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Experiences of fishery, a traditional culture, and ecology

Introduction of a fishery experience  

This is a one day fishing experience riding on a two- to five-ton vessel. At dawn, the participants of this experience go to the sea with fisher men, draw the fish net that was already cast to gather fish, and then cast the fish net again in preparation for the next day. They take the fish that they caught home with them.



Introduction of a traditional culture experience  

In Oido, the village residents used to make “Jongtae” to use it as a bowl for fish caught and there are many enjoyable traditional jobs in regard to salt farms because there had been many salt farms until 1995. And the fishing village cooperative developed various cultural experience programs, which give unique experiences to village visitors.

Introduction about an experience with ecology  

Oido is located in the West Sea coast. The coast is one of the four good tidelands in the world. Therefore, Oido has wide tidelands where many tideland creatures such as clams, crabs, and mollusks live. Our Oido fishing village cooperative uses various tideland creatures for this experience. Also in Oido, famous Sihwaho Lake is only three minutes far away so that environmentally friendly educational programs are viable and such educational programs are used as one of this ecological experience’s programs. For people who are not familiar with Sihwaho Lake which took about ten years to complete from 1986 to 1997, a sea-crossing sea wall made this lake and originally the water in the lake was initially intended to be used for industries and farming; however, when the construction was completed, various environmental issues broke out so that this lake gave many environmentalists and other citizens opportunities to think about our environment. Using such a natural environment, Oido is currently used for education of ecology and environment in the tideland.


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Experiences of fishery, a traditional culture, and ecology
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