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Traditional Home

Traditional home experience is held at the traditional home of Su Hyun Baek.  This traditional building was built in the 1890s, and children can learn about the structures of old homes and the lifestyles of old people here.  It is especially meaningful for children and adults who live in high-rise apartments.

The courtesy training at the traditional home emphasizes the importance of the traditional courtesy and customs of Korea.

Traditional Home of Su Hyun Baek

The Traditional Home of Su Hyun Baek, which is Historical Item No. 128, was built by Queen Myeongseong as a hideout in the late Joseon Dynasty (1870s).  This old house is surrounded by Maebongjae and its ridges.  There is a broad field in front of the house and everything around the house is surrounded by low hills.  Mt.Dorap (Mt.Dorak) is overlooking it all in the background.  There is a narrow stream by the entrance.  Korean spindle trees are planted along the stream to beautify the scenery.  
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Traditional Home of Su Hyun Baek
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Traditional Home
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