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Rice Cake Experience
Rice Cake Village is well-known for its traditional method of producing rice cakes.
To participate in Rice Cake Experience, contact the village before you visit.
You can make your own rice cake using the traditional method at the very time you wanted.
It will be a travel to the past for the adults and a precious learning experience of our traditional culture for the kids.

Let’s learn to make rice cakes!
  How to make rice cakes
  1) Wash the materials.
  2) Refine the materials.
  3) Prepare rice.
  4) Mix streamed rice and mugwort.
  5) Strike the mixed rice with wooden hammer.
  6) Stuff the stricken dough.
  7) Cover the rice cakes with oil.
  8) Your Songcheon Rice Cake completed!

Contact ; Women’s Committee (T.82-33-673-8977,82-33-673-8989)

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