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Sea Fishing

Fishing is a very good leisure sports that will wipe away your stress, refresh your mind, and help you foster perseverance.
Enjoy fishing aamidst the beautiful sceneries in the clean Haklim Village. You can go up the embankment or sit on the rocks by the tidelands to enjoy fishing.  The types of fish that frequently get caught here include black porgy, bass, black rock fish, and filefish.  
The anticipation while waiting for a fish to bite your bait, the feel of pulling the fish, and the sight of the endless blue seas fire up excitement throughout your entire body.  Do not forget to enjoy the delicious sashimi made with the fresh fish you catch.
A fishing line and a bowl of clam worm are all you need to sit down and fish under the lighthouse, but you will be satisfied just by looking at the blue seas and the picture-perfect islands.

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