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Fishing Experience
Chujado Island is famous for boat fishing and Gaetbaui fishing.

As Chujado Island is distant from the mainland and surrounded by deep seas, boat fishing is impossible even when it is only slightly windy.  Therefore, Gaetbaui fishing on the rocks is very popular.

Every part of the island makes good fishing points.  Fishing has been done on almost every rock around the island.  If you are in time for the high tide, you can start fishing at any point.  Chujado Island is distinguished from other islands because it turns into a better fishing ground when the weather is bad.  

Black sea bream is often caught at Sajaseom, Puraengiseom, Bakmiyeokseom, Seomsaengi, Suyeongyeo, Jeongmyeongyeo, Moyeo, Saemal, Mokgae, Yeomseom, Gongyeo, and Odongyeo.  

Rock bream is caught at Jeolmyeongyeo, Diamond, Sajaduiggori, Jikgudo, and Supyeongseom.


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