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Apple Collecting & Village Guardians

Apple Collecting

- Along with the sightseeing of Juwang Mountains, you can collect and taste the environmentally-friendly apples at nearby orchards and purchase them at low prices. Come with your family and spend a fun weekend at the apple orchard. The apples collected in the orchard tastes great.
- Period: October, for groups and families
- Contact: 054-873-2902 (E-mail:

Village Guardian Sculpting

ㅇWhat are Village Guardians?
Korean ancestors have erected village guardians since the ancient period of Three Empires to avoid epidemics, disasters and wars and to depend on the gods for good harvest and peacefulness and prosperity of the village.
The functions of village guardians are to protect the village as menhir, honor’s poles, stone towers, shrine trees and penis-shaped stones, to show the directions and to determine the borders of villages.
Come with your kinds to Juwangsan National Park on weekends for mountain hiking and village guardian sculpting. It will be an unforgettable memory.

Contact: 054-873-9070
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