Icheon Cultural Asset]
Cultural Heritage No. 41.This is in the mountain at the south side of Jaseok-li, Seolsung-Myeon.
[The Tomb of Jo, Heon]
The Tomb of Jo, Heon was designated Chungcheong Provincial Monument No. 14 on December 21, 1976 and is managed by the Jo Family of Baecheon. When Jo, Heon was killed during a battle with his 700 warr...
[Dungsil Peak]
Yeonju-ri used to have abundant resources as a center of transportation and market trades and had many motels and inns for frequent visitors. This peak is called Dungsil Peak because people used to r...
[Geum River]
It is 394.79km in length and covers 9,912.15. It is a combination of 20 variously sized tributaries, including Bocheongcheon () from east of Okcheon, Mihocheon (ڸ) from south of Jochiwon, and C...
[Introduction to Apdokguk]
Imdang ancient tomb is a great ancient tomb that represents the Gyeongsan region and is located throughout Gyeongsan-si, Imdang-dong, Joyeong-dong, Amnyang-myun, and Bujeong-ri. It was made during the...
[Yeongyin Mountain Forest]
Yeongyin Mountain which is located at the northwest side of Chungnam, the name Yeongyin means miracle. Yeongyin mountain fortress is located at top which
[Farm tool Exhibition]
We collected 200 kinds of farm tools and life equipments which had almost disappeared with the development of technology and opened the Farm Tool Exhibition.
[Goyong mountain]
It also called Gorum mountain, Goryong mountain, Goryeong mountain and Kumseong. Seongnae-li, Shinhwa-li and Shinbong-li makes the boundary of this mountain (295m above the sea level)
[Experience GREEN]
There are various programs for experiencing the agriculture life in our village, where mountains are beautiful and hot springs are gorgeous.
[Dolmen Graveyard]
Four graves of Dolmen are left. Each in north, east, southeast and where pavilion tree in Changcheon Village is.
[Gogyeonsa Temple]
It is originiated from Gyeonamsa Temple which were built by priest Wonhyo in the 7th year of King Munmu of Silla(667)
[Gajo Hot Spring]
Hot spring is groundwater which erupted from the ground naturally or dug and drilled artificially. Its temperature should be higher than the overage temperature of the region or groundwater in shallow...
[Famous Mountains]
Janggunbong(950m) is a guardian mountain located in Gajo basin of Gajo-myeon Sabyeong-ri.The old title is Mt. Tang, which means beautiful rocks.
[Mountains of Icheon]
Seolbong Mountain (394m) surround Icheon city in the northeast and southeast direction at the west side.
[Seolbong Mountain Three Brothers Rock]
Legend of Seolbong Mountain Three Brothers Rock
[Okdong Lecture Hall]
Okdong Lecture Hall from the Joseon Dynasty was established along with Baekhwa Lecture Hall in 1518 (13th year of the reign of King Jungjong) to cherish the knowledge and virtue of Hee Hwang (pen name...
[Mt. Baekhwa Valley]
Located on the border of Modong-myeon and Hwanggan of Yeongdong-gun in Chungbuk, Mt. Baekhwa is one of three noted mountains of Sangju.
[Geumdol Castle]
Geumdol Castle is located in Mt. Baekhwa that is about 6km to the west of Modong-myeon Local Office and is 20km in circumference.
[Seolbong Lake Introduction]
In Seolbong lake area which is 20,000 pyeong and 1.05 km around, you can see many people jogging around the lake and many families enjoying a picnic at anytime of the year.
[Sanyang Lecture Hall and Myojeong Monument]
In the 5th year of the reign of Joseon King Sejong, Gwandong Province saw a severe drought. King Sejong urgently dispatched Hwang, Hee as the Governor of Gangwon-do in aid to the local people of Gwan...
[Deokgu Hot Springs]
Deokgu Hot Springs is known as 'Koreas one and only natural hot springs and about 43 low-alkali hot spring water springs up to 5m each year with no power supply.
[Hosan Beach]
Hosan Beach, which is located in Hosan-ri of Wondeok-eup, the southernmost part of Gangwon-do, has a 1km-long white sand beach between Hosancheon and Gagokcheon.
[Eight Sceneries of Sanyang]
Sanyang has eight beautiful sceneries that sweep away the hearts of all visitors. Eight Sceneries of Sanyang include Chilseongdae (), Mt. Banwol (ߣ), Yongam (), Seungam, Chunbong (), Cheonma...
[Wolcheon Camping Site]
Wolcheon Camping Site that is closely adjacent to Wolcheon Beach, which is about 40km to the south of Samcheok, was a powerful nation during the Age of Samhan and always confronted the Goguryo since i...
We simulate the traditional way of making rice cake using iron pot and visitors can make their own rice cakes and taste these rice cakes
[Cultural Assets/Temple]
Wonhyo, a Buddhist priest, built Pyochung Temple in the first year (654) of Muyeol Kings region of Shilla Kingdom. It is a temple where the priest led the national salvation to save our week country...
[Mt. Baekma/Sajapyeong]
When you look to your Northeast direction (direction to Pyochung Temple) from Miryang Dam, Gorye Village or Pyeong-ri Village, you can see a high mountain peak and rocky cliffs stretched under the pea...
[Major Experience]
Agyang Daebong Persimmon Village that has the Seomjin River and Mt. Jiri nearby gives urban residents a chance to experience in picking persimmons and chestnuts.
[Sweet Potato Digging]
Our village is very competitive with the residents voluntarily organizing a research group to develop more local specialties.
[Woncheon Theme Land]
A source of 36C sodium (mineral) water that springs from 780m inside Mt. Bihak, a clean and clear natural mountain of Pohang was discovered and developed for five years to transform into Mt. Bihak Wo...
Plans to Promote Paragliding
[Waujeongsa Temple]
Waujeongsa Temple attends many Buddha statues like a Buddha museum while being a Buddhist temple. And it is well decorated like a park
[Janggyeongsa Temple and the old house of General Ju-Kuk Lee]
Even though Janggyeongsa Temple is small, the temple was built by Buddhist Priest Gyeong Han, who created Jikjisimgyeong (the best metal types in Goryeo), and is currently devoted by five Buddhist...
[Fishing Place]
Yongyeonji (Horimot) Fishing
[Japanese plum and cherry blossoms road]
The road that is connected from Waujeongsa Temple of Yongin in Gyeonggi-do to Mirinae Holy Place of Anseong is one of the best spring driving roads
[Hakil Reservoir]
The reservoir is located in Hakil-ri of Wonsam-myeon and used for a fishing spot under a name, Ssangyong Fishing Center
[Gobun (Old Tomb) of Naengsu-ri]
Gobun (Old Tomb) of Naengsu-ri is from the Shilla Dynasty (around 6th century B.C.E.) and is the largest Gobun with a lateral stone chamber among the ones found to the south of Han River.
[Bubgwang Temple]
This place is the remains of Bubgwang Temple in Mt. Bihak located in Sangeup-ri Shingwang-myeon Pohang.
[Shingwangwon Bath]
The hot spring water in Shingwangwon is 100% natural spring water with no chemical additives.
Seongje mountain peak in Agyang-myeon, Hadong-gun is a summit rising high right before the southern ridge of Mt. Jiri dips itself under the Seomjin River.
[Munamsong/Cheolbul Temple]
This pine tree named Munamsong which has grown piercing through a 1,000 years old rock of Mt. Ami is 12.6m high and 3.2m round.
[Hwagae market place ]
Hwagae market place is located in Tap-ri, Hwagae-myeon. A 5 day interval town market used to be held actively in the place.
[Pyeongsa-ri Park]
Pyeongsa-ri park located in Pyeingsa-ri, Agyang-myeon, Hadong-gun is situated between Hadong-eup and Gurye.
A broad plain spreads under Seongje mountain peak, the end of the huge southern ridge of Mt. Jiri.
[Jangyeon Lecture Hall from the Joseon Dynasty]
It is a lecture hall that enshrines the memorial tablet of Museonggong Daseong Mun, the originator of the Num Family, one of the most well-known families of Nampyeong, as well as those of Gong-Yu Mun,...
[Dongsa-ri Seokdeung (Stone Lantern)]
It is currently located within the campus of Nampyeong Elementary School. According to a study record from 1977, the foundation stone was buried underground and was not recognizable, but the bottom p...
[Naju Munbaui (Rock)]
The originator of the Mun Family of Nampyeong () is called by several names. His posthumous title is Daseong (), given name is Myeongwon (٥), pen name is Samgwang (߲), and posthumous epitaph ...
[Nampyeong Confucian Temple]
Nampyeong Confucian Temple was erected in 4-ri to the east of the East Gate of Nampyeong-hyeon in the 2nd year of the reign of King Sejong (1420) and was transferred to the current position, beneath W...
[Jungnim Temple]
[Todays Jungnim Temple was established during the rule of Shilla Empire and was reconstructed in 1809 (9th year of the reign of Joseong King Sunjo). Mt. Jungnim was called Mt. Bongbi (ޫߣ) during th...
[The Tomb of General Wan Kim]
Designation: Monument #49 (Oct 2, 1981)
[Group of Gobun in Shinyeon-ri]
It was designated the Jeollanam-do Cultural Item No. 139 on January 15, 1987.
[Agricultural Technology Center]
Jeollanam-do Agricultural Technology Center is dedicated to developing and utilizing scientific agricultural technologies and vitalizes farm villages for the development of Jeonnam's agriculture and f...
[Jiseok River Amusement Park]
Jiseok River Amusement Park is where people can enjoy swimming and dabbling in the clear river and cool the summer's heat.
[Group of Gobun (Old Tombs) in Ogya-ri]
It was designated the Jeollanam-do Cultural Item No. 140 on January 15, 1987.
[Mt. Naeyeon Arboretum]
Dedicated to preserving valuable arboreal resources, including native trees, and to serve a role as a creator of forest culture through academic researches and a natural learning site, Mt. Naeyeon A...
[Naedong-ri Twin Tombs]
It was designated the Jeollanam-do Monument No. 83 on February 7, 1986.
[Mt. Bihak]
It is one of the most beautiful and historical mountains in Pohang.
[Crane Forest]
Location: Jukseong-1-ri Singwang-myeon Buk-gu Pohang, Gyeongbuk (by village entrance)At the time of Korean Independence in August 15, 1945, about 200 grey cranes first visited our village. Since abou...
[Jeongdong Well]
Jeongdong is the largest village in Shinhak-ri and was called Saemgol because it has a large well. It was formed 1,000 year ago.
[Experiencing a mountain village]
Eomso-ri village is a development project to allow people to experience life in a mountain village and the government has invested 1.2 billion Won into the village
[Eobigyegok Valley]
Eobigyegok Valley flows above Munwha Village of Gail-ri in Seorak-myeon. The valley streams down from Eobisan Mountain, which is connected with Jungmisan Mountain (833m) and Yumyeongsan Mountain (864m...
[Cheongpyeong Lakeshore]
heongpyeonghosu Lake was built in 1994 and the size of the lake reaches 5.8 million pyeong when it is filled up
[Yumyeongsan Mountain]
After passing a small brook on the left of Gail-ri Bus Station, you will see the 866 meter tall Yumyeongsan Mountain on your right and rocks of various shapes and sizes , dense forests, and the rich v...
[Gokdalsan Mountain ]
A mountain defines the boundaries of five villages: Seorak-myeon of Gapyeong-gun, Seonchon, Sincheon, Hoegok, Cheonan, and Icheon
[Dukkeopbawi Rock]
Dukkeopbawi Rock is a toad-shaped rock in a prominent place which is good for advertising
Wonhyo, a Buddhist priest, built Pyochung Temple in the first year (654) of Muyeol Kings region of Shilla Kingdom.
[Mt. Baekma/Sajapyeong]
When you look to your Northeast direction (direction to Pyochung Temple) from Miryang Dam, Gorye Village or Pyeong-ri Village, you can see a high mountain peak.
[Miryang Dam]
Miryang Dam is located in Gyeongsangnam-do Miryang-si Danjang-myeon Gorye-ri and was completed in November of 2001.
[Hwangryong Temple]
Hwangryong Temple, which was established October 1, 1972, has Daeungjeon (main building), two units of dormitories, Sanshingak, and two stone lanterns, two seven-level stone towers, and a stone Buddha...
[Mt. Galgi and Mt. Cheontae]
Mt. Galgi that rises up to 585m above sea level is named so because it resembles a horses mane in appearance. It is a rocky mountain that has picturesque natural landscapes and harmonizes with Geum ...
[Geum River]
It is 394.79km in length and covers 9,912.15. It is a combination of 20 variously sized tributaries, including Bocheongcheon () from east of Okcheon, Mihocheon (ڸ) from south of Jochiwon, and C...
[Winter in Mountain]
The world is covered in whitey whites. Leave for the snow-covered winter in the mountains!! Winter in the mountains is covered in snow. You can never imagine how much snow comes down in the mounta...
[Autumn in Mountains]
Make a trip to the colorful autumn leaves in the mountains! Autumn in mountains is dressed in beautiful colorfulness. Daegiri Villages autumn displays a peak of autumn leaves in Baekdu Great Mount...
[Summer in Mountains]
Visit the green summer in the mountains!! Greenss in the mountains see its peak in summer. Various programs await you to make your body and mind colored in the cool summer. Even when hot sunlight ...
[Spring in Mountains]
Lets head for the spring in mountains into the arms of nature!! When the world greets a new year with the green sprouts, Daegi-ri Village makes a step closer to the nature. Feel the nature in Daeg...
[Mountain Experience School]
Feel the life of a mountainous village. Various experiences in forests, waters, wild flowers, potato fields, and with snow snows await you. Run to Daegiri Village to experience the life of a mount...
[Your Own Garden~ Hadomun Experience Farm!! ]
It is not easy to have your own garden in a city. Visit Hadomun Village and you can have your own garden for a day. Feel the pleasure of cultivating farm produce, such as cabbage and lettuce, at Had...
[Mansandong Valley ]
Mansandong valley whose height is 100m and the width is 150m, located 5km away from Hwacheon-eup is well-matched with curious rocks, and the excellent scenery of the valley region looks like a beautif...
There is a small island in front of the Eheundol Beach beside Padoli. When the tide is rising, this island blocks it like a general and controls the rough waves.
[Mt. Balwang Expedition]
001. Mt. Balwang Expedition Feel the beautiful of snow~ Mt. Balwang Expedition!! Mt. Balwang, which is the heart of Yongpyeong Ski Resort, delivers the beauty of snow-covered slopes.
[Birae Rock]
Birae Rock is a rock whose width is 100m, and height 60m steep like folding screens, which is alone dominating over surrounding mountains and it has the legend that it flied from Mt. Geumgang and sat...
[Bimok Park ]
This quiet place located around Dam of Peace is the place to remain the painful traces of the war that regrettable youth disappeared with the smokes of cannons. Hwacheon-gun reconstructed this as a pa...
[Mt. Seorak]
Mt. Seorak has Socheong Peak and Daecheong Peak to the east, south, and west and also has rocky peaks and walls below 1,300m to display heavenly beautiful sceneries.
The pleasure of Daegi-ris green highland~ Star Village Anbandegi!! Do you wish to feel how it would be like to live on clouds? Come to Anbandegi.
[Crucian carp Island]
This is an island formed by fresh water of Chuncheon Dam. The environment is well preserved in the island and it is the recreation center made up so that leports and natural recreation can be enjoyed ...
[A pride of Hadomun Village ? Kim, Geun-Sus House!! ]
The traditional house of Kim, Geun-Su is a house from the Joseon Dynasty and is located in Domun-dong of Sokcho. It was designated Gangwon Cultural Item No. 64 on January 17,
[Padoli Beach ]
Small size of Padoli village is famous for the sea jade and it is located in the south end of the Sowon-Myeon, Tae-An peninsula. To go to the beach, you need to go to the road beside the Pado Elementa...
[Cherry Blossom Way]
In spring, you can feel the sprit of spring at Hadomun Village. Walk on Hadomun Villages Cherry Blossom Way to feeling the greetings of spring.
Feel the breaths of wise scholars~ Iseongdae of Mt. Nochu!! Iseongdae, which is located in a mid-height ridgeline around 1,322m above sea level, is a two-story wooden structure that is surrounded by...
[Dam of Peace]
Going up along the entrance road to dam with rounding Bukhangang(riv.), and passing Haesan tunnel whose length is 1,986m, the 2nd longest in domestic by the basis of straight line, Dam of Peace formed...
[Mt. Ttan ]
Mt. Ttan about 4km away from Hwacheon-eup is located at the entrance to Lake Paro and Dam of Peace, which is a rather small hill floating at the waterside like an island than a mountain. The scene of ...
[Manlipo Beach]
This beach is located in Mohang-li, Sowon-Myeon, Tae An-gun, Chungnam. It is 2.5 km long, 100 m wide and has an area of 200,000 m2 .
[Noil Riverside ]
It is the place pure and clean river water is connected long and there are a lot of marsh snails and rich fish resources in the clean water so tourists can enjoy fishing. Family unit holiday –makers v...
[Cheonlipo Arboretum]
heonlipo Arboretum was authorized in 1979 from the non-profit foundation which is under the Forest Service.
When you go the Sowon-Myeon direction from Manlipo, you can meet Batgogae and if you go in the opposite direction, you can meet a sea jade village named Padoli.
[Daemyeong Vivaldi Park ]
The largest merit of Hongchoen Daemyeong Vivaldi Park is that it is near from Seoul. It can be arrived by 1 hours drive from Seoul, so regardless of season, many tourists visit here on weekends. It w...
[Hongcheon Spa ]
It is in Hongcheon spa resort (composite hot spring resort) opened in 1998. It is the unique riverside hot spring in domestic, which has a good scenery and the water containing alkaline sodium bicarbo...
[Mt. Gongjak ]
It is at 887m above sea level, from the summit the whole area of Hongcheon comes into the view, it is named that because the physical aspect is like the image that a peacock spreads wings. In spring,...
[Pulling Garlic Stems]
It is a good program to appreciate the eight beautiful scenes of Danyang, to examine Danyangs six-clove garlic, and to understand the cultivation and characteristics of garlic. Danyang garlic is si...
[Mt. Gari ]
Mt. Gari at 1,051m above sea level is the place that the sceneries of wide open visual field and outspread Lake Soyang under the feet from the summit capture the climbers feet. A small spring water s...
[Sea Fishing]
Boat fishing peoples enthusiasm heat the West Sea that the summer hot sun cant even be compared with. The Tae-An Beach which is known as very clean sea has fat fresh fishes, so people cant borrow b...
Yangbaek Waterfalls in Gichon-ri Danyang-eup, Chungbuk is the largest artificial waterfalls of this region and is comprised of one major falls (70~75m in height) and four smaller falls. It provides u...
[Hongcheongang(riv.) ]
Hongcheongang(riv.) sourced out of Saenggok-ri, Seoseok-myeon, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do is the best water play site of capital area, which is only 3 – hours drive from Seoul and it has low depth of...
It is located by the roads from Danyang to Jecheon. Oriental arbor trees form a large habitat on a mountainous area that rises 180m310m above sea level. The oriental arbor trees from this place are...
[Mt. Palbong ]
As one of Korea 100 famous mountains, this is a low mountain at 327.4m above sea level, which consist of 8 peaks, so it is called Palbong, according to Hongcheon-hyeon section of >, it is recorded tha...
Biryong Temple, which is located beneath a mountain, is a small rest area within the village. Spring azalea in spring, greenness in summer, autumn leaves in autumn, snow-covered landscapes in winter ...
In the leisurely flow of Namhan River, three rocky peaks rises centered on a 6m tall vigorous Janggunbong (Nampyeonbong). The one on the north is called Cheobong and the other on the south is called ...
[Hongcheongang(riv.) fishing troll fishing contest]
Hongcheongang(riv.) where the event is held boasts clean level 1 water well-matched with the name of fishing grounds to hold the most fresh water fish in domestic, while it is not well known to the pu...
[Sannaedle Experiences]
Small hands full of the beautiful natural colors of Bokbunja Bokbunja's contribution to our health is well-known by a funny saying, 'Eat Bokbunja and your toilet bowl will break.' If you want to lea...
[General Jeon, Bong Juns Death Place]
Dreaming of a world of farmers Sunchang Sannaedle Village is where General Jeon, Bong Jun, the pioneer of Donghak Farmers' Movement, was captured by the Japanese soldiers.
[Gugok Waterfalls]
Gugok Waterfalls was designated a tourist attraction February 13, 1981 and is a 50m tall waterfalls that is located about 486m high in Mt. Bonghwa in Namsan-myeon Chuncheon, Gangwon-do. It is called ...
Gangchon is located in Namsan-myeon Chuncheon, Gangwon-do and is about 10 minutes away from Seombae Village. Gangchon is fully equipped with mountains, rivers, waterfalls, summer sunlight, and winter...
The light pink native royal azalea with crimson dots inside the petals Sannaedle Village's May sees a crowd of visitors from nationwide who come to see the fully bloomed royal azalea on Guksabong.
Nampomungo is being managed to increase economic, social and cultural knowledge of the residents by encouraging them to read and through the information education.
A natural ecological learning site with sweetfish and melanian snail Sannaedle Village, located by the upstream of Seomjin River, is the home of Taegeuksu.
Fishing is said to be a sport of patience. Away from the stressful daily lives, it is a perfect leisure sport to relieve stress and to train patience.
[Jangheung Saturday Market]
In Jangheung-gun, the name of the traditional market of Jangheung-eup is changed into 'Jeongnamjin Saturday Folk Market', and Folk Market is ran every Saturday starting from July of the re-construct...
[Theme experiences]
Sun flower Village prepares various experience programs so that anyone can enjoy experiences of a country village anytime.
[Orchard Experience]
You can experience various plants from seeding to harvesting (products: potatoes, tomatoes, watermelons, grapes, strawberries, etc). Children can understand the nature through farming experiences and...
[The eight famous views of Yeoju]
Yeoju-gun started rice farming in the Bronze Age and is a place that the spirits of Sejong the Greate, sage king of our people, King Hyojong who had an ambition to subjugate the north, Mokeun Isaek wh...
[Spirit of 10,000 People]
The Spirit of 10,000 People enshrines 10,000 civil, official, and royal soldiers who died fighting for our country during the Japanese Reinvasion of 1597 and Chunyeol Temple enshrines the tablets of 5...
[Mt. Cheongwan]
Mt. Cheongwan (723m) of Jangheung has the wonderful harmonization of eulalias, beautiful scenery of the ocean, and rocks of fantastic shape. In the widely spread eulalia field on the highest peak, ta...
[Womens Life Museum ]
Womens Life Museum (Chaehyeon Natural Dye Research Lab) The old school building of the Gangnam branch of Gangcheon Elementary School is used to exhibit living appliances, accessories, and natural dy...
* Namwon Land Namwon Land is one of Namwon's citizen's parks and is frequently used as a cultural space for youth with various cultural facilities (Chunhyang Culture and Arts Center, National Institu...
[The Story of Chunghyang]
It is the background of the Story of Chunhyang (12ha) that is located within Namwon Park of Eohyeon-dong, Namwon and was developed into a tourist attraction of love including the background of of Dir...
[Cultural Experience]
Gimje City which was part of the Byeli dynasty in the past is located at the center of Honam plain and is a traditional farming city.
[Magamsan Mountain climbing course and Yeoju Spa ]
The highest mountain (388m) in the neighboring area The view is great as Yeojup Field and Namhangang River are shown from the summit.
[Yeodaji Mudflat]
Port Sumunpo is in the middle of Deungnyangman Bay, where sea water has to put a stop on its long lasted travel after passing through Geumdang Island and Geogeum Island. After new local city boundarie...
[Sejong Astronomical Observatory ]
The Korea-biggest private astronomical observatory (Maximum 1,000 persons), observatory experiences such as finding constellations and operating a telescope, rafting, and lodging and educational facil...
[Cultural Properties]
Bangha-ri Kobun-gun is in right across the Dundeok-myeon Georim-ri. Highland is well developed in south of Bangha Village and it is now cultivated as crop field.
[Castle Pine Golf club]
As a golf club located at the fag-end of the village, it is an environmentally friendly golf club with more than 40% of the nature preservation rate and visitors can enjoy both forest bathing and golf...
[Manghae Temple]
It is possible to arrive in 5 minutes by driving from Shimpo harbor to Manghae Temple. The observatory of the temple, which is the top of the temple, has a great view; and you can see the sea line in ...
[Sumun Beach]
Sumun Beach (Sumun-ri, Anyang-myeon, Jangheung-gun) is located on the local route 18 and 16km far east from Jangheung-eup. The sea water around the beach is warmer than other areas.
[Kumsan Temple]
Kumsan Temple which is located at the entrance of Moak mountain provincial park was built in the first year of Bupking in Baekje (599) and repaired by a monk named Jinpyo in 776 and was shaped like a ...
[Mt. Sambi]
Mt. Sambi sits on the stretch of Mt. Golchi, which is another stretch on the east range of Mt. Saja. With 664.2m height, Mt. Sambi is the second highest mountain following after Mt. Saja in the area. ...
[Shimpo Harbor]
If you go to the west side sea of Gimje, which is well known as the horizontal sunset plain village, you can see the Jinbong peninsula, and at the end of the Jinbong peninsula, there is a small port.
This is a tombstone and a lake bank in the ear of three states and it is located in Yongseong-li, Buryang-myeon, Jeonbuk.
Gwanghallu was originally established as Gwangtongru by Sir Hwang, Hee when he was exiled to Namwon in 1419. In the 26th year of the reign of Joseong King Sejong (1444), Jung, In-Ji, an official of...
[Tourist Attacktions]
Geojedaegyo(br.) was built on April of 1971 by Hyundai Engineering and Construction Company, and its 740m long and 10m wide. By the opening of this bridge, it connected Geojedo(island) with the mainl...
[Unmun Temple]
Unmun Temple, located in Mr. Hogeo in Shinwon-ri of Unmun-myeon, is the branch temple of Donghwa Temple, the head temple of the 9th District of a Buddhist sector of Korea (Jogye). According to the H...
[Jeokcheon Temple]
In the 4th year of the reign of Shilla King Munmu, (, 664 B.C.E.), Great Priest Wonhyo (,617686 B.C.E.) established Jeokcheon Temple as a cave. In 828 (the 3rd year of the reign of Shilla Kin...
[Experiences Introduction]
1. Experiencing Dried Persimmons - Picking persimmons
[Namdang Mountain, Daedun Mountain]
1. Namdang Mountain
[Daejanggeum Drama Set]
Daejanggeum Drama Set in Geumsan Buri Sutong Village is artificially constructed structure where the actual shooting of the drama took place.
[Jeokbyeok River]
Geumgang River is known as river like a silk. Originated from Ttungbong of North Jeolla Province Jangsu-gun Subun-ri, the water flows to north and when it gets into South Chungcheong Province
Mulpeginongyo is a folk game originated in Buri-myeon Pyeongcheon-ri. Farmers used to dance and enjoy with Mulpeginongyo song.
Origin: The origin of the word nokko is unknown. Suwol Peak in Gosan-ri, Hangyeong-myeon, has a legend of a brother and sister named Suwol and Nokko, however, the correspondence with the name of th...
Nongbaukkeusigi is a ritual for rain done by people from Eojae Village and villages vicinity of Jewon-myeon.
[Mt. Yanggak]
Mt. Yanggak, as the name tells, is a mountain with two peaks that look like horns. It is known to have good view on big grounds of Jewon-myeon Geumsan-eup.
[Myeongdarigut of Sopo]
It is a religious ritual of shamanism that has been transmitted through many villages in Jindo.
[Datbae Songs of Sopo]
Jindos Datbae Songs originated from about 200 years ago.
[Ganggangsullae of Sopo]
The origin of Ganggangsullae is unknown, but the local ladies and girls leisurely gathered under bright moons to enjoy Ganggangsullae.
[Jipum-myeon surrounding valley and waterfall ]
Jipum-myeon surrounding valley and waterfall
[Beteul (Loom) Songs of Sopo]
Jindos Sopo Beteul Songs were leisurely sung by local women who were overworked to produce textiles on manual looms, which is only in our memories due to mechanization, to satisfy their resentment an...
[Geolgun Percussion Performance of Sopo]
Geolgun percussion performance of Sopo originated from the time of Japanese Invasin of 1592.
[Natural Dying]
An opportunity to learn about and experience natural dying. Experience: Learn about natural dying (theories) Dying (yellow earth, onion, Sappan wood, gallnut, Rubia akane, African marigold, etc)
A parasite volcano located about 1km from Wasan Village, Jocheon-eup to the Southeast. It is easily found because the provincial way connecting Wasan-ri and Seonin-dong of Seonheul2-ri is passing nea...
[Waheulbonhyang Shrine]
The villages of Jeju are production community, helping each others with extractive industry of agriculture and fishing, at the same time, they were religious community praying for the peace, safety, a...
[Mt. Yanggak]
Mt. Yanggak, as the name tells, is a mountain with two peaks that look like horns. It is known to have good view on big grounds of Jewon-myeon Geumsan-eup.
[Hamdeok Beach]
About 500 meters of sand field is spread, and because the depth of the sea is shallow, it is visited by many summer visitors. At night, lights from the fishing boats brighten the whole horizon beauti...
[Soapberry Tree and Nettle Tree Colony]
Inside Mt. Jeoldong which is located in the southern part of Yusuam-ri Village, Aewol-eup, there is a colony of soapberry and nettle trees. This colony is designated as Jejudo Treasure No.6 in Apri...
[Bija Forest]
Bija Forest the biggest pure forest in the world. The trees in Bija Forest stands with the height of 7~14m, circumference of 50110, crown width of 1015m. Since ancient times, the fruit produced f...
[Cottage Experience]
Farming experience Wild Rocambole picking Wild rocambole is a very useful plant for Sansuyu Village In spring, wild rocambole can be added to a number of dishes to give the fresh delight of spring....
[Experience of Culture and Arts]
Craft: Since 1995, Professor Mun-Ho Kim, who teaches at the Fine Arts Department and the Distance Learning Center of Mokpo National University, have provided experience programs for about 3,000 partic...
As mentioned in the village name, in Yusuam Village, there is water spouting from the crack of base rock which is called Yusuamcheon.
[Aewol Coastal Way]
[Nine Bridges]
Nine Bridges is a club which the Western course and European course are harmonized. The one-stop service of Nine Bridges offers the reservation and usage of aviation, lodging, and golf at the same tim...
[Seondol (Monolith)]
There are two pieces of Seondol lying in front of the main gate of Yongha Elementary school. The villagers have called them Dudolbaegi or Ssangdolbaegi as these two large pieces are lying by each othe...
[Gwakji Beach]
Location : Gwakji-ri, Aewol-eup, North Jeju-gun Contact Info : Aewol-eup Office(064-741-0627) Gwakji-ri Office(064-799-0202) Parking Fee : None (Parking facility of 30 cars)
[Mt. Jueupsan]
Chueupsan The mountain, located on the southeast of Yangpyeongeup is named as Juseupsan on the geographical map. This is due to 1914 administrative reform which changed Chueupri to Jueupri, which als...
[Jeju Race Park]
Location : 1206 Yusuam-ri, Aewol-eup, North Jeju-gun, Jeju Island Contact Info : 064-746-8440 Parking Fee : None (Parking facility of 100 cars)
[Moguam of Bubcheon Temple]
Moguam of Bubcheon Temple was appointed the Cultural Item No. 82. Located in Mt. Seungdal of Dalsan-ri in Mongtan-myeon, was established by Priest Jeongmyeong from a country off Chinas western borde...
The island is composed of about 200m of mountainous terrain and in between valleys there lies villages. Highest peak is Mangsan(283.1m) in south of the island. From the southeastern foot of this mount...
[Mt. Seungdal]
Mt. Seungdal was named because 500 Buddhist students achieved their mastery all at once. It is a mountain range that stretches southwest from Honam Mountain Range and is a relatively low mountain tha...
[White Lotus Reservoir of Hoesan]
The 100,000-pyong (33ha) White Lotus Reservoir of Hoesan, located in Bokyong-ri of Illo-eup, was built by our ancestors to irrigate the nearby farmlands during the dark period of Japanese Colonization...
[Jangan Temple]
Busan Gwangyeok-si Gijang-gun Jangan-eup Jangan-ri #598
[Bulgori Mirekubul (Local Heritage No.29)]
Cultural heritage The village has many myths surrounding Gasibeol, Ganarigogae hill, Buldanggol and the shrine. In the middle of Cheupsan Mountain, a shamanist ceremony site can still be found. The p...
[Park, Su Geun Art Center]
Park, Su Geun Art Center was established in a 661 land at painter Park, Su Geuns birthhome in October 2001. He commemorates the artistic view and lifestyle of Park and restudies Parks life and art...
Gijang-eup Dongam-ri
[The Toad Stone]
The Seomjin River crossing has a Legend that has given the Seomjin river its name. The legend of the toad.
[Mt. Sanbang]
Mt. Sanbang (507.2m) is located in east side of Dundeok-myeon. It is facing Hudubosanseong(walls) Walled Fortress where King Eui of Goryeo Dynasty stayed. Near the entrance of the mountain, there is t...
[Daebyeon Harbor and Juk Island]
Gijang-eup Daebyeon-ri
[Ilgwang Beach]
Gijang-gun Ilgwang-myeon Samseong-ri 115-11, #40-3
[Seomjin Ferry]
The Seomjin Ferry crossing also located in the Maehwa Village used to be the main route of transportation in the area, having the natural conditions of a main route.
[Anti-Japanese Memorial Hall]
By collectingdisplayingmaintaining historical materials related to the Anti-Japanese Independence Movement of Jeju Territory, the Anti-Japanese Memorial Hall helps the future generations in learning...
The Suwoljeong is located inside the Maehwa Village. During the Joseon dynasty the local governor had spent his time in exile in this village leaving great works of literature.
[Green Apricot Farm]
The Green Apricot Farm is a great tourist attraction along the Seomjin river. The road 19 and road 861 both run along the farm making it easy to find. There are 2200 pots around the farm, giving it a...
[Imnang Beach]
Gijang-gun Jangan-eup Imnang-ri.
[Hongyeon Waterfall]
Located in the valley between Geomun Mountain of Cheolma-myeon and Mullae Peak of Jeonggwang-myeon.
The experience programs of Gimcheon include picking and tasting fresh grapes at the grape farms of Mt. Hwangak Bangok Podo Village, digging sweet potatoes, and visiting Jikji Temple and Jikji Cultural...
The crater Sangumburi, which is designated as Natural Preservation No.263, is formed through a process of a rock thrown by volcanic eruption and falling on a flat surface, making a hole.
[Maehwa Blossom Way]
The way to Gwangyang town is spotted with lots of apricot farms and the harvesting period differs but is normally the second week of march.
[Jikji Temple]
Mt. Hwangak is marked as Mt. Hwanghak in maps as it was called so in the old times because of the frequent visits of cranes (Hak), but it is called Mr. Hwangak in Jikji Tamples tablet Taengniji (...
[Mt. Hwangak]
A mountain that borders Daehang-myeon of Gimcheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do and Maegok-myeon and Sangchon-myeon of Yeongdong-gun of Chungcheongbuk-do.
[Prehistoric Museum]
Yanggu Prehistoric Museum exhibits the Paleolithic relics from Sangmuryong-ri of Yanggu-eup, Neolithic relics from the coast side, and the relics from the Bronze Age. It displays the long history of ...
[Welcoming the Nw Year]
Welcoming the Nw Year (Traditional Experience ? You can have fun without TV or computer. Gulleongsoi, Jegi, Biseokchigi and ddakjichigi ? you can try fun games that your dad and mum used to play. Do...
[Jikji Cultural Park]
Jikji Cultural Park is centered on its musical and artistic water fountain.
[Experiences with Muloe, a Type of Japanese Pickled Radish]
Experiences with Muloe, a type of Japanese pickled radish, can be found in Mokpo Jangajji Village.
[Birth House of Lee, Byeong-Gi]
1) Birth House of Lee, Byeong-Gi It is the birth house of Lee, Byeong-gi (18911968), a Korean classical scholar and poet.
Walk up about five minutes from Deunggu Stone Sign of Mt. Yudal that is about five minutes from Mokpo Station and you can see Nojeokbong, a huge rocky summit of Mt. Yudal located to the left of Deungg...
[Daeban Beach]
Run toward the west along the crowded ports of downtown Mokpo and you will arrive at an open sea. It means that you at in Daeban-dong. Daeban-dong is facing the back of Mt. Yudal and has endless res...
[Yeongnam Jeil Gate]
Yeongnam Jeil Gate is a steel-reinforced concrete structure that is 12m in height and 50m in length and is a Korean-style structure with multi-layered gambrel and gable tile roofing.
[Yeongsan Lake]
Old poets used to call Yeongsan River, Geum River. When a bright moon rises in the night skies of Yeongsan River, the poetic visitors called it Geum River of Moon and highly praised its beauty.
Understand and learn how Koreas traditional paper, an invaluable cultural asset of Korea, is made and feel the preciousness of Koreas spirit and traditional culture.
[Experience Programs]
[Weekend Farm]
Weekend farm rents certain sizes of farmlands to busy modern people and allows them to plow the soils and plant seeds for harvest. Currently, Hakjeon Village uses 3,967 of farmlands for weekend farm...
[Oidal-do, an Island of Love]
Oidal-do is an inhabited island located farther than Dalli-do from Mokpo. Today, it is a small island where 80 people in 30 households live, but the northwest coast of it was a beautiful sand beach t...
[Anshim Temple]
Anshim Temple in Wanchang Village of Wanju is an old temple that tells us the nothingness of time. It is believed to have existed since before the Korean War and had about 30 pavilions and 13 small c...
[Jeongto Temple]
Jeongto Temple Damun, a Zen Master, built Jeongto Temple in the 25th year of King Chungnyeol in Korea Dynasty. In Chosun Dynasty, Jinmuk Buddhist priest built Yaksa Shrine inside the temple.
[Okgye Valley]
Okgye Valley is located to the right about 2km from Unju-myeon toward Mt. Daedun (Mt. Geum) on a national highway. This place is called Okgye-dong because sparkling clear water flows through luxuriou...
[Donghak Agricultural Revolution Memorial Hall ]
Donghak Agricultural Revolution Memorial Hall Although Kabo Donghak Agricultural Revolution that had started from an uprising of the peasants in Gobu in January of 1894 failed with thousands of vi...
Strawcraft Lets make various products out of straw, widely avialabe after the harvesting season. From straw mat, straw bag, straw basket, straw rope, and straw shoes to straw seed-bag, strawcraf is ...
[Orchid Exhibition Hall]
The orchids that are constantly loved by many people who know the soft and subtle beauty of them symbolized the aloof spirits of Korean scholars in the old times.
[Mt. Daedun]
Mt. Daedun borders Unju-myeon of Wanju-gun, Jeollabuk-do and Jinsan-myeon of Geumsan-gun and Beolmok-myeon of Nonsan-si, Chungcheongnam-do. It rises up to 878m above sea level. It forms the northern...
[Mt. Naejang]
Mt. Naejang Mt. Naejang was originally named Mt. Yeongeun after the Yeongeun temple. However, it was re-named to Mt. Naejang meaning mountain that possesses unlimited hidden treasures and the near...
Cheongryongcheon is a name of stream that flows beneath a mountain terrain that resembles a dragon preparing to head up to the heaven.
Jeongeupsa Jeongeupsa is a park built in the location where the story of the famous Gayo (a type of poem) in Baekje Dynasty called Jeongeupsa had taken place. In the park, the stone that resembles...
[Namnong Memorial Hall]
Namnong Memorial Hall, located 91 Yonghae-dong, Mokpo near Gatbaui and The Hall of Native Culture, was established by Sir Geon Heo (pen name: Namnong), the master of Southern Chinese Painting and the ...
[Imgo Lecture Hall]
Imgo Lecture Hall was established in Mt. Burae in the 8th year of the reign of Joseon King Myeongjong (1553) in commemoration of Sir Mong-Ju Jeong (pen name: Poeun; ), the most devoted servant at t...
Overall, it has luxurious forests and great rock cliffs and harmonizes bizarre-looking rocks and peaks with old pine trees. There is Ihwaryeong by its border to Mt. Baekhwa on the south and Joryeong ...
[Jeonbuk Provincial Art Center]
Jeonbuk Provincial Art Center is the major space of arts and culture in Jeollabuk-do, the province of traditional culture, and was started to be constructed in December 2001 and opened in October 2004...
[The Hall of Culture and Arts]
The Mokpo Hall of Culture and Arts is located in 12 Yongdang-dong, Mokpo. It was built on a 3.3ha land in a four-story 5,950 building in September of 1997 and stands by the sea in front of The Hall ...
[Chungjeol temple]
There is a ruin that was once the headquarters of General Choe, Dae-Seong. After getting on principal highway number 2 and crossing a stream. That is where General Choe, Dae-Seong died after being amb...
[Guiae Pavilion]
Guiae Pavilion established by the descendants of Geuk-Seung Cho (к), who served as a local governor in the Joseon Government during the reign of King Sunjo, in left commemoration of his Daehak Gang...
Bonggammojeon, is a five stoned pagoda and is one of Koreas National Treasures (Treasure No.187, Designated August 22 1977).
[Gaemaegi Experience]
Gaemaegi (Standing Net) Experience Wolhan-ri Youth Association made a 1.2km-long net across the wetland and allows the visitors to catch fish with bare hands.
[Harvesting Experience]
Harvesting Experience You can join the harvest of agricultural produce that are grown in the Borigoge Village. Enjoy the joy of harvest through this activity. Herb-gathering, sweet potato-digging, c...
[Mt. Moak]
Mt. Moak (794m) Provincial Park was established in 1971 and has been visited by many tourists who love its beautiful sceneries. It also has many old temples including Geumsan Temple that preserve man...
[Kal Rock]
The rocks, which are located toward the bottom of Yongchu Fall, are called Kalbawi, because they look like swords along the ridge of the mountain.
[Golden Rose of Sharon Street ]
The Golden Rose of Sharon Street is a street filled with golden rose of Sharon that only inhabits in Soan-do, especially in Wolhang, in Korea. Wolhang aims to become a pioneer of the rose of Sharon m...
[Fruit Farm Experience]
Peach-picking Peach-picking period : End of Jlut ? end of August In the Borigoge Village, you can experience the fun of picking peaches that are harvested in winter. Friendly farmowners will guide y...
[Seonbawi and general Namipo]
Seonbawi looks like a rock that was carved out between a cliff and a river.
[Eunhae Temple]
As the head temple of the 10th District of a Koreas Buddhist sector (Jogye), it is located on the eastern foot of Mt. Palgong that is 19km to the west of downtown Yeongcheon. It was originally estab...
[Mira-ri Beach]
It is a rounded-pebble beach located in Mira-ri Soan-myeon Wando-gun, Jeollanam-do. It is about 1km in length and 20.8km away from the Port of Wando and is located in Soan-do, a part of Daeohae Haesa...
[The Korean National Maritime Museum]
As Korea is a peninsular country, the people of Korea have always regarded the seas as the home of life and culture and resource of the future.
[Seaway of Wonder]
The worldly known Seaway of Wonder is an exposure of sea bottom between Hoedong-ri of Gogun-myeon and Modo-ri of Euishin-myeon.
[Dangsa-do Lighthouse]
Dangsa-do Lighthouse, which was established in January of 1909, is 8.2m in height. As it is located on a highland, the top of the lighthouse is actually 95m tall above the average sea level.
[Gaetheok Ricecake]
Gaetheok Ricecake: Method of mixing buckwheat power with honey water and drying it nautrally in wood fire is recorded as dry bread in Jeongbosanrimgyeongje. This ricecake is a traditional food of ru...
[Yongchu Fall]
If you go approximately 9km east of Boseong-eup there is Yongchu in the beautiful forest of enormous Jeam Peak.
[Mira-ri Evergreen Forest]
Designation: Natural Preservation No. 339 Title: Evergreen Forest () in Wando Mira-ri (ڸ)
[Farm Experiences]
* Folk Percussions Playing folk percussions is an effort to discover and vitalize disappearing cultures of Korea. Dongdong Village makes efforts to contribute to the vitalization and preservation o...
[Maengseon-ri Evergreen Forest]
Designation: Natural Preservation No. 340 Title: Evergreen Forest () in Wando Maengseon-ri ()
[Mokpo Natural History Museum]
Mokpo Natural History Museum is an attraction of Mokpo, a city of culture and arts in magnificent natural environment and is Koreas largest natural history museum.
Unnimsanbang was probably named because Mt. Cheomchals peaks in the deep mountains forms Unnim (cloudy forests) every morning and evening and because cloudy forests corresponds to the philosophies ...
[Soan Anti-Japan Movement Memorial Hall]
There were movements to establish a memorial hall when Sir Nae Ho Song was posthumously honored as a national hero of independence during the 1960s and by the request of Jaegyeong Association of Soan...
[Picking wild greens]
From mid April to May, this clean village is all busy picking wild greens. The first to spring up are asters and aralias followed by day lilies, wild asters, brackens, pimpinella brachycarpa, aster sc...
[Mt. Yudal]
It is where the long terrain of Noryeong Mountain Range makes its last emerge on the southern end of the Muan Peninsula. Mt. Yudal is 140ha in scale and 228.3m in height.
[Moka Buddhist Museum]
Moka Buddist Museum is a museum which exhibits 6,000 Buddhist items collected by Moka Chan-Su Park, who is the 108th intangible asset (Wood sculpture).
[Mt. Bohyeon Observation Deck]
Mt. Bohyeon Observation Deck, located on the peak (1,124km above sea level) of Mt. Bohyeon in Hwabuk-myeon of Yeongcheon, is a high-tech observation deck that possesses 1.8m Progressive Telescope (a...
[A Journey to the Traditional Sounds of Namdo]
Jindo reminds people of Jindo canine and the festival of the Seaway of Wonder.
[Isikrae Houses]
A small straw-roofing gatehouse appears through a long pathway along the walls and the detached house is located in the middle of a bamboo forest to the west.
Nakjodae is located by a hiking course to the rear (Shinan Beach Hotel ~ Ildeungbaui) of Mt. Yudang
[Iyonguk Houses]
It is most beautiful in Ganggol village and located in the middle of the village. According to the sign on the door we know the building was built in 1902, and a guest room is older.
The scenery of Dadohae viewed from Sebangnakjo Observation Deck, which is said to be the most beautiful scenic point on Jindos coastal way, is indescribable.
[The tomb of Sejong the Great]
Sejong the Great, fourth king of the Joseon Dynasty (Reign 1418~1450), and Queen Soheon whose family was Sin were buried together in the tomb. As one of the greatest kings in our history, Sejong the G...
[Bugok springs ]
It is unknown when exactly the Bugok springs were formed but Yeongsanhyeonjo, an ancient book, has a record to read the springs were in the southeast of the area, about 17 ri (about 4 miles) away. No...
[Making Wild Grape Wine]
Gwangjejeong, to commemorate Yang, Don (pen name: Maedang), a scholar from the Joseon Dynasty Gwangjejeong was first established in Gwangje Village of Hucheon-ri in the early Joseon Dynasty by Yang, ...
[Seshim Natural Forest]
Imsil Baksagol Village has Seshim Natural Forest, a quiet rest place with the sounds of waters and birds. Seshim Natural Forest is located between Mt. Wontong (603m) and Jichobong (571m). Centered...
[Mt. Hwawang ]
Mt. Hwawang is a prehistoric volcano. It has a crater located at Samji which also has a legend associated with the origin of the Chos of Changnyeong. Hwawang Mountain Fortress Wall (historical relic N...
[Pasaseong Castle]
[Gaedo Beach]
The steep slopes of the cliffs and the exotic rocky scenery contributes to some of the best conditions and one of the most popular sea fishing destinations, where 5,000 fishers visit annually. When th...
[Upo swamp]
Upo swamp is the biggest swamp in Korea. It covers 70 million pyeong, spreading over An-ri, Ibang-myeon and Daedae-ri,Yueo-myeon as well as Sejin-ri. The endless swamp has numerous water plants. Catta...
[Mt. Bonghwa]
At the center of the Gaedo area, is Cheonjae peak and Bonghwa peak, which are surrounded by low mountains. Altogether they make a great mountainous landscape. While walking along the hill path, you wi...
[Gaetbawi fishing]
Geumodo in Yeosu city, the second largest island, is a great place for beginner black porgy fishers due to its wide fishing area and high quantity of fish. During May, the spawning season for black po...
* Waterskiing Jangsu Water Leisure Park is located by Daegok Lake in Daegok-ri Janggye-myeon Jangsu-gun. It faces Mt. Jangan and Mt. Deogu of Baekgu Great Mountain Range and is about 20 minutes away...
[Birth Place of Nongae]
Ju, Nongae (˿) is a patriotic woman who disguised herself as a mistress and seduced the opposing commander to Uiam by Nam River of Jinju to jump off the cliff with him. She did this for her husband...
After passing through Sinheung village, you will reach Cheongseokpo which is filled with wide and flat rocky terrain. The town faces wide open to the sea, which keeps the village constantly weather...
[Gochang-eup Fortress]
Gochang-eup Fortress is a natural stone fortress that the people of Jeolla-do built to defend their homes and families from Japanese invasions during the first year of the reign of Joseon King Danjong...
[Agricultural experience program]
For those who live in the city, who want to change their tiresome bodies and minds from living in the polluted air and gray skyscrapers into 'green',
Characteristics: Its height is approximately 1m. Its leaves are divided into many pieces, and it is normally a garden plant. The flower has various kinds of color and shape, and it is sectionalized ...
Godalsa Temple was built in the 23rd year of King Gyeong Deok of Silla (764) and is also called Godalwon. It has been one of the three famous Buddhist temples, i.e. Dobongwon (Գ), Hiyangwon (), a...
[Igeumjae Houses]
In a valley facing Mt. Obong, along the oceanside there are many houses, and in the middle of the village there is a pond. Entering the alley of a trifoliate orange tree fence east of the pond,
[Mt. Gun]
Mt. Gun is 335m high and 25 gradient mountain, and is included in the administrative district of Andeok-myeon Changchun-ri, but 5 of the villages including Gamsan-ri, Changchun-ri, Daepyeong-ri, Seog...
[Andeok Valley]
Andeok Valley is located 2km east from Hwasun-ri, Andeok-myeon, Namjeju-gun, roadside. This valley is a popular sightseeing resort. It is formed with tranchyte, both banks are fantastic-shaped cliff...
[Experiences program]
Spring: picking mountain vegetables, rice-planting, sawing hot peppers, and dyeing experience Summer: corn harvesting, picking potato, making acorn jelly, and dyeing experience Fall: picking...
[Dolmen Park]
* Exhibition Zone: Exhibition Hall, Cafeteria, Ticket Booth, Management Office, Snack Bar, Restroom (7 buildings)
[Sangwonsa Temple (Traditional Temple No. 49)]
Sangwonsa Temple (Traditional Temple No. 49) The temples foundation date is not cleare, although the record of the King Sejo visiting the temple makes it possible to presume that the holy temple of...
[Seongryun Temple]
At Seongryun Temple, We can meet priest Chunghwa who was born in 1923 at Muan-gun, Jeonnam and attained Buddha hood at Nov.12 2003 and entered Buddha at 1946 as 24 years old and did ascetic exercise f...
[Okgwa Art Gallery]
Okgwa Art Gallery in Jeonnam Province was founded by artist Asan Jobangwon who contributed 6,800 collections and 14 thousand at 1988 to Jeonranam Province. And for development of national culture a...
[pine nut and herb picking]
Introduction and schedule of pine nut and herb picking experiences
[Seomjin River Nature Learning Center]
Seomjin River Nature Learning Center is emphasizing experience nature center that has graceful nature scene. This is the time that nature considers as most important thing because of industrializatio...
Name of cultural asset: YongdamHanggyo Number of appointment: cultural asset data number 17
[Geumkok Park]
Geumkok Park Location: Soegolgyegok Valley Description: the rapids of the valley originated from the summit of Soyosan Mountain
[Mt. Seol]
Shining brightly the second noted mountain Mt. Seol in Gokseong. (location : from Okgwa-myeon to Suncheon Geumgwa-myun, Height : 522m)
Gatbaui, one of eight sceneries of Mokpo, resembles two people wearing hats (Gat) and standing by each other. There are Jungbaui and Satgatbaui (larger one is 8m tall and smaller one is 6m tall) and ...
[a thousand year old gingko tree / a filial sons gate]
A thousand year old gingko tree in the center of the village and a filial sons gate (Past Gi-Byeong Kim) next to the tree are the symbols and prides of the village.
[Maisan(Mt. Mai) / Mt. Cheonbansan]
Maisan was became a provincial park of Jeollabuk-do in October 16, 1979, the total area of the park reaches 17.221 so it is not a big park.
[Yongdam Lake]
Yongdam Lake is an artificial lake made by Yongdam dam.
[Sinbuk Spa]
Sinbuk Spa Location: Deokdun-ri of Sinbuk-myeon As the best baking soda hot spring gushes out from 600 meters under the
[Forest road]
- A hill in the back of the village Forest road, hill in the back of the village at the altitude of 400 meters
[Mt. Seonun Provincial Park]
Mt. Seonun is a noted attraction that is called Inner Geumgang of Honam, and was designated as a provincial park in 1979.
[An introduction of Mt. Cheonghwa history and derivation]
The record is written by which its original name was Mt. Baengma, Hwa in Ilseonji Seonabeupji.
[Theme Experiences]
Ssukgol Expedition Meaning: Courage (99 valleys adventure) The expedition of adventure and courage to trace the village ancestors who explored the 99 valleys to gold cave!
[Forest preserve ground]
1. Giljanggun Meaning: Filial piety and honor (poles signifying prayer) With the theme of filial piety and honor appeared in the legend of Giljanggun, it gives a symbolic meaning that tourists ma...
[Ecology Study]
Madlgari ecological study field is the place to study the ecology of Madlgari Village and to learn the lives of Madlgari residents.
[Herb Island]
Herb Island A herb garden where nature and humanity exist in harmony =>Edible Garden – a natural herb garden
[Programs by each season]
List of Programs 1. Madlgari forest - study tour to ecological field 1) What is in the mountain village? 2) Outing to mountain fastness Along the Madlgari forest? 1) Sound of Madlgari forest 2) ...
[99 Valleys]
Once upon a time, there lived a very poor old couple. The old couple was very diligent and very affectionate so other people envied them, however they were so poor to live only by selling firewood ...
[Gosongcheon Stream]
The taste of medicinal water well used as residents drinking water centering on Gosongcheon, the source of life water not dry even in a severe drought reminds us of the taste of the well at the back...
[Yongbong Forest]
There are many cultural assets such as Yongbong temple, Maeaeseokbul, also it is named Yongbong Mountain because it looks like the head of a phoenix.
[Introduction of experiences per season]
Spring - Rice-planting: transplanting rice seedlings grown on rice beds An experience of seeding: sowing the seeds of a crop in a dry field or a bed Picking spring vegetables and enjoying spring flowe...
[Introduction of historical sites ]
Historical site of Prince Yangnyeong Gunryang-ri, where Prince Yangnyeong, the oldest brother of Sejong the Great, stayed for 16 years, has his traces everywhere
[Icheon Ceramic Village]
Icheon-si invested about 700 million Won in forming of convenient facilities such as an exhibition hall, restaurants, and parking lots in 1988 and during the 88 Olympic Games, the village was spotligh...
[Jachaebanga Museum]
We often think a mill is a place to make rice cakes but it is a place to pound rice.
[Neighboring mountains ]
Seolbongsan Mountain, where Ceramic Village of Icheon and Seolbong Park that held World Ceramic Biennale, doesnt have rough geographical features and maintains many rocks of fantastic shape such as S...
[Julok village Theme experiences]
For experience facilities, a wild flower park, a ceramic stove, two folk play centers, five traditional cauldrons, a 7Km strolling course, four arbors, a flower road, a bird farm, an indoor education ...
[Introduction of Experiences]
Experiences: Straw Crafts Experiences Explanation: In Corea Village, you can make straw crafts directly which were used in old farm village. This is an experience program that we can make life tool...
[Yongbong Mountain]
Mountains and plains of Chungcheongnam-do are very flat and mild. This is because this area is an eroded plain so it belongs to the pene-plain which has many monadnocks.
[Sungui royal palace]
National historical relics No. 223 San 10, Ami-ri, Misan-myeon, Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do Sunguijeon is a shrine where the mortuary tablets of kings including Wanggeun, the fonder of Goryo and loy...
[lacquer tree medicinal water well]
Name of medicinal water well : Lacquer tree medicinal water well Lacquer tree medicinal water well of Yeon-Cheon Corea Village, one of no more than 5 more or less nationwide lacquer tree wells has be...
[Julok Village Theme Sightseeing - Sinreuksa Temple]
Sinreuksa Temple retains a beautiful view and many relics and remains. In accordance to a source, Buddhist Priest Wonhyo during King Jinpyeong of Silla built this temple, which became famous as Buddhi...
[Dangpo Fortress Site and Photos]
Dangpo fortress site is Goguryeo and Shilla remains, which is a very important remains about ancient Korean fortress, which is No. 192 reminder designed by Gyeonggi-do
[Crane Reservoir]
Crane reservoir of Yeon-Cheon Corea Village reaching 22.9ha is surrounded by mountains in every corner like being surrounded by folding screen, which boasts the graceful natural scenery and on weekend...
[Julok Village Theme Sightseeing - Moka Buddhist Museum]
Moka Buddist Museum is a museum which exhibits 6,000 Buddhist items collected by Moka Chan-Su Park, who is the 108th intangible asset (Wood sculpture).
[Sanghali Mirukbul]
This is the huge Maaebul which is located in Shangha-ri, Hongbuk-myeon, Hongseong-gun, Chungcheongnam-do.
This is a pagoda that preserves the relics of the Buddha which is located in the Yongbong temple; however, the owner of the relics is unknown. It was in the other place near this temple, however, it w...
[Julok Village Theme Sightseeing - Birth house of Queen Myeongseong]
As the queen of King Gojong, 26th king of Joseon, she promoted opening and reform while maintaining our independence with her excellent diplomacy during the period of opening but ended her life by Jap...
This is one of the stone sculptures which were in the past land of Yongbong temple, also it looks like it was carved into natural stone.
Yeongsanguibultaeng is the picture that Buddha makes a lecture at Yongchuk mountain. Guibul means a big Buddhism picture to hang in the front yard of the temple to perform a big Buddhist ceremony or r...
[Maaebul Yipsang]
aaebul was sculptured on the flat part of rock and the cliff. This Buddha statue was carved on rock at the entrance of temple.
[Maae Seokbul]
This Buddha statue is located at Yongbong mountain, Hongseong-gun, Chungnam, it is 4m high and is placed in the excavated rock.
[Yongbong Temple ]
The Present location of Yongbong temple was moved to the east side from the original location, because the Pyeongyang Jo family closed and moved the temple in order to use the land for their grave yar...
[Muwujeong Arbor]
Muwujeong Arbor from which the view of the village is seen is a place where a cool wind blows and a visitor can take a rest.
[Julok Village Theme Sightseeing - The tomb of Sejong the Great]
Sejong the Great, fourth king of the Joseon Dynasty (Reign 1418~1450), and Queen Soheon whose family was Sin were buried together in the tomb. As one of the greatest kings in our history, Sejong the G...
[experience programs]
Name of the experience: Picking Sootgol Village apples Description: the Sootgol Village apples are highly sweet and visitors can
[Sootgol experience]
Name of the experience: mud snail rice Description: The duck and mud snail rice of Sootgol Village were certified as non-fertilized rice by the village residents'
[Pocheons Eight Views and Hwajeokyeon]
Hwajeokyeon was named because it looks a pile of rice straws in the middle of Hantangang River and is one of the Pocheons Eight Views. Also another
[Museum of Farming History]
The budget of this museum comes from the border support project and various projects and is used to build a new 50 pyeong museum building to exhibit information about farming. (Scheduled)
[Jijangsan/Jongjasan Mountain]
Name of the mountain : Jijangsan Mountain (Bogaesan Mountain) Location: Gwanin-myeon, Pocheon-gun and Sinseo-myeon, Yeoncheon-gun in Gyeonggi-do and Cheolwon-gun in Gangwon-do
[Naengjeong Reservoir]
Naengjeong Reservoir (Ҳ) is a lake at a size of 37.6 hectares and storage of 100 million tons located in Gwanin-myeon of Naengjeong-ri and used as farming water of the wide farmlands,
[Village Experience]
There are too many locusts flying around this village, because the village never uses an artificial fertilizer for rice farming.
[Experience of slow foods, The short-necked clam , the tideland sled, and fishing]
You can catch The short-necked clams, turban shells, and common octopuses in the tideland and cook and make them pickled at the Slow Food Experiencing Center.
[Cultural Assets Temple]
A temple established during the Silla age in Yongmun Mountain. It is a branch temple of Bongseon Temple, which is the main temple of the 25th parish of Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism. The Yongmun Tem...
[Jeong Yong Chaes house ]
Jeong Yong Chaes house has a well preserved architectural style from before 1887, which shows a good example of a tile-roofed house in the midland of Korea in the Joseon Dynasty.
[Gungpyeong Resort]
Gungpyeong Resort is like an Oriental painting in harmony with the sea, and pine trees more than fifty years old on the coastline and a two kilometer long and fifty meters wide white sand beach.
[Famous Sites]
Seolmaejae is the hill at the entrance of the forest which is named as such because it is very beautiful when it snows in the winter. Seolmaejae Relaxation Forest is approx...
[House of Kim, Sang-Man]
The House of Kim, Sang-Man is Major Folk Item No. 150 in Goha Village of Julpo-myeon and is a typical house of a noble family in Honam region.
[Naeso Temple]
Naeso Temple is located beneath Gwaneum Peak of Seokpo-ri, Jinseo-myeon. Naeso Temple was established in the 34th year of the reign of Baekje King Mu (633) by Hyegu Duta and the larger building was c...
[Byeonsan Bikini Beach]
Byeonsan Bikini Beach is located 24km from Buan to Gyeokpo.It is a historical beach that was opened in 1930s and has smooth sands and moderate depth of waters to be good for family recreation.
Chaeseokgang is provincial-designated monument No. 28 and is the representative scenic point of Buan.
[Film Theme Park]
The Film Theme Park of Gyeokpo-ri of Byeongsan-myeon, which is 15ha in scale, restored Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung as well as the palaces, local government offices, civil courts, crafts houses, no...
[Natural Ecological Park]
About 66ha of tidal water retention is a beautiful place with a 2.5miles of reed field road, wild flower complex, Baduk Small Park, and gingko tree forest and is a great natural background for films a...
[Famous Spots]
1,157m high. It is located 8km Northeast of Yangpyeong and 42km east of Seoul. It is a branch of Gwanju Mountain Range, but independently has an elevated peak spreading 8km from the east to the west ...
[Experiences of dairy farming]
Do only foreign countries make cheese and yogurt? We make those in Ginko Village!!
[Chungryeol-mun of Myeong-Yun Han and Haeng-Jang Park and Yongjusa Temple]
This Chungryeol-mun was built to extol the sacrifice of a royal subject, Myeong-Yun Han (1542-1593) and his virtuous wife, Haeng-Jang Park during the period of King Seonjo in Joseon.
[The Jeamri Patriotic Site of the 3.1 Movement]
Korea had been colonized by Japan for 35 years from 1910. The nonviolent independent protest that most of the Koreans rose against the Japanese colonization and sought for an independent in 1919 was c...
[Seasonal Program]
Spring Rice Transplantation Tools: a young rice, a string, high boots
[Experiencing the tradition]
Playing Yut Tools: Yut sticks, Yut plate, a straw mat
[Namyangho Lake]
Namyanggancheokji Tideland formed as a 2,065-metered seawall in Namyang Gulf on December 20, 1973 completed, and the seawall also created Namyangho Lake,
[Experiencing a farming life]
Riding a Gyeongungi(a cultivating device)
Old Gunsan Isles is the heaven of sea fishing in Yellow Sea, but was kept untouched as it is hiding behind Gyeokpos fishing grounds.
[Tidal Wetlands]
The Yellow Sea in Korea has very irregular coastline and great tidal differences due to its geographical traits.
Sorisan : It is 479m high. Although not relatively high, the mountain track is very steep and has a view as beautiful as Sogeumgang, what village people love to call it.
[Mt. Daegak Observation Deck]
Besides Wolyeong Peak is Mt. Daegak that rises 187m above sea level and resembles a dragon, and Mt. Daegak has an observation deck that looks down to Sinsi-do.
[Picking Cucumber]
This is for infant, teenagers and adults, and it can be processed on spring, summer and fall.
[Yu, Gwan-Sun Patriot Museum]
Yu, Gwan-Sun Patriot was born at Yongdu-li, Byeongcheon-myeon in 1902, and came back to her house for the 3.1 Independence Movement, from Yihwa school. She led the Awunae independent movement on April...
[Independence Hall of Korea]
Independence Hall of Korea was built on Aug, 15, 1987 on 1,200,000 pyeong land of Namhwa-li, Mokcheon-eup with nations donation money to study the Korea history of hardship and the history that have ...
[Saemangeum Embankment]
Saemangeum Embankment connects Gunsan of Jeonbuk and Buan. With Saemangeum Total Development Project, multipurpose lands will be created in Gunsan, Gimje,
[Noheun Pavilion]
This pavilion is one of the Dowon 8 Magnificence, Noheun Kim, Sanggi (1639~1708) built in 1689 and the head of Mokcheon-gun, Kim, Gwangsu carved the letter. Dowon 8 Magnificence is Noheun Pavilion, My...
[Kim, Simin Generals historic site]
Kim, Si-Min general is a famous general of Jinju castle war which is one of the 3 big wars in Limjin Weiran. This is the house where he was born and the historic site where he killed a snake with an...
[Awunae Beacon Fire Festival]
To advertise and inherit the performances and spirits of the patriot, Yu, Gwan-Sun, and other patriots who participated in independent movements, this festival is held on the last day of Feb every yea...
[Old Gunsan Isles]
Old Gunsan Isles include Sinsi-do, Seonyu-do, Jangja-do, Bangchuk-do, Yami-do, Munyeo-do, and about 10 small islands within 24km around Sinsi-do.
[Jo, byeongoks house]
o, byeongok worked for the Korean independent movement, and his house is located at Yongdu-li, Byeongcheon-Myeon, near the Yu, Gwan-Suns house. His ancestral home is Hanyang and his pen name is Yus...
[Introductions of the firing range and Kartvil]
In Korea, an individual is prohibited to carry a gun so that it is more difficult to experience shooting as leisure than other countries.
[Namyang Holy Ground of the Holy Mother]
Holy Ground of the Holy Mother is a place where the Catholic church officially declared to be the Holy Ground of the Holy Mother.
[Experiences of traditional farming and ecology]
The experiences of Gasiri Village are mainly divided into two parts: the traditional Korean farming experience and the ecological experience using the God-blessed natural environment.
[Hill of Lost Hometown]
Hill of Lost Hometown was organized to console the souls who had left their homes in Korea forcefully to settle in foreign lands, especially in Japan, by the Japanese Colonization or who had died in f...
[Memorial Hall of Independence]
Memorial Hall of Independence displays how Koreans overcame the national crises and developed its country to contribute to the clear nationalism and of Koreans. In Nov 1982, Memorial Hall of Independe...
[Remains of Patriot Gwan-Sun Yoo]
ukwansun.jpgThis 230th Historical Relic is where Patriot Gwan-Sun Yoo was born and grew up.
Sinam Reservoir had been restricted as waterworks protection zone, but was released currently. It was formed by the pure and clear valley waters from Gamak Mountains that the fish are very strong. M...
[Geumdang Eight Views]
Geumdang Eight Views and Jilma Island Beaches are well-known markers of Geumdangdo Village.
[Jangdo Cheonghae Base]
Wando's tourist markers include Jangdo Cheonghae Base, Jeongdo-ri Gugyedeong, Bogil Island of Seon-Do Yoon, Ju Island Evergreen Forest, Yesong-ri Evergreen Forest, Yejak Islands Ilexintergra Thunb, M...
[Dongchang Eternity Movement]
Dongchang Village is one of the historical sites of 1919 Eternity Movement, in which about 3,000 people participated. At this time, eight patriots had fallen down with gun shots and Palryeol Monument...
[Communists Headquarters]
Communists Headquarters located in Gwanjeon-ri, Cheolwon is a 3-story building that was built in 1946 by the exploited labor of local citizens and that was used by the Communist Party of North Korea ...
[Sunrise of Yong Island ]
Yong Island By: Dong-Sik Sin Sound of crying dogs, Break the dawn with elegance. Stand high on the cliffy cliff Covering himself with the golden lights of sunrise, ...
[Tidal Wetlands Experience]
As it is not much developed yet, it still preserves natures pure environment and spreads clean open tidal wetlands. It has become popular as a tidal wetlands experience course for families. Wouldn...
[Songgwang Pavilion]
Songgwang Pavilion is located in 75 Eojeon-ri, Geumsan-myeon (foot of Yongdu Mountains) of the Island of Wisdom (Geogeum Island). 776 years ago, it was established by Bright National Priest Buril of H...
Seosan, located in between two seas, is a heaven of sea-fishing. At Pung Island, Janganyeo, Baengi seas, Hwanggeum Mountains, Juk Island, Gopa Island, U Island and Bunjeom Island, big fish are easily...
[Jinchung Temple]
It is a shrine enshrining the portrait and remains of General Chung-Sin Jeong (15761636) of early Chosun Dynasty. It exhibits 5 pieces of his personal remaining and other remains of his in the exhib...
[Daeho Embarkment]
Located in Samgilpo-ri, Daesan-eup, Seosan, it is a 7.8km-long Easts longest embarkment forming the northern gate of Seosan contacting Daehoji-myeon of Dangjin. The surrounding landscape viewed down...
[Gyeon Ans Memorial Hall]
A memorial hall established in Oct 1991 to admire the nature-loving philosophy of Gyeon An of Seosan, the master of Korean painting who established the landscape paintings in early Chosun Dynasty, to ...
Called Geogeum Island for the long gold mine of the island, it has beautiful beaches with silvery sands and fine pebbles along the shoreline.
[Jeokdae Summit]
[Daecheong Summit, Seorak Mountains]
Seorak Mountains stretch through Yangyang, Sokcho, Inje and Goseong of Gangwon Province. Centered by the highest peak of Daecheong Summit (1708m), it is a noted mountain close to Geumgang Mountains t...
[Jewelry Museum]
Iksan Jewelry Museum uses the tourists resources of Baekje's cultural remains such as the stone tower of Mireuk Temple Ruins and 5-story stone tower of Wanggung-ri, so that the tourists can not only ...
[Palseong Temple]
Palseong Temple is located at the back of Jangsu Star Village generously looking down the village. Constructed during the times of Shinra, this temple has been reconstructed during the reign of Shinr...
[Palgong Mountains]
Palgong Mountains that seems as if it is breeding Jangsu Information Village is a high mountain 1,151m above sea level. It is a comforting mountain with luxuriant greens. It is where Noryeong Mounta...
[Weekend Farm]
The Weekend Farm of Jangsu Star Village offers you to feel the coolness and warmness of skies and soils, the memories of your childhood and the love of your family. You can take an armful of spring w...
[Manil Temple]
Manil Temple originated from the 10,000-day prayers for Seong-Gye Lee who founded Chosun Dynasty. It was lost during the Korean War, but was repaired thereafter. There is Yuheo Monument that popular...
[Multonggol Springs]
Multonggol Springs is so popular that it named the village Multonggol Village. As elders say their spring water is effective for stomach and intestines trouble and skin diseases, Multonggol is charac...
[Forest Museum]
Under the theme of "Living MountainsMountains of LifeMountains of Eternity," a forest museum was established on the foothill of Naejang Mountains, a noted mountains of Honam. It is Koreas fourth f...
[Hoemun Mountains Natural Forest]
Hoemun Mountains was where Sir Ik-Hyeon Choi, Byeong-Chan Lim and Yun-Suk Yang led justice army to fight against the Japanese Colonization; was the center of communist guerillas along with Jiri Mounta...
Onggi Village still preserves last nine Partition (Noburi) Kilns of Korea. By inducing modern-style steel-frame kilns, Onggi Village is trying hard to revitalize the Onggi culture by producing variet...
[Ulsan Hot Springs]
Ulsan Hot Springs of Bal-ri, Onyang-eup, Ulju with public baths and hot springs indoor pool was opened in Aug 1990.
[Ulju Local History Office]
Ulju Local History Office opened on Dec 21. 2001 is used as an open learning center where Ulju Cultural Center (President Du-Cheol Lee) collected and displayed all folk cultural assets of Koreans foun...
It is located on a slope of Daeun Mountains in 1312 Unhwa-ri, Onyang and is one of nine temples of Daewon Temple of Shinra Empire. Naewon Temple is Shinras traditional temple and is valueable to the...
742m-high Daeunsan covering from Unhwa-ri of Onyang-eup, Ulju to Myeonggok-ri and Samho-ri of Ungsang-eup, Yangsan is well-known for pure and abundant waters.
[Changseon Bridge]
The oldest ancient-style fishing on earth that installs bamboo sticks in V-shape opposing the fast current running 13~15km/hour
[Jangchun Temple]
The main sanctuary of Jangchun Temple located in 14 Yeongdong-ri, Chilbuk-myeon, Haman-gun was reconstructed in 1979 to form -shaped tile-roofed structure with 3 units in front and 2 units on sides. ...
[Okjong Fluorine Brimstone Hot Springs]
It is a relatively recently discovered hot springs developed in April 1998. As the village was called Cheongsu (Pure Water), it provides the hot springs composed of pure and clean water, abundant y...
[Oksan Lecture Hall]
Oksan lecture Hall was built by the descendents of Sir Mong Ju Jeong in 1830 (30th year of the reign of Chosun King Sunjo) in Bibong Pavilion, Bibong Mountains, Jinju. It was closed as Sir Heungseun,...
[Goseong Fortress]
It is located in Goseong Mountains in Bukbang-ri of Iwonokjong-myeon. It is not specified when the fortress was built, but it is known that there was a fortress until 1770s.
[Daeam Paragliding Field]
Daeam Paragliding Field (591m above sea level) is open to all directions and maintains stable air current throughout the year for pleasant paragliding.
[Haein Temple]
The essence of Koreas Hwaeom Sect of Buddhism keeping Eighty-Thousand-block Tripitaka Koreana, the 463rd World Cultural Asset.
[Dukcheon River]
Dukcheon River that sources from Cheonwang Summit of Jiri Mountains flows through Daewon Temple Valley, Jungsanri Valley and Jangdan Pass and Jogae Pass of Georim Valley to reach Jinyang Lake.
[Gaya Mountains]
Haein Temple, the temple of Buddhist Truth, is located here. The sunrise and sunset viewed from the peak of it is so admirable that it is famous as one of Koreas 8 best view points. The mountain st...
[Movie Set of Taegeukgi ]
Hapcheon Office is planning to rent the movie properties (steam trains, tanks and armored vehicles) to re-form the set into a Survival Game Course and to develop a tourists course and related produc...
[Yeongnam Alps]
The provincial park named Yeongnam Alps includes Gaji, Jaeyak, Baekun, Chwiseo and Cheonseong Mountains. It is the largest provincial park in Korea with magnificent natural environment to attract many...
[Cheonhwang Temple Sitting Buddha]
Cheonhwang Temple of Miryang Icevalley has a sitting stone Buddha that is a typical structure of Shinra Unification period with a pedestal and body decorations, but missing the backlight.
About 7.4 acres in the valley about 600~750m above sea level in Jaeyak Mountains is called Icevalley. This is the 224th National Memorial called the valley of mysteries where the ices form in mid-summ...
[Hapcheon Lake Resort]
Hapcheon Lake has a deep valley and a waterfall where the water from the milky way falls from the sky. Many pavilions including Nongwol Pavilion are placed on every magnificent bank of the river to r...
[Gadeok Island]
Busans largest island with the legend of Bogae Mountains that is said to have sunken under seawater and rose again to form the island.
[Chilpo Beaches]
The white sand beach is 4km long and 80acre wide to allow up to 100,000 people a day. It is the largest beaches of the East Sea with granules and sand. Sea fishing is also available to attract many ...
[Naeyeon Mountains]
Naeyeon Mountains is a picture-perfect mountain of Taebaek Mountain Ranges with deep valleys and pure waters. It still treasures Twelve Falls to impress the visitors.
[Heunghae Confucian Temple]
This 87th Cultural Resource of Gyeongsangbuk Province is located in Okseong-ri, Heunghae-eup. It is composed of a memorial tablets shrine, east and west and east pavilions of Confucian shrine, a lec...
[Yeongil Folk Museum]
It exhibits total of 4,600 pieces of folk resources including the pots, agricultural and fishery tools and ritual equipments and is used as a native cultural education center.
[Dinosaur Egg Fossils Excavation Site]
A bunch of dinosaur egg fossils were excavated from the Mesozoic Cretaceous stratum at south reclamation land of Shihwa Lake, Gojeong-ri, Songsan-myeon, Hwaseong. Dr. Gap-Suk Jeong of the Institute o...
[Grape Collecting]
[Buseok Temple]
[Yuseong Hot Springs]
Yuseong Hot Springs is forming Yuseong Hot Springs Complex in a 95ha-wide property at Bongmyeong-dong, Yuseong, Daejeon. Yuseong Hot Springs is good for metabolism by enhancing the blood circulation.
[Museum of Cultural Assets. Andong. ]
Museum of Cultural Assets. Andong. With the most cultural assets in Korea, it is where Confucian Culture, Buddhist Culture and Folk Culturecoexist. Although you will not see much by casual sightsee...
[Collecting Apple Blossoms]
The apple producers of Palyeong Apple Village located below Mungyeong Saejae Provincial Park of Juheul Mountains scheduled apple blossom collecting event. While collecting apple blossoms in the orchar...
[Mungyeong Flying Park]
Mungyeong Flying Park is surrounded by the noted mountains of Baekdu Mountain Chain about 4km east from Mungyeong-eup (Mungyeong Hot Springs) and located in the magnificent Dan Mountains of Goyo-ri, M...
[Bongam, Gimryong, Daeseung and Hyeguk Temples]
Mungyeong and its vicinity have many temples with beautiful surrounding environment, such as Bongam, Gimryong, Daeseung and Hyeguk Temples, to attract many people.
[Mungyeong Hot Springs]
Mungyeong Hot Springs was appointed a tourists attraction on Jan 26. 1998 after it was appointed a hot springs complex in Gyeongsangbuk Province in late 1995. Therefore, about 265ha-wide Hot Springs ...
[Mungyeong Porcelain Exhibition Center]
To succeed the vein of traditional ceramic art and to advertise the superiority of Mungyeong Porcelain, a 1260yd2-wide porcelain exhibition center is established on 3 acres of land in Jinan-rim Mungye...
[Juheul Mountains]
It is one of the highest mountains of Sobaek Mountain Range located in the northern part of Mungyeong-eup, Mungyeong, Gyeongsangbuk Province and is 1,106m high. Along with Munsu Summit (1,162m) of nor...
[8 Best Views of Mungyeong]
8 Best Views of Mungyeong refer to Saejae Valley of Mungyeong Provincial Park, Baekun Stand of Bongam Temple, Yongchu Valley, Seonudong Valley, Ssangyong Valley, Gimyeongsa Valley, Gyeongcheon Dam and...
[Gamak Mountains]
675m-high, it is one of the Five Ak mountains of Gyeonggi along with Bukak, Songak, Gwanak and Simak with beautiful autumn leaves. There is Gamak Mountains Monument on its peak, 30m-long Ungye Fall...
[Yongmun Mountains ]
It is a freshwater exhibition center that is about 15 minutes away from the village. The almost-extinct species of fish are scientifically studied and preserved in here. It also provides adolescents...
[Pungsuwon ]
It is a freshwater exhibition center that is about 15 minutes away from the village. The almost-extinct species of fish are scientifically studied and preserved in here. It also provides adolescents...
[Moga Museum]
This is a private professional Buddhist museum established on Jun 12. 1993 for the development of Koreas traditional wood craft and the succession of Buddhist Art. The construction began in February...
[Mountains in Gapyeong]
Along with Hwaak Mountains, one of the five Ak mountains of Gyeonggi, there are Myeongji Mountains and Seongnyong Mountains.
[Waujeong Temple]
Current president Taek-Ju Lee, who was once in construction business, formed the land and established the facilities from 1979 to officially open this largest private botanical garden of Korea in 1984...
[Hantaek Botanical Garden]
Current president Taek-Ju Lee, who was once in construction business, formed the land and established the facilities from 1979 to officially open this largest private botanical garden of Korea in 1984...
[Oeam-ri Folk Village]
Oeam-ri Folk Village of Songak-myeon, Asan, Chungnam preserves old traditional houses and cultures and was appointed Traditional Structure Preservation Zone in Aug 1988. This village is a noble vil...
[Memorial Monument of Canadian Alliance for Korean War]
Memorial Monument of Canadian Alliance for Korean War is located on the roadside in Igok-ri of Buk-myeon. On 2000yd2-wide ground, a 6.5m-tall monument stands in the center of 0.7m-tall pedestal and t...
[Hyeonam Agricultural Relics Museum]
Hyeonam Agricultural Relics Museum with the square footage of 4,500ft2 is established to excavate and preserve the agricultural relics and divided into various exhibition sections including Presentati...
[Tidal Flats Area Experience]
Enjoy playing in mud farm at Tidal Flats Area Experience. Tidal flats area is created by the sediments flown in by the flood tide and ebb tide where the difference between the rise and fall of the ti...
[Inline Skating/Bicycling]
Shihwa Tide Embarkment, with the salt-smelling wind and 12.7-long straight course, has 4.5m-wide bicycling track that is also perfect for hiking and inline-skating. Around sunset, you can see the be...
[Ssanggye Temple]
Ssanggye Temple is a Koreas Buddhist (Jogye Sect) temple located in Daegeum Mountains at 1058 Daebubuk-dong, Ansan. Nothing specific is known about the establishment and history of the temple, but t...
[Natural Water Springs]
Natural Water Springs, the natural base-rock springs with 1000-year history. History says that When the Incheon harbor was opened for trading, rocks were dug from Gubong Island Quarry; and when a str...
[Shihwa Tide Embarkment]
It is 12.7km-long, Asias longest tide embarkment. It connects Shihwa of Siheung and Daebu Island of Ansan and surrounds Tan Island, Jebu Island, southern tidal flats area of Hwaseong and Shihwa Lak...
[Wild Grapes Farm]
Wild Grapes Farm that produces high-quality wild grapes with the fresh energy of Gamak Mountains, pollution-free air and the bright sunlight is Koreas one-and-only traditional wild grapes producer ap...
[Suwon Bright Wall]
Suwon Bright Wall was begun to be built in Jan 1794, the 18th year of the reign of Chosuns 22nd King Jeongjo and completed in September 1796, the 20th year of his reign. King Jeongjo moved all go...
[Old Pine Region]
Old pine region includes a 5-km long block from the peak of Jiji Stand Pass, where Jiji Stand Monument is located, along the old Gyeongsu National High where the old pines grow. Chosun King Jeongjo gr...
[Burial Ground]
Sir Hae Su Lees tomb, the 5th folk relic of Korea, is located San 1, Hansan-ri, Nam-myeon. He passed the civil service examination in the 18th year of the reign of Chosun King Myeongjong (1563) to s...
[Zelkova Tree ]
Zelkova Tree of Nam-myeon, Yangju growing at an empty lot by stream at the village entrance, is assumed to be 850 years old with the height of 21m and circumference of 7.3m. A tornado damaged a huge ...
[Gamak Mountains]
Gamak Mountains, one of five mountains chains of this region, is 675m high. With its strategic significance, Koguryo, Shinra and Baekjae struggled to win over this mountain during the era of Three Ki...
[Bottled Grapes Experience]
Yeoncheon Baekhak Information Village offers an experience program for bottled grapes.
[Sungui Shrine]
Sungui Shrine located in the deep heart of Ami Mountains looking down at the dark-blue Imjin River to treasure many stories along its history enshrines the tablets of three Kings including the 1st Kin...
[Armed Spy Penetration Route]
In 1968, 31 armed spies of 124th Base of North Korea including Sin-Jo Kim passed 38 Armistice Line aiming to bomb South Koreas Office of the President and to assassinate major leaders. Their routes ...
[Baekhak Reservoir ]
Being 22.9ha-wide broad waters surrounded by mountains, it has magnificent natural landscape and abundant resources. Therefore, it is loved by many fishers and the fishing place for families prides p...
[Tidal Wetlands Experience]
Jangyang-ri of Beolgye-eup abundantly produces various shellfish including ark shells, Jackknife clams, and cockle along with luespotted mud hopper from the broad wetlands of Yeoja Bay and provides we...
[Literary Expedition for Novel Taebaek Mountain Ranges]
Novel Taebaek Mountain Ranges depicts the tragedies of Korea' modern history including Yeosun Rebellion and Korean War, in the backgrounds of Wealthy Hyeon Family where Ha-Seop Jeong and Soha fell i...
[Birth-home of Byeong-Gi Lee]
Appointed 6th Local Memorial located in Yeosan, Iksan, Birth-home of Byeong-Gi Lee (Pen name: Garam) is where he, a poet and a Korean Classical Scholar, who stabilized the foundation of Korean poetry,...
[Mireuk Temple Ruins]
Run for 5 minutes from Geumma to Hamyeong and there is a triangularly fanned mountain to the right. This is Mireuk Mountains (Yonghwa Mountains), the guardian mountain of Geumma. On the southern fla...
[Mireuk Mountains]
Mireuk Mountains (430m) that covers Geumma-myeon, Samgi-myeon and Nangsan-myeon of Iksan, Cheonbuk and rises the highest in Iksan Plains is where Jun Gi of late Chosun hid himself from the Rebellion o...
[Boat Fishing]
The best leisure sport of Juju Island is fishing on the boats. With beautiful nature and shorelines, you can enjoy it with your heart. Jeju Island has 220 kinds of costal sea fish and 40 kinds for f...
[Yakcheon Temple]
Yakcheon Temple, an early Chosun style temple that is the east's best independent temple, has a main building and priests' dormitory, a sanctuary, a shrine and a sari tower and is where many Buddhist ...
[Yeomiji Botanical Garden]
It is the Easts best botanical garden with precious plants of the world and strong fragrances of southern lands.
[Jeongbang Falls]
Everything in Seoguipo including the picture-perfect islands in the open seas of Seoguipo, are beautiful. Extraordinary beauties, however, are westernmost Gangjeongcheon and Beom Island, straightforw...
[Hoeryongpo Experience]
Spring Vacation in Hoeryongpo is a 2-day course. In the first day, we view the beautiful sceneries of Hoeryongpo around Jangan Temple and taste the food (flower cake with Korean rosebay. In the second...
[Cultural Assets]
Pungyang-myeon of Yecheon, Gyeongbuk has a spot where three veins of water meet. We call this spot Samgang where Nakdong River from Andong Dam, Naeseong River from Taebaek Mountains and Geum River...
[Sobaek Mountains Punggi Hot Springs]
[Daeyul-ri Traditional Village ]
Traditional residence village located nearby Palgongsan Apple Village of Gunwi
[ 2nd Seokgul Cavern Hot Springs Tourism Hotel ]
Introduction of 2nd Seokgul Cavern Hot Springs located nearby the Apple Village of Palgong Mountains in Gunwi.
[Sobaek Mountains National Park]
[Dongsan Valley]
A valley located in Palgongsan Apple Village of Gunwi and has attracted numerous tourists
[Scholars Village]
[Dansan Lake]
[Anheung Castle]
The cultural assets of Taean extraordinarily include many natural memorials and cultural resources proving that it is a very gifted historical village. We introduce the unique cultural assets of Taean...
[Yeonpo Beaches]
The beaches of Taean are characterized by clean waters, silvery white-sand beaches, calm waves and luxuriant pine forest. Each of about 30 beaches along the coastline display unique views to be loved...
[Nakdong River]
Introduction of Nakdong River that flows by Chilgok Kumnam Cucumber Flowery Hill Village.
[Taean Maritime National Park]
Taean Peninsula is a newly-recognized heavenly attraction. With the start of the era of Yellow Sea, Koreas one and only that was established in 1978 forms a beautiful national park around Taean Peni...
[Gusang Literature Center]
Gusang Literature Center was opened to admire Poet Gusang not very far from Chilgok Kumnam Cucumber Flowery Hill Village.
[Chaeseokpo Sea-fishing Trip]
With the start of summer, the enthusiasm of sea-fishers heat up the Yellow Sea even hotter than the straightly shining sunshine. The coastlines of the clean seas of Taean offers a great fishing place...
[Geummu Summit]
Waegwan Geummu Summit Tree Fern Fossils site is located about 4km southeast of Waegwan-eup. It was appointed 146th Natural Memorial in Dec 3. 1962 and is currently managed by Chilgok. The memo...
[Experience Garden]
Leisurely walking around the village along the calm stream, working hard and sweating in the orchard, eating snacks under the tree shades, burning mosquito incense in the yard and observing star in th...
[Jumunjin Beach]
Jumunjin Beach is the north-most beach of Gangneung. 700m-long and 105,000-wide broad white-sand beach and shallow depth of water are best for family vacation.
[Seopu Brook]
Seopu Brook is also called Gatbau Gorge. It is a small valley located at the public garden of the village. With its pure water, broad rock and tree shade, it is good for quiet resting of families.
[Jangdeok-ri Ginkgo]
Jangdeok-ri Ginkgo is a natural memorial that is assumed to be 800 years old. In summer, the villagers rest under the tree and make the history of the village. Dukkeobi Rock It is a rock aiming...
[Tomb of Great King Sejong]
This is a private professional Buddhist museum established on Jun 12. 1993 for the development of Koreas traditional wood craft and the succession of Buddhist Art. The construction began in February...
[Naesu-myeon, Gwangtan]
It is a freshwater exhibition center that is about 15 minutes away from the village. The almost-extinct species of fish are scientifically studied and preserved in here. It also provides adolescents...
[Cultural Assets/Temple]
The main sanctuary of Biam Temple has three units in front and two units in sides with a -shaped tile-roofing. It has a huge seated Amitabha. Biam Temple is surrounded by luxuriant forest and scarc...
[Gwangsu Temple]
Gwangsu Temple is located in Gyesan-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon and is where 2,500 Buddhist believers come to participate in its 1st-day and 15th-day prayers and regular ceremonies. It has diverse beli...
[Expo Science Park]
Daejeon Expo Science Park is Koreas one-and-only theme park aiming to continue the wide introduction of ultramodern scientific technology following the closing of Daejeon Expo '93.
[Yuseong Golf Course]
Run from Yuseong toward Gyeryong Mountains and you will see the road signs leading to Bogyong Horseback-riding Track and Yuseong Golf Course. Bogyong Horseback-riding Track is attempting to reform th...
[Local Museum]
Yeongi Local History Museum studies and records folk game tools, origin of names, legends, myths and customs of our region, so that the new generations can learn the history of our region and feel the...
[Gobok Reservoir]
With broad spaces and abundant fish types, it is constantly visited by many fishers in weekends and its Gogak Park and pavilions are loved by many families.
[Nari Village Farm Experience]
You and your family can feel the warmth of farm village and spend leisure times at Nati Village while experiencing lively programs that reminds the adults with childhood memories and that allows the k...
[Farm Experience]
Buraemi Village offers various farm experience programs every season. In spring, there is rice-planting, bean-planting, corn-collecting and sweet potato gathering with the fragrance of pear blossoms;...
[Yeonji Park]
Yeonji Park is 23 acres and has been re-landscaped with convenience facilities, resting facilities, programmed fountains, sound systems and landscapes. The programmed fountains rise up to 30m high wi...
[Geoscience Museum]
Geoscience Museum is Koreas first specialized Geoscience museum that was established in 1997 for systematic and professional exhibition and management. You can visit 2000 pieces of fossils, minerals...
[Gyeryong Mountains]
Gyeryong Mountains is Chungnams best noted mountain stretching from Gongju and Daejeon to Gyeryong and Nonsan. It is also a noted mountain of Fengsui and was named Gyeryong because its ridgelines re...
[Chagui Island]
Chagui Island is well-known as a fishing place, but island itself is magnificently beautiful. The cliff supporting the island is and the flatly spreading field is also beautiful. It is 0.16-wide an...
[Folk School of Worak]
Folk School of Worak provides urban children and elders who miss their hometown with a chance to experience the traditional cultures, so that the elders can feel the lost hometown again and the childr...
[Peace Museum]
Peace Museum exhibits land packer for caverns, lighting equipments, measurers, cameras, vibrators, telescopes and bullet boxes possessed by President Lees father (84) who too charge of military suppl...
[Cultural Artists' Village]
There are the east's greatest 'Pot-planting Art Center', Dwarves' Theme Land with world's popular architectures and attractions, Chagui Island, Oseollok, Gotjawoal, Raon Golf Field and Suwol Summit Ra...
[Filming Location of "Seopyeonje" ]
Our village is the filming location of "Seopyeonje." The film "Seopyeonje" depicts the sad history of a singing family and their concentration to achieving the ultimate stage of singing on the backgr...
[Discipline Stand of Maeng Family of Asan]
Discipline Standis where the scholars disciplined themselves for academic pursuits. It is where the family of Sa-Seong Maeng (1360~1438) who was well-known for integrity in early Chosun Dynasty liv...
[Daeheung Temple]
Daeheung Temple is a historical temple located in 799 Gurim-ri, Samsan-myeon, Haenam, established by Priest Adohwa in the 5th year of the reign of Shinra King Jinheung.
[Binggye Valley, Geumseong Mountains]
[Duryun Mountains]
Located in San 8-1 of Haenam-gun. Duryun Mountains (703m) is the sacred mountain of Haenam and is composed of eight various-heightened continuing summits.
[Garlic Stem Collecting]
[Gyeonggi Provincial Museum]
Current president Taek-Ju Lee, who was once in construction business, formed the land and established the facilities from 1979 to officially open this largest private botanical garden of Korea in 1984...
[Uin Pottery]
Pottery Experience Place of the Folk Village of Samsan-myeon where you can make pottery on the mills
[Hannam Tea House]
With good lodging and the tourists complexes along with the increasing number of tourists, the village offers an ecology experience tour for the families where they can harvest and purchase the tange...
[Jeongseok Center of Aviation]
Koreas first Circle Vision that projects 3-D pictures with 9 projectors emitting laser beams in 360 angle displays the beautiful views and unique customs from all around the world and Ventura (cap...
[Gwangdeok Mountains]
With rather low and moderate slopes, it is loved for family hiking. Also, Gwangdeok Mountains has summer recreational areas of Gangdanggol, Jonggok-ri and Magok-ri Valleys with pure valleys and beaut...
[Ongnyong Temple Ruins]
Ongnyong Temple Ruins was National Priest Seongak (Dosun), the great priest of late Shinra Unification and Koreas master of Fengsui, stayed for 35 years to teach hundreds of pupils before he passed a...
[Weekend Farm Experience]
1. Fresh Vegetable Culturing – cabbage, eggplant, lettuce, pepper 2. Ecology Experience in melon fields
[Jangu Valley]
Jangu Falls was formed into a recreational park in 1984. With two bridges, water sources and 1,720m-long forest road. The Samjeom Bridge at the valley entrance is 30m long and Waterfall Bridge is 20...
[Tomb of King Suro]
As a symbolical cultural asset of Gimhae, there is Tomb of King Suro the founder of Garakguk (42 CE). He is the ancestor of Gimhae Kim family and Huh Family and Incheon Lee family. King Suro King is...
[Daeseong-dong Museum]
The main theme of Daeseong-dong Museum is the life-size restoration of cavalry and a knight based on the bones found at Yeoan-ri Tomb. Considering the ancient funeral, there are the restorations of t...
[Baegun Mountains]
Baegun Mountains and Donggok Valley are the most renowned markers of Gwangyang Gorosoe Village.
[Oaemok Village]
Oaemok Village is a small fishery village located in the northern coastline of Dangjin. The coastline is projected to the east to have a horizon parallel to that of the East Sea. Therefore, you can ...
[Jinwi Confucian Temple and School]
Jinwi Confucian Temple and School, the 40th Cultural Assets Context of Gyeonggi, is known as an educational organization of early Chosun Dynasty, but no specific construction date is known. It was t...
[Sapgyo Lake]
At Sapgyo Lake War Vessel Park, the East's first theme park on board, the 'landing ship' and 'destroyer' used for Korean War are kept for an indirect experience of maritime science and the life of nav...
[Agricultural Museum]
It is a natural education site for children and adolescents by showing the past, present and future of Koreas agricultural culture. The visitors can learn the agricultural remains and cultures of th...
[Natures Theme Botanical Garden]
Natures Theme Botanical Garden made of a 880-wide small glass greenhouse is a good attraction and resting place where you can meet various flowers and plants all seasons. In particular, they hav...
[Geumdang Temple]
Geumdang Temple is a branch of Gaunsan Temple, the 17th temple of a Koreas Buddhist sect. It was established by Chinese Priest Hyegam in 814 B.C.E (6th year of the reign of Shinra King Hyeondeok). ...
[Namnong Memorial Hall]
Museums of Mokpo Yuldo Laver Village include Namnong Memorial Hall, National Maritime Relics Museum and Orchids Park.
[Mai Mountains]
Mai Mountains is located in Maryeon-myeon, Jinan, Jeonbuk and is composed of major taffoni topography. It was appointed a provincial park in 1983 and is the home of many cultural assets and memorials...
[Pyoseon Beaches ]
Pyoseon Beaches has 250,000-wide seaside and 160,000-wide white-sand beaches. This place forms a rounded white-sand beach during the ebb tide and becomes a rounded lake with the waters less than 1m ...
[Jinwi River Park]
Jinwi River Park is a park formed by the riverside to extend through 2km-long range from Bongnam-ri, Jinwi-myeon to Jinwi Bridge on National Highway #1. The upstream is a protected area with pure wat...
[Seongsan Sunrise Point ]
Sinyeong Jeju Museum of Motion Pictures, the Easts first museum of motion pictures, is located by the shores of Keunung, Namwon. If you run along with shoreline road, you can visit many tourists at...
[Geoje Sea Village Folk Museum]
It preserves and exhibites the traditional culture and fishery history of Geoje sea villages to provide learning site for students, a resting place for urban-dwellers and a good opportunity for the to...
[Geoje War Prisoners Camp]
Opened on Nov 1. 1950 to prison the war prisoners of Korean War that broke out on Jun 25. 1950, Geoje War Prisoners Camp Remains Park is a historical asset that shows the remains, pictures and motion...
[Dalseong Temple]
Dalseong Temple is 69th Traditional Temple and is one-and-only temple of Mokpo that treasures two cultural assets (228th and 229th Tangible Assets).
[Driving Courses]
There is a driving course around Okjeong Lake from Taein I.C. of Honam Express Way. It starts from Okjeongho Village of Sannae-myeon, crosses Unam Bridge of Sambe Village, Yedeok-ri, passes Gangjin-m...
[Yudal Mountains]
Yudal Mountains has been called Yeongdal Mountains as it is though to be visited by the spirits.
[Wild Flowers Experience]
Wild Flowers refer to the plants worth cultivating among those growing in fields and mountains and are also called field flowers. Wild flower enthusiasts of our village established a wild flowers far...
[Okjeong Lake]
Okjeong Lake, a tributary of Seomjin River, is a reservoir created by the construction of its dam and it stretches from Jeongeup to Imsil. The beautiful lakeside road is well-paved to be suitable for...
[Day on Farmland]
Dongchang Village is a clean farm village that provides various experience programs such as Day of Duck Method Rise Cultivation, Making Wine and Observing Constellations to make opportunities to bring...
[Worak Mountains]
Worak Mountains includes Chungju Lakeside, forests of Mungyeongsaejae National Park and Jecheon, the prehistoric remains of Danyang Jeokseong, many limestone caverns and cultural complex of Cheongpung...
[Yedang Citizens' Recreational Area]
Yedang Recreational Area was started to be organized in 1986 in 14 ha of land in Deungchon-ri and Husa-ri of Eungbong-myeon, Yesan and today, it is accommodated with parking lot, camping ground, grass...
[Yedang Reservoir]
It is Koreas largest reservoir made in 1962 and was named after Yesan and Dangjin as it supplies farm waters to Yesan-gun and Dangjin-gun. For the last 20 years, it has been known as the best fishin...
[Palbong Mountains]
Palbong Mountains (207.4m above sea level) surrounds Ungok-ri and Husa-ri of Eungbong-myeon and Sinjang-ri of Oga-myeon. It forms a basin rising lower than 100m above sea level by Bongsu Mountains to...
[Apple Gathering Experience]
In order to introduce the superior quality and taste of Jeungsilgol Apples, the major specialty of our village, the village opens Apple Gathering Experience event during the apple harvesting season of...
[Insect Farm Experience]
In Hwangsan Village, there is a nationally-renowned insect farm. Observing the various kinds of insects is not only fun, but also good for learning the nature.
[Mugak Temple]
Tourists attraction near Woomi Artvil include Mugak Temple, 518 Memorial Park, 518 Liberty Park, Students Hall of Culture, Sangmu Citizens Park and Uncheon Reservoir, offering opportunities to leis...
[Mulgeolli Temple, Cultural Assets]
Mulgeolli Temple is an architectural structure of Shinra Unification that only remains its ruins nowadays. Five stone pieces and four gold-plated bronze Buddha were discovered on the temple site and ...
[Cheogya Mountains]
Cheogya Mountain is a terrain of small mountain located to the east of Dongchang Village that displays magnificent scenery of royal azaleas every May. Also, another uniqueness of Cheogya Mountain is ...
[Rice Cake Experience]
Making delicious rice cakes with your own hands will be a travel to the past for the adults and a precious learning experience of our traditional culture for the kids. Songcheon Village offers vari...
Located in the sea 500m south from Haegeumgang Village, Galgot-ri, Nambu-myeon, Geoje, it is 2nd Place of Scenic Beauty with two huge islands included in Hanrye Marine National Park. Its original na...
[Oe Island Marine Plantation]
Oe Island Marine Plantation is a marine botanical garden located in Hanrye Marine National Park that is known for the blue southern sea and the magnificent scenery. It is one of many adjacent islands...
[Gujora Beaches]
Gujora Beaches have soft sand and moderate water temperatures. Gujora Fortress of mid-Chosun Dynasty is nearby and surrounding islands are easy to visit. The surrounding scenery is also beautiful.
[Alps Ski Resort ]
Alps Ski Resort is where you can experience European atmosphere in Korea with Alps-style structures. This four-season total vacation town offers ski resort along with bowling and snow-sledding facili...
[Geonbong Temple]
Geonbong Temple, which is the 51st Memorial of Gangwon, is called Geonbong Temple of Geumgang Mountains as it is located in the foothill of Geumgang Mountains. It has culturally and artistically valu...
Hwajinpo is a 600-acre-wide lake that is a total vacation resort with attractions such as an oceanographic museum, historical security exhibition center and Hwajinpo Beach, which is called Myeongsasim...
[Environmental Experience]
To organize pleasant urban environment and to solve the problems of wastes, an environmental field-trip course was formed for the students to learn the values of environments and nature in connection ...
[Ski Museum]
Korea Ski Museum is where you can see the development of Koreas skiing culture. Related references such as trophies, honorary certificates, medallions and medals and information on Koreas ancient s...
[Naksan Temple]
Naksan Temple, located by a beach in Yangyang, has Obong Mountains as its background. It is a temple that is built by Shinras High Priest Eui Sang under the revelation of Buddha and that is known fo...
[Masan Summit]
Masan Summit (1,052m) is one of many ranges of Geumgang Mountains. Also, it is the north-most peak of Baekdu Mountain Chain. Geumgang Mountains has been one of the most renowned mountains of the...
[Osaek Springs]
Osaek Springs is attracted by many people with its stinging taste as a soda. A legend says that it was named after a tree that bears five differently-colored fruits nearby the springs.
[Naksan Beach]
It is a major tourists attraction where visitors and vacationers come to visit the clean white beach, shallow waters and the historical assets such as Naksan temple.
[Songcheon Valley]
Songcheon Valley is the source of Sorak Mountains Daecheon Summit and flows into Namdae River, the home of salmons. It is an attraction of clean Songcheon by keeping the pollution free nature.
[Ilgok Library]
Ilgok Library and Citizens Government Center of Ilgok Community are frequently used by adolescents and women. Nearby attractions include the hiking course to Hansae Summit, National 518 Cemetery, Ga...
[Ssamji Park]
As Koreas Ssamji pocket means, the park implies the meaning of a place where people can get together with warm heart although it is a small place. This park greets the visitors when they arrive at ...
[Marine museum]
It is Yellow Seas greatest maritime museum displaying 150,000 pieces of sea animals including worlds rare species and existing species. It is an open learning center where the curious children can ...
[Moryong Pavilion]
The first record on Ilgok was Populations List of 1789. It was originally called "Hansil" meaning "big village" but was renamed Ilgok into the Chinese version. It was first settled by No Family Gw...
[Chunjangdae Beaches]
Chunjang Beaches that is well-known for 1.5 moderate slope, calm seawater and rare sceneries of the Yellow Sea harmonizes 2km-long white-sand beaches and natural pine forest to be great for family pi...
[Seung-Bok Lee Memorial Hall]
Where Lee had to sacrifice his youth crying I hate Communists! You can feel the desperate cry of Seung-Bok Lee reminding you of the cruelty of ideologies that resulted in the division of Korea. ...
[Gyebang Mountains]
In Gyebang Mountains, the ecstatic snow-covered views of winter continue to early March to attract more mountain hikers. Nodong Valley flowing from Gyebang Mountains is well-known for deep valleys ...
[Baesan Fortress Ruins]
Although we do not know when Baesan Fortress of Yeonju, Busan was built exactly, it is assumed to have been built by the native powers before the rule of Shinra Unification.
[Farm Experience ]
Would you like come to our village to blow away the broken hearts, polluted air, noise, stress and physical fatigue of the busy urban life? As Gyebangsan Village is near various leisure sports and...
[Mountain Hiking]
Happiness of Mountain Hiking Men have known the beauty of nature since long time ago. Korean-type tracking course refers to moderate slopes where many people can easily pass, pollution-free regio...
[Janggok Temple]
Located in the southern slope of Chilgap Mountains, it is said to have been established by Priest Chejing in 850 B.C.E (12th year of the reign of Shinra King Munseong), and has underwent many reconstr...
[Chilgap Mountains]
Chilgap Mountains is a 561m-high noted mountain with variously-sized summits and valleys and the naturally luxuriant forest. It was appointed a provincial park on Mar 6. 1973 and covers 32.542 of la...
[Oncheon River Citizens Park]
Ocheon River sourcing in the valley below Gyemyeon Summit by Beomeo Temple of Geumjeong Mountains passes Geumjeong-gu, Dongrae-gu and Yeonje-gu to flow about 14.1km and meets Suyeong River around Suye...
[Chilgap Mountains Natural Forest]
Chilgap Mountains Natural Forest was established in 1990 by reviving the 70-wide luxuriant natural forest. As todays pollutions threat the life environment, Chilgap Mountains Natural Forest was c...
[Sanggap Reservoir]
The waves of Sanggap Reservoir as calm as its depth represent the quiet and pure hearts of the villagers. Surrounded by beautiful mountains, it reminds us of a deep Utopia where the wizards live.
[Hanil Bank Ganggyeong Branch]
This building was established Hanho Agricultural and Industrial Bank in 1905 with the capital of 500,000 Hwan (Korean currency of the time). As Japan renamed it Chosun Industrial Bank after the colon...
[Yellow Earth Dying Experience]
Yellow Earth Dying Experience has recently been popularized as it can be enjoyed easily without special knowledge. Yeongjeon Yellowcher Village has well-organized facilities for this program, so yell...
[Apply for Experience Tour]
The agricultural experience tour to Cheongryang Mountains Binari Village reminds you of a childhood memory of your grandmother's. You can feel the excitement of farming in a clean environment.
[Namildang Eastern Medicine Pharmacy]
The building prospered when the lower markets of Ganggyeong flourished as it is located in the center of markets. It is the only existing building among those in the photograph of Ganggyeong markets ...
[Bugok-ri Methodist Church]
The early form of church architecture was mostly Korean style as it was settling as a missionary activity. As most Fathers and Pastors were westerners, they started to feel uncomfortable in Korean-st...
[Sir Gwang-Jo Jo Memorial Monument]
To admire Sir Gwang-Jo Jo (Pen name: Jeongam) (14821519) who was exiled to Neungseong due to the Massacre of Scholars of 1519, this monument was erected. It is a monument erected at a place of exile...
[Gaya Mountains Wild Flower Botanical Garden]
Gaya Mountains Wild Flower Botanical Garden is aiming to systematically organize the information on the preservation and development of wild flowers and vitalizes the community economy by increasing t...
[Camellia Forest]
Camellia Forest of Maryang-ri blooms extraordinarily red blossoms from Mar to Apr. At this time, the villagers open Camellia/Squid Festival at the parking lot by the admission booth to the forest w...
[Saeteo Farm]
It is a 33acre-wide organic sweet potato production complex that is Koreas first no-chemical certified producer. Backed by cool oceanic wind and yellow earth, high-quality organic compost is self-pr...
[Gapa Theme Experience]
Chilgapsan Gapa Village, the village of beautiful hills, has Three Beauties: beauty of heart experience through ecologies and farm experience; beauty of body experience through dying experience;...
[Cheongryang Temple]
Story of 'Cheongryang Temple' by a Priest who Drives a Cultivator Cheongryang Temple is a 1000-year-old temple established by Great Priest Wonhyo in 663 (3rd year of the reign of Shinra King Munmu). ...
[Persimmon Collecting, Dried Persimmon and Persimmon Vinegar Making, Painted Maple Sap Collecting]
The experience activities of Wanju Gamgol Village make you love Koreas farm products by sharing the hardships of harvesting and feel the nostalgia of your hometown. In autumn, you can enjoy persimmo...
[Bongdae Mountains Hiking Course]
Bongdae Mountains located in Yongjeong-ri, Hyeongyeong-myeon is the old home of Ongsan Beacon. Hyeongyeong established a pavilion and a gym on the peak of Bongdae Mountains in 2000 to form a recreati...
[Gaya Mountains]
Located at the southern end of Baekdu Mountain Chain as one of the 8 Korea's best views with numerous attractions and tangible cultural assets, Gaya Mountains is a noted mountain of Yeongnam, the cent...
[Unam Mountains]
Unam, Unjang, Jungsu, Gyeongok and Yeonseok Mountains surrounding the village are Koreas leading markets. Each mountains and summits are so unique that many mountain hikers from all around the count...
[Jungwon Mireuk-ri Temple Ruins]
Mireuk Grand Temple that is assumed to have been built in early Koryo Dynasty was lost during the Mongolian invasion during the reign of Koryo King Gojong. Today, only the 5-level Stone Tower (95th T...
[Daea Arboretum]
Daea Arboretum with Koreas largest Dicentra Field is crowded with people from all around the country every year. Dicentra that blooms from late April, adds wondrousness to the gardens. There is a t...
[Euncheon Valley]
Euncheon Valley, Unjangsang Valley and Daea Reservoir add their elegance with the greens of summer and the sounds of nature. They are must-visit markers of our village. Every summer, numerous visito...
[Seoun Mountains Hiking Course]
Hugged by calm geography of the mountain with the height of 547m above sea level and almost no rocks, it is very suitable for a leisure hiking for the whole family. There are many cultural remains...
[Great Tidal Wetlands]
Muan Tidal Wetlands forming 35.6-wide wetlands in Hyeongyeong-myeon and Haeje-myeon was appointed Korea's first Marsh Protection Zone by Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries for originality and...
[Ganggyeong Labor Union]
As the fishery products of 1920s were mostly distributed to the inland Ganggyeong Port, the scale and power of their Labor Union was significant. Ganggyeong Labor Union was a single local organizati...
[Apple Collecting & Village Guardians]
Along with the sightseeing of Juwang Mountains, you can collect and taste the environmentally-friendly apples at nearby orchards and purchase them at low prices.
[Acanthopanacis Cortex Extraction]
Sinsun Village that is still maintaining its looks as a mountain village is also preserving all of its traditional culture and the visitors can experience various experiences. In June and October,...
[Architectural History]
The modern architectures of Ganggyeong have been erected from late 1900s as the bank revetment of Ganggyeong River was completed. As the business city, the downtown was composed of various shops, fi...
[Manhae Village]
In order to admire the literature, idea of liberty, idea of innovation and idea of nationalism of Priest Yong-Un Han who is a nationalist and the leading poet of Koreas literature, Manhae Village of ...
Rafting is a leisure sports of going down the fast current or waves of a river on a PVC or rubber boat as a group. Rafting for 2~3 hours will wipe away your fear against waters, train your physical s...
[Hangye Fortress]
As the visitors to Oeseorak visit Seorak Mountains through Sinheung Temple, those to Naeseorak visit Naeseorak through Baekdam Temple. Located in Yongdae-ri, Buk-myeon of Inje, Baekdam Temple is the ...
Sinsun Village has various natural attractions such as various hiking courses, Hwanseon Cavern, Maengbang Beach and Haesindang Park. 1st Course: ...
[Daejeon Temple]
Story of Daejeon Temple that started a fire when a well was dug. Daejeon Temple that is over 1,000 years old delivers an interesting story along with the legend of Juwang Mountains. In Dajeon Temp...
[Cheolcheon-ri Seven Buddha Images]
There are Seven Buddha Images, Stone Buddha Statue, Manho Pavilion, Mireuk Temple and Stone Buddha at Cheolcheon-ri around Bonghwang Hwangto Village of Naju.
Sinsun Village has various natural attractions such as various hiking courses, Hwanseon Cavern, Maengbang Beach and Haesindang Park. 1st Course: Jungma-eup Halbaji Geumseongmoegi Pine Fore...
[Home of Yong-Won Kim]
It is combined residential building designed and constructed by a Japanese architect. Constructed by using elegant and delicate lumbers collected from Baekdu Mountains, it displays a relatively high-...
[Woldu Park]
Woldu located in Yongjeong-ri of Hyeongyeong-myeon was named after its geography that resembles an egg. In ebb tides, the sea is divided as far as Dodang Island. The 350-year-old Japanese Black Pine...
[Beobsu Temple Area]
Gaya Mountains is well-known as Koreas major Buddhist culture remains. In Gaya Mountains, we can taste the essence of the Buddhist culture of Shinra Unification Period through Beobsu, which had a 1,...
[Oncheon River]
Sourcing from Geumjeong Mountains (801m), the guardian mountain of Busan, flows through Geumjeong-gu, Dongrae-gu and Yeonje-gu to combine many tributaries including Geoje Steam into Suyeong River.
[Nonsan Strawberry Experience]
Pollution-free Nonsan strawberry experience opening from every Dec to May allows you to participate in the method of producing strawberries with Korea's first method of using natural enemies. The str...
[Birth-home of Queen Gongye]
Queen Gongye was the queen of Koryo's 17th King Injong. She was born in Dangdong Village, Okdang-ri, Gwansan-eup, Jangheung in 1109. Born in Lim Family, she is the only daughter of Won-Hu and only gra...
[Minae Bridge]
Although most old bridges were built in Seouls palace or at the entrance of temples, Minae Bridge was built by the cilivians to vitalize the distribution of goods for their own benefits. Also, as bu...
Sinsun Village has various natural attractions such as various hiking courses,Hwanseon Cavern, Maengbang Beach and Haesindang Park. 1st Course: Jungma-eup Halbaji Geumseongmoegi Pine Forest ...
[Traditional Games]
You can experience Korean traditional games at Gimje Mother Village. By playing the folk games such as see-sawing, top-spinning, stick-hitting, shuttlecock-kicking, marble playing, horse-riding, mo...
[Bunting Park]
Mireuk is only 694.5m high, but the ridgeline course and the charming rock cliff course give mood and fun to the mountain hiking.
[Palgoe Pavilion]
Palgoe Pavilion was established by Uam Si-Yeol Gong during the reign of Chosun King Injo. It was used to admire Sir Toegye Yul-Gok Lee and to lecture the scholars and pupils of the time. When Sir Ja...
[Mireuk Mountains]
Mireuk is only 694.5m high, but the ridgeline course and the charming rock cliff course give mood and fun to the mountain hiking.
[Imi Pavilion]
Imi Pavilion was established by Sagye Jang-Saeng Kim in the 4th year of the reign of Chosun King Injo to lecture the pupils and was originally called Hwangsan Pavilion. According to Imi Pavilion reco...
[Geumgu Confucian Temple]
The main building of Geumgu Confucian Temple was established 2km east from Dongheon, Geumgu in 1390 (2nd year of the reign of Koryo King Gongyang), but was burned down during the Japanese Invasion of ...
[Cheongsong Folk Museum]
By examining, studying, preserving and exhibiting the folk culture of Cheongsong, we help the visitors understand the formation of native cultures and have a social education site and rest place aimin...
[Deogu Pavilion]
A pavilion was built in 1865 (2nd year of the reign of Chosun King Gojong) as a training course of traditional archery and was named Deogu Pavilion. Deogu Pavilion records state that the meaning of ...
[Juwangsan Ice-wall Climbing Contest]
Adventure and Thrill The artificial ice-wall located in Ice Valley is the masterpiece of the clear winter climate of Cheongsong and is the best ice-wall climbing place in Korea with 62m height and ...
[Nakdong River and Rafting]
Thrilling Rafting Down the Rapid Streams of 'Nakdong River' Nakdong River Rafting starts from where the upstream of Nakdong River and Ungok Stream meets. Many people come to experience Nakdong River...
[Juwangsan National Park]
Juwang Mountains (720.6m) is located in the ranges of Taebaek Mountain Ranges that form the backbone of Korea and borders Cheongsong and Yeongdeok of Gyeongbuk. It was appointed a national park on Ma...
[Jusan Reservoir]
Jusan Reservoir has never become dried for over 170 years even in the longest droughts. Since today, it has never exposed its bottoms and as 150-year-old Korean weeping willows and about 30 Salix gla...
[Jungnim Lecture Hall]
A lecture hall was built in 1626 (4th year of the reign of Chosun King Injo) and was named Hwangsan Lecture Hall after enshrining Munseonggong Yulgok I Lee and Mungangong Ugye Hon Seong. The Confucia...
[Oseong Mountains]
There are tombs of five saints on top of Oseong Mountains. These tombs deliver the spirits of Oseong Mountains where the souls of the Five Elders is still vibrant. Also, nobody can say they have vis...
[Geum River]
Geum River is the 6th longest stem of water in Korea and is 3rd largest in South Korea following Han River and Nakdong River. There is a river-mouth bank at the downstream of Geum River and is known ...
[Migratory Birds Observatory Deck]
Migratory Birds Observatory Deck located in the migratory birds habitat of Geum River is where you can thoroughly observe the migratory birds and Geum River. In winter, you can visit the indoor exhi...
[Themed Travel]
Gochang Dolmen Site that is registered as Worlds Cultural Asset; Seonun Mountains, the symbol of prevention is better than cure; 1000-year-old Seonun Temple; old house and Pansori (Korean Story-tel...
[Tidal Wetlands Experience]
Tidal Wetlands Experience is for urban dwellders to feel the exotic atmosphere of seas and tidal wetlands and to learn about the nature and the ecologies of the wetlands. There are various courses an...
Gochang has Gusipo Beaches and Dongho Beachs, both recognized in Jeonbuk. Both display the magnificence of the sunset of the Yellow Sea and the endless sand beach and moderate depth of water make the...
[Seonun Mountains Provincial Park]
Seonun Mountains Provincial Park that is called Naegeumgang of Honam is Korea's well-known tourists' attraction with its heavenly natural environments and sceneries. There are temples, various cultur...
Ganjeolgot of Seosaeng-myeon, Ulju is where the sun of the New Millenium rose the earliest (Jan 1. 2000 07:31:7) in Korean Peninsula and Eurasia Continent. Jinha Beaches with 2km-long and 96,000m-wid...
[Chaeun Mountains ]
It is appointed as a townspeoples physical exercise park and has PatriotsAdmirable Monument (1975) to commemorate 37 patriots including Saeng-Gon Kim who defented the mountain as a civilian during K...
[Nonsan ganggyeongport cybertown]
Ongnyeo Summit has beautiful scenery with the formation resembling an elegantly sitting beautiful lady. With a hundreds of years old zelcova tree, the scenery is very beautiful. It is well-known as ...
[Donghak Memorial Park]
To commemorate the history of Donghak Troop's defeating the governmental troop crying for anti-West and anti-Feudalism on Apr 21. 1894, Donghak Memorial Park was organized by a nationwide fund-raising...
[Saebat Valley]
Sobaeksan Sanchon Villages Saebat Valley is a naturally-formed recreational area with the purely pure water veins flowing in the deep valleys of Sobaek Mountains. It is an optimum recreational area ...
[Yowol Pavilion Garden]
It was constructed by Gyeong-Woo Kim (1517~1559) who served as a governmental official during the reign of Chosun King Myeongjo, so he could live with the mountains and waters to enjoy poetry in his l...
[Environmental Farm Experience]
The environmental farm experience of Yongho-ri will include weekend farm, organic farming experience, farm homestay and Yongho-ri school of nature. It will be programmed to teach the value of farm ho...
[Yonghwa Mountains]
Yonghwa Mountains rising 853m above sea level is the most noted mountain of Hwacheon. It is the sacred mountain of Hwacheon residents and is very popular for the daily hiking course. It was named Yo...
[Paro Lake]
Paro Lake is an artificial lake that was made by the hydraulic power generator constructed at Guman-ri by the Japanese aiming to attack China in 1938. It was named by Korea's former president Seung-M...
[Hyundai Samho Heavy Industry ]
Hyundai Samho Heavy Industry specializes in shipbuilding and maritime construction. As Koreas one-and-only shipbuilder, they are ranked in 5th place worldwide.
[Yeongam Embarkment Hairtail Fishing]
Due to the Yeongsan River III-1 Zone General Development Project of December 1993, fishing of Yeongsan River is only available on boats in open seas. However, Yeongam Emparkment (2.2km) connecting Sa...
[Yeongsan Lake Agricultural Museum]
Jeollanam Province is treasuring splendid agricultural culture through its warm climate and fertile fields. Agricultural Museum was opened in 1993 to always remember the old lifestyles of our people ...
[Yurim Beaches]
>> It is at the entrance of the hiking course leading to Geomundo Lighthouse from Geomun-ri and Samho Bridge. With fine sands and stair entrance, it is safe for the children. They also have drinking...
[Geomun Island Tour]
Lighthouses, tombs of British soldiers, Yurim Beaches, Four-Generation Devotion and Integrity Gate of Sir Yang-Rok Kim (Pen name: Manhoe), Sir Gyureuns Shrine and Baek Island are the tourists attrac...
[Koryo Blue Porcelain Kilns]
Koryo Blue Porcelain Kilns of Gangjin are scattered in Daegu-myeon and Samgeung-ri of Chiryang-myeon. Ever since the Koryo Porcelain Kilns were exposed to the public in 1914, many scholars who are int...
[Jeolla Army Fortress Ruins & Hamel's Visit Home]
It was appointed 140th Memorial of Jeollanam Province in Mar 9. 1992 and re-appointed 397th Historical Relic in Apr 18. 1997. 93,139-wide, it is the general commander's headquarters of Jeolla Army o...
[Maritime Markers of Oidal Island]
The seaside attractions of Mokpo Yudo Laver Village include the maritime markers of Oidal Island, Daeban Beaches, Gat Rock, Goha Island and Dali Island.
[Hwajinpo lake ]
The name Hwajinpo lake is from many wild roses near the lake, which is area of 72000pyoung(238032m), girth of16km. And it is the biggest natural lake in east-sea side. On huge reed field, winter seas...
[Yongdusaji Cheoldanggan ]
It is a unique cultural asset that is appointed as a national asset in the Cheongju area. It is composed of two granite columns and 20 steel tubs
[Duc San Spa ]
The history of Duc San Spa is predicting started from 500~600 years ago according to the record of Duc Mt. Hyun Cho of Dong Kuk Ye Ji Sung Ram, and also on Duc Mt. Hyun Cho, Chung Chyung Do(Գ) of S...
[National Cheongju Museum ]
National Cheongju Museum was established in 1987 for preserving, researching, displaying and teaching cultural assets of Chungbuk Province in the east of Mt.Uam and is classified into Exhibit Hall No....
[Mt. Uam ]
Mt. Uam is included in the mountain ridge of Hannam Geumbuk Jeongmaek flowing toward the northwest from Cheonhwangbong of Mt.Sokri. The mountain ridge connecting to the east of Cheongju is Mt. Seondo,...
[Cheongju Zoo ]
It is the live education center for observing the ecology of animals through raising and displaying animals that are impossible to see usually in the wild.
[Daecheong Dam]
As composite-type dam composed of concrete dam and zone fill dam of height 72m and length 495m crossing over the main stream of Kum River, the longest multi-functional artificial lake
[Birth-home of the president Jung-hee Park]
The president Jung-hee Park (19171979) who ran 5th ~ 9th presidency was born in this building. He was born in November 14th, 1917 between Sung-bin Park, the father, and Nam Baek, the mother. He had 5...
[Guide for Experiencing in the Neowa village]
Kumohdongchon is the valley in Mt. Kumoh located the coast of Boosang Ri, Nam Myun, Kimcheon city and Soongoh Ri, Booksam Myun, Chilgok County. It is a clean and clear valley in the southwest of Mt. K...
[Kumhwa Valley]
The upper stream of Kumhwa reservoir is called Kumhwa Valley and it is located in Kumhwa ri, Kasan myon. There were a mine named at Sohwa in the Japanes invasion period because there were lots of allu...
[General Shin Yu's relics]
As North Kyungsan province monument No. 38 (Aug.4th, 1982), it is a shrine of General Shin Yu (1619~1680) designated , under the reign of King Hyojong in the Choson dynasty.
[MengBang Swimming Beach]
This beach belongs to Mengbang Tour Zone having 7Km distance. The beach has well maintained road conditions and tourist resort construction is under work, and well known for its pure beach.
[Chun-eun Temple]
Chun-eun Temple appointed as No. 421 of historic remains Chun-eun Temple is the place where Seunghue Lee wrote Jae-wang-un-ki which is a great epic of Korean nation.
[Sooingansagi Three-Floor Stone Tower]
This Stone tower succeeds to the sculpture style of the Silla among various styles of Koryos stone tower with clearly expressing Koryo style in some parts. It has total four stones including double f...
[Yongchoo Fall ]
It is the very right place for the people who loves clear valley water and thick forest, and wants to enjoy climbing for hours. In old days, there are three outstanding and magnificent views in Anuhye...
[Hwan Sun Cave]
Once upon a time, a beautiful woman had a bath at a small pond and waterfall around candle rock right above Day-ri village.One day, village people followed her , and big rocks rolled over with thunder...
[Baekdam Temple]
Baekdam Temple is the first gate of Naeseolak. It was Hangye Temple which was constructed by Jajang in first year(647) of Shinra Jindeok Queen.It moved the place in Shinmoon King due to several losses...
[Manhae Museum]
Manhae, Han Yong-Woon is the poet who lived with religious spirit and long cherished-desire to the restoration of independence.Manhae Museum was built to memorize his racial sprit and patriotism
[Baedam Valley]
Baekdam valley that has clean rocks and stones and pure water, dense forest, has 100 water place so its name is Baekdam. Its scenery is wonderful with water where Eoreum-fish, Yeolmok-fish live and te...
[Youngdae Nature-forest resort]
It is located aroung top of the Chinbooryeng in the Taebaek Mountain Range that is the back of the Korean Peninsula and it is contiguous to 46 road that connects to National park Seolak Mt and East Se...
[Chunjangdae swimming beach ]
Chunjangdae swimming beach is able to be said as the number one sightseeing place in Seocheon-gun. Manri-po, Daecheon may occur to you normally in terms of swimming beach of the West Sea