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Farm Cultural Education Experience Introduction

Gimje City which was part of the Byeli dynasty in the past is located at the center of Honam plain and is a traditional farming city. You can see the land line here, which you can't see anywhere else in Korea, and it is well known that the people in this place are very kind. Also Gimje, which has a sad historical memory of the Japanese colonization, will provide you with good memories through the farm cultural education experience.

You can enjoy various experiences in Nampomungo which has about 15,000 books, in Jipyeongseon middle school which performs the model education, in Hakseong lecture hall which is the cradle of traditional education, in Byeokgoljae where the farm culture was born, in Arirang Cultural Hall where you can feel the stolen history, and on the Land line which you can only see here, and at the Shimpo harbor seashore.


The purpose of the Farm Cultural Education Experience Group

The purpose of this program is to help people to understand the traditional Korean culture correctly by experiencing various activities such as education, culture and history, also to help city children understand the reality of the farm by experiencing a traditional, substitution way of a variety of education.

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