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Natural Experiences

Valley Waters
Through 9majigi Village flow the clean waters of
Yongchu Valley, one of the eight views of Gapyeong.  This place is very popular in the summer time because everyone can enjoy the clean waters.  Bathe your feet in it with your loved ones and spend a great time in the nature.  The flower gardens present beautiful background scenes all around.


 Stone Bridge

Stone bridges are laid across ditches.  It is fun to step onto these stones across the flowing waters.  Children carefully make one step at a time not to wet themselves in the water.  Go back to your childhood memories while stepping across the bridge. 



Catching Freshwater Fish
Go into the waters barefoot to catch freshwater fish with your hands.  You can even make spicy soup with the fish you catch.  Team up to catch tasty freshwater fish!  Dive into the nature at
9majigi Village.

In the nature, you can find various insects, such as dragonflies, locusts, butterflies, grasshoppers, long-horned beetles, beetles, and fireflies.  Children can have great fun looking for these insects in the nature.  Your family can learn many things and have fun at the same time in the nature. 

It is easy to see the stars in the sky at night.  If it is a clear day, appreciate the twinkling stars.  It will make a beautiful memory.  Spare some time to wish upon a star.  It will be a precious experience.
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