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Farm Harvest Experience, Hand Tofu Making, Soybean Paste Making

Farm Harvest Experience, Hand Tofu Making, Soybean Paste Making
Experience harvesting fully grown farm produce and learn the preciousness of each food item you eat everyday.
Also experience making hand tofu and soybean paste using what you harvest.


Healthy Hiking along Baekbongnyeong
Try hiking experience as a part of your health experience.
As Baekbongnyeong used to be the connector of the west and the east before the development of modern roads, it will provide you with an experience different from the usual hiking experience.
Experience how our ancestors used the path for business and exchanges.  It will be a very special experience for children or teenagers who are used to modernization.


Sinheung Nongak and Danggosa
Sinheung Nongak is a traditional culture in which a group of 40 performers are led by a leader.  Our Sinheung Nongak received the highest prize at the 2003 Nonghyup New Farmers Competition.  The Women’s Association used old flyers to make unique costumes for the performance.

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Farm Harvest Experience, Hand Tofu Making, Soybean Paste Making
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