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Family Farm Experience
○ Atone Yellow Earth Experience
As a town of yellow earth, Gochang-gun makes a large amount of profit by cultivating Bokbunja, watermelon, and peanuts in its yellow earth fields.
A spoonful of yellow earth has about 0.2 billion microorganisms and enzymes that circulate energy.  Since the old times, yellow earth has been considered a living substance and was used as medicine with special healing powers.
According to Sanhaegyeong, yellow earth heals illnesses and yellow earth water is considered the water of eternal life.
Gochang-gun’s yellow earth contains minerals, such as iron, to fight the harmful insects and diseases and enhance the sweetness of fruits.  It also emits far infrared rays to foster animals and plants.
Come to Goindol Village with your children and experience the dyeing of clothes in yellow earth, make soap with yellow earth, and enjoy a walk on the yellow earth path by the farm.

○ Experience
-   Prehistoric Farming: Straw craft (ropes and bags), yarns on the spinning wheel
-   Dyeing in Yellow Earth: Experience the wisdom of Korea and the characteristics of yellow earth (participants bring their own clothes to dye)
-   Yellow Earth Soap: Make healthy soap with natural yellow earth
-   Walking on yellow earth path; living in yellow earth hut

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