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Experience “GREEN”

There are various programs for experiencing the agriculture life in our village, where mountains are beautiful and hot springs are gorgeous.

In autumn, the harvest season, we provide experience to pick apples and strawberries and it is good opportunity for children to experience the nature.

Not only you get to taste the strawberries you’ve picked by your own hand, but also, it will let your children to experience by on their own the ecology of strawberries, for those who’ve lived in cities for whole life. And also, they will get to understand by heart how much effort is put in by people and to appreciate over fruits, which until then, they only purchase them from the shop and ate so easily.

With sweet scent of fruits, you get to share friendship between urban and rural people, and it will work out as time to understand each other, and break the wall that separates between the consumer and the manufacturer.


Ganam Village will make sure you get to leave with unforgettable memories.
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Theme Sightseeing
Experience “GREEN”
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