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Theme Sightseeing [ Experience ]
[Yecheon Astro-Space Center]
Guksagol - Yecheon Astro-Space Center
[Insect Ecology Experience Cente]
Guksagol - Insect Ecology Experience Cente
[Information about Cultural Experience Program]
Information about Cultural Experience Program
[Soap Workshop / Wood Workshop]
Soap Workshop / Wood Workshop
[Traditional Boat of Daeya Island]
Traditional Boat of Daeya Island
[Introducing Local Experience]
Introducing Local Experience
[Experience of Four Seasons]
Experience of Four Seasons
[Hanwooltari Movie Village]
Hanwooltari Movie Village is the experience and training facility using closed school and is a theme facility composed of group accommodation facility, shower room, restaurant and big and small audit...
[Hanwooltari pottery and ceramics handicraft]
For adult it is the experience that reminds them of the memory of occasional playing with mud when they were children, and making their own only interior trifling articles and household items in pers...
[Hanwooltari environmentally friendly rice mud snail letting out event]
It is the experience that informs you of the importance of environmentally friendly food through mud snail letting out event which is indispensible for environmentally friendly mud snail farming metho...
[Yongpyoung Resort]
[Bongpyoung Herb Country]
Bongpyoung Herb Country is composed of 7 units of theme gardens such as Herb Garden where you can learn all about herbs, Children Garden Fragrance Garden, Shakespeare Garden, Moon Garden, Butterfly G...
[Experience of Four Seasons]
Experience of Four Seasons
[Experiences all through the year]
Experiences all through the year
[Wind Village Experience]
Euiyajee Wind Village is the village that is the farm sightseeing village which the domestic and foreign tourists of about 80 thousand persons per annum visit and is the village of diverse experiences...
[Happy Island Village_Fishing experience]
here are various types of fish in the fishing spots in Jindo-gun where people from various regions can visit and fish any time of the year.
[Usan Jirungi village_experience]
It is a mountain village where agriculture and forestry are being operated together and is the pure area(chungjung area) which cultivates pyogo mushrooms and chemical-free rice.
[Muan Yaksil_Health experience]
Various programs are being operated in Muan Yaksil village and the representative progam is the well being health experience.
[Muan Yaksil_Korean-style house ]
Korean-style house is a house built with Korea's traditional construction method. The house is built with a mountain at the back and water at the front. The house is heated with ondol, which ensures w...
[Baenapple_Apple Harvesting Festival/Baenaegol Gorosoi Festival]
Apples from Baenaegol are cultivated in the non-pollutant green belt area with wide diurnal ranged environment and therefore are renown for their juiciness and strong flesh.
[Baenapple_Apple Harvesting Experience/Four season experience]
Apple harvesting experience is held every November at Baenaegol apple orchards for people to personally experience the fruitfulness of harvesting fresh apples from the trees and provide children with ...
[Deoksil_Daebong Persimmon HarvestingExperience/Chestnut Pick Up Experience/Cheese Experience]
Duksil Daebong Village operates experience events in Daebong persimmon farmlands to advertise the taste and the quality of Daebong persimmon.
[dg_Four season experience introduction]
Dukgo village is operating farmland experience events and we are doing our best to prepare environments to provide you with the unique and sensational events
[dg_Traditional ]
For a long time, as the village of Hoengseong Cho's familty, the village emphasized the importance of the tradition and the cooperation among the villagers. There are Saeduksa which holds the monument...
[seven_Experience introduction]
Various spring experience events are prepared such as making ginseng pot, planting organic vegetables, planting potato and planting corn
[Yemil Grape experienc]
You can experience the spring of Yemil grape village based on the collecting of spring herbs.
[Yemil Grape experience]
Various experience programs and agriculture markets are being promoted through the holding of grape festival. Also, the village has the appropriate characteristics that fulfill the modern people's nee...
[bidangang_Bidangang Ummabab]
The place where Bidangang forest village experience center used to be called Jumak(inn) road.
[bidangang_Lodging experience]
With Bidangang and Bonghwasan as the background, you can feel the humane warmth of the villagers. There are facilities such as a large parking lot and water supply where you can relax and experience ...
[bidangang_Suduri culture festival]
Based on the magnificent views and the restored cultural resources of Bidangang forest village, we have prepared unique experience programs for the villagers and the modern people to form harmony.
[bidangang_Farm experience]
You can experience various tasks of farming in Bidangang forest village.
[bidangang_Special local product processing experience]
Traditional farming and fruit cultivation are actiely being executed in Bidangang forest village.
[Forest Leports Experience]
Muddy road walking competition with barefoot and dawn hiking courses using the walking raout og Bonhwasan
[bidangang_Forest leports experience]
You can experience various healthy programs within the nature of Bidangam forest village.
[ant_four season experience]
Gaemideul village - with the scenary that is as beautiful as Kelim of China - is full of events during the whole year.
[ant_Gaemideil experience]
Nakdong-2-ri Nam-myun Jungsun-gun Gangwon(all round Gaemideul village)
[Digging Sweet Potato]
It Is an experience for visitors available to join all family members to dig sweet potato , getting to be an important food, by themselves and eat it.
[Digging Peanut]
It is an experience to find the sacredness of labor in the nature Visitors can come to have the interest in the food, the basic element for human being’s existence, and enjoy the pleasure of harvest ...
[Picking up Apple]
As a apple has affluent of vitamin and mineral, so it is a indispensable fruit for health as much as being said “ No doctor with one apple everyday” in the USA. As the apple produced in this village ...
[Experience of 4 Seasons ]
exp_spring.jpg Spring ◎ Place: Boundary of Samwonsu Yakcho village ◎ Period of event : Spring ◎ Contents of vent : ▪ Experiencing Hoedaji song▪ Playing Jigeongdaji ▪ Digging medicinal herb▪ Di...
[Experience of Hoedaji Song ]
Hoedaji Song was sung by the labors collectively who were working to level a site of house or to tramp the soils after descending coffins in the grave. The original purpose of this song was to dec...
[Introduction of 4 seasons Experience]
Introduction of 4 seasons experience
[Experience of Jangjeolgong]
Introduction Special experience available only around the boundary of Sung Gyeom Shin, a great loyalist, in Jangjeolgong village
[Experiencing the Culture of Farming Village. ]
The water of Jeju, a volcanic island surrounded by the sea perfectly, is mostly penetrated into underground through lava, and then springs out in the seashore. So it is very important to prevent this ...
[Experience of Traditional Culture]
It is a program to experience the clothes, food, dwelling that were formed based on the agricultural culture of Jeju, a volcanic island. The ancestors of Jeju people had a different living culture an...
[Experiencing the culture of Prehistoric ages ]
How did Jeju people survive? How did the people in Prehistoric ages make clothes? What recipe did they enjoy? How did they build house? It’s the program to experience the living of people in the Preh...
[Experience the Culture of Ecosystem ]
In the process of experiencing Jeju Natural Ecosystem & Culture Village performed in this village, many persons including principal of this village, a commentator for Jeju cultural heritage, help visi...
[4 Seasons Experience]
4 Seasons Experience
[Experience of Waterside Excursion in Geomryongso]
It is an experience to enjoy lively a water excursion in Geomryongso, the starting point of Hangang This festival prepares some interesting games including blowing balloon with water bigger to the ...
[Experience (chestnut, acorn collecting experience, fishing experience, pottery experience)]
Chestnut, acorn collecting experience There are so many acorns and chestnuts in the pure region Yeoncheon ~ Collect chestnuts, and eat tasty roast chestnuts ~ Doesn’t your mouth water already? T...
[Mulmam Gallery]
Mulma gallery was opened for the purpose of a private exhibition on the performance of traditional ceramic ware and located in Seowon 2Ri, Buknae Myun, Yeoju Gun, Gyunggi Do.
[Gana Farm]
A place with full of beautiful wild flowers!! Gana farm
[Experience of Farming Village ]
Experience of the traditional process of producing rice with all visitors … Experiencing farm village!
[Experience guide]
* Nature experience in our farm community  A light departure in farm community  Farm harvest experience, food cooking experience  Preferred programs for each season  Memory-related programs ...
○ Main content of events - Name of farm : Ggotdaraengi - Home page : - Address : Whajeon Ri, Youngmun Myun, Yangpyeong Gun Gyunggi
[Soap-making experience]
Make soaps ~ It serves double purpose of thinking about the environment and enjoying the experience. Make your own unique pretty and fragrant soap ~~
[Grape-picking experience]
To add more enjoyment to your travel, Gapyung Grape-Scent Village holds a grape-picking event in our grape farm. Have a unique experience rare in cities with you lover, family and other beloved people...
[Bidoolginang experience]
Traditional and natural bean paste making experience program.
[Salt field experience]
- Bi-geum Rock Salt Village is a pure region without any pollution, which produces good-quality rock salts. In particular, the salt field experience carried out in the village can be enjoyed with chil...
[Boat fishing experience]
Boat fishing experience can be enjoyed in all four seasons, and at Sokdong Tideland Village a variety of fish are caught each season. In spring black porgies are caught a lot, in summer mullets, in au...
[Tideland Village]
Sea fishing experience can be enjoyed in all four seasons, and at Sokdong Tideland Village a variety of fish are caught each season. In spring black porgies are caught a lot, in summer mullets, in aut...
[Tideland Experience]
Hongseong-gun Sokdong Village Tideland is a tideland a vigorous ecological system going on, where sand full of nutritions is mixed with the tideland.
[Introduction of the experience of 4 Seasons ]
Traditions are still alive in this village with many sightseeing resorts including Yacheonsa and Yakcheonjeong available to enjoy Korea’s flavor, and the chances to experience these are performed thro...
[Introduction of experiencing Yakcheon ]
“Is east window bright? Skylark is singing” This verse, too familiar with Korean, was created by Gu Man Nam, Yakcheon, and had a deep relation with this village. He was an excellent officer under kin...
[Sea experience]
Haenam Ttangkkeut (southernmost end of Korean peninsula) Songho Village provides a sea experience at Songho beach that has beautiful old pine trees to give an enjoyable time to family unit tourists.
The experience of Ceramic Art in Daeam village provides the chance to feel ancestor’s excellent artistic sense and their mind through actual touching on soil with smelling the fragrance of soil and gl...
[In-jeol-mi making experience]
The In-jeol-mi making experience in our village is where you make the In-jeol-mi which our parent used to make for us when we were young. You can learn the process of making sticky in-jeol-mi, and can...
[Chamdaarae_All schedules for experiencing village, Experience of Chamdarae ]
Various experiencing courses available throughout 4 seasons are being performed in this village surrounded by Mountain and sea. In Spring, the experience of observing wild flower, the experience of p...
[Sweet potato digging experience]
Tools : Hoe, basket Sweet and tasty sweet potatoes. It is an experience of digging sweet potatoes from the ground, unlike other crops that normally grow on trees or above ground. It is a fun activit...
[Horse riding experience]
Horse riding experience Greetings to all lovers of horses and nature Horse riding is a whole body exercise that helps correct bodily development through enhancement of balance and flexibility and ...
[Sea experience]
- Sea experiences of Goheung Sin-gi Turtle Village include mainly the fishing experience and the ark shellsurf clam digging experience that utilizes the village sandbank. The barge fishing and rock f...
[Educational experience]
- Experience programs of Sin-gi Turtle Village consists of mainly educational experience, sea experience and farm experience, and they are composed of optimum locations in which you can experience eve...
[Cheese Experience]
Cheese Village offers special experience events throughout the year for healthy body, energetic spirit, and clean environment. Visitors experience the fact that the cheese they make is more delicious...
[Field Experience]
At Goindol Park, try making ropes and bags with straw and experience how to pull yarns on the spinning wheel. Also, dye your clothes in yellow earth and pound the rice cake dough to make delicious...
[Family Farm Experience]
As a town of yellow earth, Gochang-gun makes a large amount of profit by cultivating Bokbunja, watermelon, and peanuts in its yellow earth fields. A spoonful of yellow earth has about 0.2 billion mi...
[Food Experience]
Bugok 1000top Village produces eco-friendly farm produce that are mostly chemical-free. Therefore, there are many kinds of eco-friendly foods to eat throughout the year. In spring, you can gather mo...
[Traditional Culture]
The most special experience of Bugok 1000top Village would be stone tower building. Devote yourself in placing the rocks one by one. You will learn perserverence and feel the sense of accomplishment...
[Farm Experience]
In the farm, you can make beautiful memories throughout the year. You can plant potatoes or sweet potatoes and harvest them when they are fully grown.
[Ecological Experience]
It is very important for growing children to learn about the nature. At Bugok 1000top Village, children from urban areas can experience and learn about the nature. They can observe the tadpoles befo...
Haenam still has 49.2㎢ tidelands and about 250㎢ reclaimed lands. The tideland at Bukpyeon-myeon of Haenam is particularly popular. The COD purification analysis of tideland proved that this tideland...
[Swimming Pool]
The swimming pool is located between the nearby valley and natural forest. It makes you feel free and restful in the middle of the forest.
[Raft Experience ]
This experience program allows you to ride a raft on Nam River and explore the footsteps of the volunteer troops.
[Fishing Experience]
Chujado Island is famous for boat fishing and Gaetbaui fishing. As Chujado Island is distant from the mainland and surrounded by deep seas, boat fishing is impossible even when it is only slightly w...
[Farm Experiences]
Farm Experiences
[Gathering Herbs]
Baekdu Village offers a unique experience of herb gathering.
[Leisure Experience]
You can enjoy riding a donkey-pulled flower wagon or a bicycle amongst Baekdu Village’s beautiful landscapes.
[Haedam Experiences]
Traditional games (Jegi, hoop, Korean see-saw, Yut, etc)
[Injin Mugwort Taffy Experience]
Haedam Village’s Injin mugwort is known as the best mugwort in Korea.
[Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter]
Mini Samgut experience
[Seasonal Experiences]
Environmentally-friendly farming: hand-planting, duckling method
[Omi Experience School]
After its shut down in 2004, Omi School was renovated into an experience school.
[Fly Fishing]
Deokpung Valley and Gagokcheon is full of mountain trout, Chinese minnow, freshwater eel, and catfish that only live in Class 1 clean water.
[Survival Game]
At Punggok Village, you can experience the thrill of survival game.
[Unbaengigol and Eomnamugol]
Umbaengigol used to be abandoned as unused farms and fields, but the farms were reclaimed for iris and rush cultivation and to establish an eco pond.
One of Baekmiri Village’s great attractions is fishing in the sea. Baekmiri Village offers fun sea fishing any time of the year and Baekmiri’s open seas make a good fishing ground throughout the ye...
[Tideland Experiences]
There are many clams, worms, octopuses, and unknown maritime organisms living in the tidelands. The endless tidelands nearby Baekmiri Village serve as an important course of resources for the local p...
[Dano Experience]
In Korea, the dates where two numbers overlap, such as March 3, May 5, June 6, July 7, and September 9, were believed to be full of good energy.
[Samcheonryang Experience]
Just like Jejudo Island is famous for three things, Haesari Village has three major specialties
Haenam still has 49.2㎢ tidelands and about 250㎢ reclaimed lands. The tideland at Bukpyeon-myeon of Haenam is particularly popular.
[Water Experience Pool]
The swimming pool is located between the nearby valley and natural forest. It makes you feel free and restful in the middle of the forest.
Experience a beautiful world of straws at Chorok Craft Experience. The useless straws transform into shoes, ropes, bags, and rugs. You can take home anything you create.
[Chorok Taste]
Although Chorok Bibimbab is a humble dish just like the one your grandmother used to make, it can satisfy your hunger away from home.
[Chorok Experiences]
Draw beautiful pictures in the nature. All you need is pretty flowers and grass. Use real plants to draw the nature. You can even take home what you make here.
[Traditional Home]
Traditional home experience is held at the traditional home of Su Hyun Baek. This traditional building was built in the 1890s, and children can learn about the structures of old homes and the lifesty...
Sculpture experiences are mostly provided for families. Sculptures are made using wood, as well as other materials such as soap, clay, and plaster.
[Dairy Processing]
Mengol Village’s dairy processing experience allows its participants to make cheese, yogurt, and ice cream by the pasture.
[Seasonal Experiences]
Collecting spring greens (aralia shoots, fernbrake), planting sweet potatoes/potatoes, planting Italian millet/Indian millet, making shows, thatch, and egg carriers with straws, crossing stone bridge,...
[Natural Experiences]
Through 9majigi Village flow the clean waters of Yongchu Valley, one of the eight views of Gapyeong. This place is very popular in the summer time because everyone can enjoy the clean waters. Bathe ...
[Farm Experiences]
Picking apples Participants experience apple picking, apple eating, and selecting good apples (by measuring sweetness). Families can gather around the orchard to experience nature along with the swe...
[Steamed Bread]
Steamed Bread Experience
[organic farming experience]
The Kimchi-making day of the winter was a precious cooperating culture where the neighbors gathered to make healthy food for their families and shared their love and friendship.
[Odokttegi Experience]
Experience the 1,000-year-old Odokttegi (Visit the training center to learn Odokttegi and try singing Odokttegi while planting seeds in the fields.)
[Farm Harvest Experience, Hand Tofu Making, Soybean Paste Making]
Experience harvesting fully grown farm produce and learn the preciousness of each food item you eat everyday.
[Waterside Experience]
Enjoy various waterside experiences throughout the year, such as water sports and fishing of Crusian carp, leather carp, pond smelt, and mountain trout.
[Winter Exchange]
Learn to build friendship and have fun in the nature. Spin tops on frozen rivers and participate in various folk games, such as Tuho game, Yut game, and kite flying.
[Autumn Experience]
Make soybean paste using clean soybean from Woncheon-ri.This is a good experience in which children can learn about Korea’s foods and culture, while cooking and taking the cooked food home.
[Summer Experience]
Come to Wonvheon-ri in June and July to experience the harvesting of potatoes, corn, and tomatoes.
[Spring Experience]
Early spring, come to Mt. Janggun to gather various mountain greens such as groundsel, mugwort, pickpurse, and fernbrake on Mt. Janggun. In this experience, you will learn their names and how to gath...
[Farm Harvest Experience Forest Experience]
Mupung-myeon, which is mostly covered with forests and fields, is preparing an experience program of farm harvest experience connected to tourism for the urban dwellers.
[Spring (Life), Summer (Energy), Autumn (Harvest), Winter (Rest)]
* Mountain berry planting/growing/harvesting/making * Mountain greens gathering * Spring wild flower experience * Cooking with mountain berries
[Soybean Paste and Straw Craft Experiences]
Each family typically make Kimchi and soybean paste for the winter around the first day of winter.
[Spring of FernbrakeCool and Freezing SummerAbundant AutumnWinter in Warm Mountain Village]
* Old Games (Jegi, Gulleongsoi Hoop, Korean-style Seesaw, Yut Game, etc) * Soft Tofu Making I (Try grinding organic soybean using grinding stones and firing Korean stove)
[Snow Blossoms]
* Snow-sledding ? snow-sledding on a raft, traditional skiing, snow-sledding on gunny bag
[Athletic Competition in the Mountains]
An experience that will remind you of the childhood athletic competition.
[Saldun Picnic]
* Bicycle trip to Saldun Village ? Ride a bicycle along Naerincheon Stream
[Wild Flower Experience, Green Tea Experience, Yellow Earth Duckling Experience, Village Festival ]
Field trip to Wild Flower Experience Center - Wild flower exhibition hall, wild flower cultivation center, and wild flower photography.
[Experiences at Gosari Village]
It is a good natural and ecological experience just to watch the evergreen Mt. Songnim and the beautiful Duam Reservoir in April.
[Digging Short-necked Clam]
Tideland is a voyage into a small yet large world. Every small living organisms of the world lives within the humid and muddy tideland.
[Sea Fishing]
Fishing is a very good leisure sports that will wipe away your stress, refresh your mind, and help you foster perseverance.
[Scuba diving ]
Scuba Diving generally refers to sports and leisure diving. Scuba particularly refers to the equipment which allows us to breathe independently underwater.
[Festivals/Events (Scarecrow Festival)]
Scarecrow Festival is held every autumn when scarecrows do their jobs most actively. Get away from your routine life and participate in our cultural festival in the nature.
[Experiential Program (Changmun Farm Culture Experience)]
Hwaseong of Gyeonggi-do has developed a cultural farm village for the urban dwellers who wish to come to a farm village and experience natural soil away from the busy urban life.
[Specialties (Rice)]
MaeHyang-ri is a farm and fishery village. Its quality rice is as popular and tasty as its seafood from tidelands.
[Specialties (Short-necked Clam and Oyster)]
The people of MaeHyang-ri pick best quality Solen strictus, short-necked clams, and oysters at the broad tideland of MaeHyang-ri.
[Experiences (Seasonal Experiences in the Farm)]
Spring: The villagers begin gathering day lily, Euonymus alatus, wild garlic, pickpurse, various mountain greens, such as Saussurea, fernbrake, Osmunda japonica,
[Four Season Experience]
Songhak-3-ri of Gangsang-myeon offers various farm experience programs, such as the sweet potato digging experience.
[Farm Experience]
Participate in various farm experience programs at Loveme Village and feel the joy in harvesting organically grown environmentally-friendly agricultural produce. We offer various seasonal experience p...
[Experience Programs]
- Mudfish Catching, Eel Catching, Persimmons Picking, Winter Icebreaking, Sledding
[Experience of Cooking Pumpkin]
When it gets cold, there are many people who catch a cold. For prevention of a cold, pumpkin juice is good. And it is also good to improve examinees’ memory and thinking power.
[Experiencing Salicornia herbacea ]
Salicornia herbacea is a halophyte that grows in the clean ocean, it is 10~30cm tall, has good tissue in the stem, cylinder shape, branches are facing each other. It is an annual plant and photosynthe...
[Collecting Painted maple sap]
You can collect the sap of the Painted maple in Namyangju, which is famous for its clean forests and tastes, and purchase the sap. .......
[Experiencing Salt Farm]
Gagok-li, which is surrounded by the sea, brought ocean water from the beginning of 1950s to produce salt, and in the end of the 1950s, they reclaimed the ocean and started to produce salt in the natu...
[Horticultural Experience ]
On the front of the Village, a large horticultural complex cultivates flower plants, ornamental plants, Hong Kong coconuts, occidental orchid, oriental orchid and wild flowers; they are available for ...
[Farming Experience]
The activities offer opportunities for families to realise the importance of farming, to relax in the beautiful nature as well as to experience the educational farming.
[Experiencing Herb]
You can learn how to use and many kinds of herbs when you walk around the herb farm. An Herb meal will increase your appetite and herb tea or herb ice cream can improve your healthy condition.
[Lotus Experience]
Various activities and programmes related to the theme of lotus refresh old memories for citizens, and give beautiful dreams to their children.
[Herb Introduction]
Herb comes from the Latin “Herba”, which means the leaves, stems, roots of plants that are used for food or for medicine or its smell or flavor is used.
You can enjoy ‘Catherine wheel, riding sled, flying kite, writing brush, picking mushroom, ice fishing, top spinning’.
This experience has one day course and one night two days course; also you need to make a reservation to enjoy the program.
This experience has a one day course and a one night two days course; also you need to make a reservation to enjoy the program
This experience has a one day course and a one night two days course; also you need to make a reservation to enjoy the program.
[Experiencing ink stone]
Making ink stone is one of the experiences that everybody can enjoy in any season. You can learn how to make the ink stone from the beginning, how to make a groove, how to carve the pattern and watch ...
[Healthy Winter Experiences]
These are experiences program that can be done in January ~ March. - Experiences of ice soccer You can experience ice soccer between January and February.
[Traditional Fall Experiences]
These are experiences program that can be done in October ~ December. - Experiences of cooking traditional foods
[Clean Summer Experiences]
These are experiences program that can be done in July ~ September. - Fishing event Fishing event using fishing nets in weekend farm (July ~ August)
[Well-being Sprig Experiences]
These are experiences program that can be done in April ~ June. - Gathering wild vegetables Events during the season gathering wild vegetables in spring (concentrative period in April)
[Experiences of fishery, a traditional culture, and ecology ]
This is a one day fishing experience riding on a two- to five-ton vessel. At dawn, the participants of this experience go to the sea with fisher men, draw the fish net that was already cast to gather ...
[Pine mushroom farms]
Young Pine Mushroom belongs to agaric family of fungus, and its acacedmic name is big agaric mushroom.
[Experiencing Naeyirang Village]
We manage a theme experience in which you can experience traditional culture and organic farming through an environmentally friendly technique.
[Kitchen Garden Distribution]
The city people who want a garden through “Naeyirang Village” homepage to cultivate something at “Naeyirang Village”, we call “Naeyirang Family”.
[Experience “GREEN”]
There are various programs for experiencing the agriculture life in our village, where mountains are beautiful and hot springs are gorgeous.
We simulate the traditional way of making rice cake using iron pot and visitors can make their own rice cakes and taste these rice cakes
[Major Experience]
Agyang Daebong Persimmon Village that has the Seomjin River and Mt. Jiri nearby gives urban residents a chance to experience in picking persimmons and chestnuts.
[Sweet Potato Digging]
Our village is very competitive with the residents voluntarily organizing a research group to develop more local specialties.
[Experiencing a mountain village]
Eomso-ri village is a development project to allow people to experience life in a mountain village and the government has invested 1.2 billion Won into the village
[Winter in Mountain]
The world is covered in whitey whites. Leave for the snow-covered winter in the mountains!! Winter in the mountains is covered in snow. You can never imagine how much snow comes down in the mounta...
[Autumn in Mountains]
Make a trip to the colorful autumn leaves in the mountains! Autumn in mountains is dressed in beautiful colorfulness. Daegiri Village’s autumn displays a peak of autumn leaves in Baekdu Great Mount...
[Summer in Mountains]
Visit the green summer in the mountains!! Greenss in the mountains see its peak in summer. Various programs await you to make your body and mind colored in the cool summer. Even when hot sunlight ...
[Spring in Mountains]
Let’s head for the spring in mountains into the arms of nature!! When the world greets a new year with the green sprouts, Daegi-ri Village makes a step closer to the nature. Feel the nature in Daeg...
[Mountain Experience School]
Feel the life of a mountainous village. Various experiences in forests, waters, wild flowers, potato fields, and with snow snows await you. Run to Daegiri Village to experience the life of a mount...
[Your Own Garden~ Hadomun Experience Farm!! ]
It is not easy to have your own garden in a city. Visit Hadomun Village and you can have your own garden for a day. Feel the pleasure of cultivating farm produce, such as cabbage and lettuce, at Had...
[Pulling Garlic Stems]
It is a good program to appreciate the eight beautiful scenes of Danyang, to examine Danyang’s six-clove garlic, and to understand the cultivation and characteristics of garlic. Danyang garlic is si...
[Sannaedle Experiences]
Small hands full of the beautiful natural colors of Bokbunja Bokbunja's contribution to our health is well-known by a funny saying, 'Eat Bokbunja and your toilet bowl will break.' If you want to lea...
Fishing is said to be a sport of patience. Away from the stressful daily lives, it is a perfect leisure sport to relieve stress and to train patience.
[Theme experiences]
Sun flower Village prepares various experience programs so that anyone can enjoy experiences of a country village anytime.
[Orchard Experience]
You can experience various plants from seeding to harvesting (products: potatoes, tomatoes, watermelons, grapes, strawberries, etc). Children can understand the nature through farming experiences and...
[Cultural Experience]
Gimje City which was part of the Byeli dynasty in the past is located at the center of Honam plain and is a traditional farming city.
[Experiences Introduction]
1. Experiencing Dried Persimmons - Picking persimmons
[Natural Dying]
An opportunity to learn about and experience natural dying. Experience: Learn about natural dying (theories) Dying (yellow earth, onion, Sappan wood, gallnut, Rubia akane, African marigold, etc)
[Cottage Experience]
Farming experience Wild Rocambole picking Wild rocambole is a very useful plant for Sansuyu Village In spring, wild rocambole can be added to a number of dishes to give the fresh delight of spring....
[Experience of Culture and Arts]
Craft: Since 1995, Professor Mun-Ho Kim, who teaches at the Fine Arts Department and the Distance Learning Center of Mokpo National University, have provided experience programs for about 3,000 partic...
The experience programs of Gimcheon include picking and tasting fresh grapes at the grape farms of Mt. Hwangak Bangok Podo Village, digging sweet potatoes, and visiting Jikji Temple and Jikji Cultural...
[Experiences with Muloe, a Type of Japanese Pickled Radish]
Experiences with Muloe, a type of Japanese pickled radish, can be found in Mokpo Jangajji Village.
Understand and learn how Korea’s traditional paper, an invaluable cultural asset of Korea, is made and feel the preciousness of Korea’s spirit and traditional culture.
[Experience Programs]
[Weekend Farm]
Weekend farm rents certain sizes of farmlands to busy modern people and allows them to plow the soils and plant seeds for harvest. Currently, Hakjeon Village uses 3,967㎡ of farmlands for weekend farm...
Strawcraft Let’s make various products out of straw, widely avialabe after the harvesting season. From straw mat, straw bag, straw basket, straw rope, and straw shoes to straw seed-bag, strawcraf is ...
[Gaemaegi Experience]
Gaemaegi (Standing Net) Experience Wolhan-ri Youth Association made a 1.2km-long net across the wetland and allows the visitors to catch fish with bare hands.
[Harvesting Experience]
Harvesting Experience You can join the harvest of agricultural produce that are grown in the Borigoge Village. Enjoy the joy of harvest through this activity. Herb-gathering, sweet potato-digging, c...
[Fruit Farm Experience]
Peach-picking Peach-picking period : End of Jlut ? end of August In the Borigoge Village, you can experience the fun of picking peaches that are harvested in winter. Friendly farmowners will guide y...
[Gaetheok Ricecake]
Gaetheok Ricecake: Method of mixing buckwheat power with honey water and drying it nautrally in wood fire is recorded as dry bread in Jeongbosanrimgyeongje. This ricecake is a traditional food of ru...
[Farm Experiences]
* Folk Percussions Playing folk percussions is an effort to discover and vitalize disappearing cultures of Korea. Dongdong Village makes efforts to contribute to the vitalization and preservation o...
[Picking wild greens]
From mid April to May, this clean village is all busy picking wild greens. The first to spring up are asters and aralias followed by day lilies, wild asters, brackens, pimpinella brachycarpa, aster sc...
[A Journey to the Traditional Sounds of Namdo]
Jindo reminds people of Jindo canine and the festival of the Seaway of Wonder.
[Making Wild Grape Wine]
[Agricultural experience program]
For those who live in the city, who want to change their tiresome bodies and minds from living in the polluted air and gray skyscrapers into 'green',
[Experiences program]
▷ Spring: picking mountain vegetables, rice-planting, sawing hot peppers, and dyeing experience ▷ Summer: corn harvesting, picking potato, making acorn jelly, and dyeing experience ▷ Fall: picking...
[pine nut and herb picking]
Introduction and schedule of pine nut and herb picking experiences
[Seomjin River Nature Learning Center]
Seomjin River Nature Learning Center is emphasizing experience nature center that has graceful nature scene. This is the time that nature considers as most important thing because of industrializatio...
[Theme Experiences]
Ssukgol Expedition Meaning: Courage (99 valleys adventure) The expedition of adventure and courage to trace the village ancestors who explored the 99 valleys to gold cave!
[Forest preserve ground]
1. Giljanggun Meaning: Filial piety and honor (poles signifying prayer) With the theme of filial piety and honor appeared in the legend of Giljanggun, it gives a symbolic meaning that tourists ma...
[Ecology Study]
Madlgari ecological study field is the place to study the ecology of Madlgari Village and to learn the lives of Madlgari residents.
[Programs by each season]
List of Programs 1. Madlgari forest - study tour to ecological field 1) What is in the mountain village? 2) Outing to mountain fastness Along the Madlgari forest? 1) Sound of Madlgari forest 2) ...
[Introduction of experiences per season]
Spring - Rice-planting: transplanting rice seedlings grown on rice beds An experience of seeding: sowing the seeds of a crop in a dry field or a bed Picking spring vegetables and enjoying spring flowe...
[Julok village Theme experiences]
For experience facilities, a wild flower park, a ceramic stove, two folk play centers, five traditional cauldrons, a 7Km strolling course, four arbors, a flower road, a bird farm, an indoor education ...
[Introduction of Experiences]
Experiences: Straw Crafts Experiences Explanation: In Corea Village, you can make straw crafts directly which were used in old farm village. This is an experience program that we can make life tool...
[experience programs]
Name of the experience: Picking Sootgol Village apples Description: the Sootgol Village apples are highly sweet and visitors can
[Sootgol experience]
Name of the experience: mud snail rice Description: The duck and mud snail rice of Sootgol Village were certified as non-fertilized rice by the village residents'
[Village Experience]
There are too many locusts flying around this village, because the village never uses an artificial fertilizer for rice farming.
[Experience of slow foods, The short-necked clam , the tideland sled, and fishing]
You can catch The short-necked clams, turban shells, and common octopuses in the tideland and cook and make them pickled at the Slow Food Experiencing Center.
[Experiences of dairy farming]
Do only foreign countries make cheese and yogurt? We make those in Ginko Village!!
[Seasonal Program]
Spring Rice Transplantation Tools: a young rice, a string, high boots
[Experiencing the tradition]
Playing Yut Tools: Yut sticks, Yut plate, a straw mat
[Experiencing a farming life]
Riding a Gyeongungi(a cultivating device)
Old Gunsan Isles is the heaven of sea fishing in Yellow Sea, but was kept untouched as it is hiding behind Gyeokpo’s fishing grounds.
[Tidal Wetlands]
The Yellow Sea in Korea has very irregular coastline and great tidal differences due to its geographical traits.
[Picking Cucumber]
This is for infant, teenagers and adults, and it can be processed on spring, summer and fall.
[Experiences of traditional farming and ecology]
The experiences of Gasiri Village are mainly divided into two parts: the traditional Korean farming experience and the ecological experience using the God-blessed natural environment.
[Tidal Wetlands’ Experience]
As it is not much developed yet, it still preserves nature’s pure environment and spreads clean open tidal wetlands. It has become popular as a tidal wetlands’ experience course for families. Wouldn...
[Weekend Farm]
The Weekend Farm of Jangsu Star Village offers you to feel the coolness and warmness of skies and soils, the memories of your childhood and the love of your family. You can take an armful of spring w...
Onggi Village still preserves last nine Partition (Noburi) Kilns of Korea. By inducing modern-style steel-frame kilns, Onggi Village is trying hard to revitalize the Onggi culture by producing variet...
[Grape Collecting]
[Collecting Apple Blossoms]
The apple producers of Palyeong Apple Village located below Mungyeong Saejae Provincial Park of Juheul Mountains scheduled apple blossom collecting event. While collecting apple blossoms in the orchar...
[Tidal Flats Area Experience]
Enjoy playing in mud farm at Tidal Flats Area Experience. Tidal flats area is created by the sediments flown in by the flood tide and ebb tide where the difference between the rise and fall of the ti...
[Bottled Grapes Experience]
Yeoncheon Baekhak Information Village offers an experience program for bottled grapes.
[Tidal Wetlands Experience]
Jangyang-ri of Beolgye-eup abundantly produces various shellfish including ark shells, Jackknife clams, and cockle along with luespotted mud hopper from the broad wetlands of Yeoja Bay and provides we...
[Birth-home of Byeong-Gi Lee]
Appointed 6th Local Memorial located in Yeosan, Iksan, Birth-home of Byeong-Gi Lee (Pen name: Garam) is where he, a poet and a Korean Classical Scholar, who stabilized the foundation of Korean poetry,...
[Boat Fishing]
The best leisure sport of Juju Island is fishing on the boats. With beautiful nature and shorelines, you can enjoy it with your heart. Jeju Island has 220 kinds of costal sea fish and 40 kinds for f...
[Hoeryongpo Experience]
Spring Vacation in Hoeryongpo is a 2-day course. In the first day, we view the beautiful sceneries of Hoeryongpo around Jangan Temple and taste the food (flower cake with Korean rosebay. In the second...
[Experience Garden]
Leisurely walking around the village along the calm stream, working hard and sweating in the orchard, eating snacks under the tree shades, burning mosquito incense in the yard and observing star in th...
[Naesu-myeon, Gwangtan]
It is a freshwater exhibition center that is about 15 minutes away from the village. The almost-extinct species of fish are scientifically studied and preserved in here. It also provides adolescents...
[Nari Village Farm Experience]
You and your family can feel the warmth of farm village and spend leisure times at Nati Village while experiencing lively programs that reminds the adults with childhood memories and that allows the k...
[Farm Experience]
Buraemi Village offers various farm experience programs every season. In spring, there is rice-planting, bean-planting, corn-collecting and sweet potato gathering with the fragrance of pear blossoms;...
[Folk School of Worak]
Folk School of Worak provides urban children and elders who miss their hometown with a chance to experience the traditional cultures, so that the elders can feel the lost hometown again and the childr...
[Garlic Stem Collecting]
[Uin Pottery]
Pottery Experience Place of the Folk Village of Samsan-myeon where you can make pottery on the mills
[Hannam Tea House]
With good lodging and the tourists’ complexes along with the increasing number of tourists, the village offers an ecology experience tour for the families where they can harvest and purchase the tange...
[Weekend Farm Experience]
1. Fresh Vegetable Culturing – cabbage, eggplant, lettuce, pepper 2. Ecology Experience in melon fields
[Wild Flowers Experience]
Wild Flowers refer to the plants worth cultivating among those growing in fields and mountains and are also called field flowers. Wild flower enthusiasts of our village established a wild flowers far...
[Day on Farmland]
Dongchang Village is a clean farm village that provides various experience programs such as Day of Duck Method Rise Cultivation, Making Wine and Observing Constellations to make opportunities to bring...
[Apple Gathering Experience]
In order to introduce the superior quality and taste of Jeungsilgol Apples, the major specialty of our village, the village opens Apple Gathering Experience event during the apple harvesting season of...
[Insect Farm Experience]
In Hwangsan Village, there is a nationally-renowned insect farm. Observing the various kinds of insects is not only fun, but also good for learning the nature.
[Rice Cake Experience]
Making delicious rice cakes with your own hands will be a travel to the past for the adults and a precious learning experience of our traditional culture for the kids. Songcheon Village offers vari...
[Environmental Experience]
To organize pleasant urban environment and to solve the problems of wastes, an environmental field-trip course was formed for the students to learn the values of environments and nature in connection ...
[Farm Experience ]
Would you like come to our village to blow away the broken hearts, polluted air, noise, stress and physical fatigue of the busy urban life? As Gyebangsan Village is near various leisure sports and...
[Yellow Earth Dying Experience]
Yellow Earth Dying Experience has recently been popularized as it can be enjoyed easily without special knowledge. Yeongjeon Yellowcher Village has well-organized facilities for this program, so yell...
[Apply for Experience Tour]
The agricultural experience tour to Cheongryang Mountains Binari Village reminds you of a childhood memory of your grandmother's. You can feel the excitement of farming in a clean environment.
[Saeteo Farm]
It is a 33acre-wide organic sweet potato production complex that is Korea’s first no-chemical certified producer. Backed by cool oceanic wind and yellow earth, high-quality organic compost is self-pr...
[Gapa Theme Experience]
Chilgapsan Gapa Village, the village of beautiful hills, has “Three Beauties:” “beauty of heart experience” through ecologies and farm experience; “beauty of body experience” through dying experience;...
[Persimmon Collecting, Dried Persimmon and Persimmon Vinegar Making, Painted Maple Sap Collecting]
The experience activities of Wanju Gamgol Village make you love Korea’s farm products by sharing the hardships of harvesting and feel the nostalgia of your hometown. In autumn, you can enjoy persimmo...
[Apple Collecting & Village Guardians]
Along with the sightseeing of Juwang Mountains, you can collect and taste the environmentally-friendly apples at nearby orchards and purchase them at low prices.
[Acanthopanacis Cortex Extraction]
Sinsun Village that is still maintaining its looks as a mountain village is also preserving all of its traditional culture and the visitors can experience various experiences. In June and October,...
[Manhae Village]
In order to admire the literature, idea of liberty, idea of innovation and idea of nationalism of Priest Yong-Un Han who is a nationalist and the leading poet of Korea’s literature, Manhae Village of ...
[Nonsan Strawberry Experience]
Pollution-free Nonsan strawberry experience opening from every Dec to May allows you to participate in the method of producing strawberries with Korea's first method of using natural enemies. The str...
[Traditional Games]
You can experience Korean traditional games at Gimje Mother Village. By playing the folk games such as see-sawing, top-spinning, stick-hitting, shuttlecock-kicking, marble playing, horse-riding, mo...
[Tidal Wetlands Experience]
Tidal Wetlands Experience is for urban dwellders to feel the exotic atmosphere of seas and tidal wetlands and to learn about the nature and the ecologies of the wetlands. There are various courses an...
[Environmental Farm Experience]
The environmental farm experience of Yongho-ri will include weekend farm, organic farming experience, farm homestay and Yongho-ri school of nature. It will be programmed to teach the value of farm ho...
[Guide for Experiencing in the Neowa village]
[Theme Experience Baedam village ]
Diverse experience such as cultural experience, nature- experience, recreation, health-rest is waiting in Baedam village.Regarding of cultural experience, you will visit Manhae Museum where memorizes ...
[Arrival place of seasonal birds]
a field of reeds and a swampy land in haepyeong-myeon, Gumi-si, Gyungbuk are getting people's attention. This place goes along Nakdong river so clean river, pure sands, rich farming field and the rear...
[Field Experience of environment-friendly cultivation of peach.]
Yeoju Greentour village is the best place for experiencing the natural green and rural health with lots of farms. There are various programs for field experiences as 4 of the farms in the villages are...
[Want to be a bookman ]
Sanggeumgokri myun office 3rd floor, Yongmun myun, Yechun gun, Kyungpook
[Gohyeon Ecology Experience]
More and more parents oppose cramming education and early education, and the experience school is popular to them. The kinds of experience schools are various: catching fish in a little stream; buggin...
[Experience on duck agriculture techniques experience ]
Special experience at 38 seon village, the agricultural village, 38 seon village is one of the best place for the experience of an agricultural village because the life of the village people itself ...
[Digging Bajirak(manila clam)(Ruditapes philippinarum)(name of a shellfish) Shellfish]
When the tide is out, the wide wetland(sand-bank) appears. Clean wetland of Jebudo is a living ground for village people and a place for visitors to experience different things personally.
[Introduction of Togomi Nature School]
Togomi nature school is running various updated self-experience program as like nature experience, rural experience at the closed Sinpoong Elementary school located in Shindae-Ri.
[Porcelain Cultural Experience Tourism]
The porcelain of Korea is permeated with the sense of deep sorrow and pain (called Han), a spiritual distinctive feature of Korean history, and the porcelain is the fruit of combination of spirit and ...
It is a field of seeing our agricultural life. We can find the meaning of health, generous mind, and humor in life even though we are not rich. It was the learning place of 1970th and 1980th, and it h...
[Green Rural Experience Village]
It was a plain area with Sacheon River in the west and was a typical rural village, cultivating rice and barley. It began persimmon growing as alternative source of income through planting sweet persi...
[Park Dongjin Pansori Instruction Hall ]
It provides students and the public with summer vacation ceramic art camps, autumn camps, various kinds of cultural courses, corporate trainings, and each work division field experience education toge...
[Environment Friendly Agriculture Center]
The environment friendly agriculture center, which was built on December 2000, is a place to increase awareness of the importance of environment friendly agriculture by offering a place to experience ...
[Muddy Tideland ]
The total size of the muddy tideland in Korea is 281,540ha including 233,000ha (82,8%) along the western coast and 48,540ha (17.2%) along the southern coast, which accounts for 3% of the total land ar...
[Rural Experience Tour]
These days, it is hard to find a safe place for children to play. The Rural Experience Tour will give an opportunity for families and students to see the beauty of ecofriendly rural villages, to tou...
[Ecofriendly Experience-Based Tourist Farm]
Farms provide rural experience programs specially designed for different seasons for city residents to relieve their nostalgia for their homevillage, and for children and adolescents to experience rur...
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