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Experience of Culture and Arts

○ Craft: Since 1995, Professor Mun-Ho Kim, who teaches at the Fine Arts Department and the Distance Learning Center of Mokpo National University, have provided experience programs for about 3,000 participants a year to form and bake Muan grayish-blue-powdered celadon.  

○ Natural Dye: Opened in 2002, textile crafter Gyeong-Seon Min instructs the process of making and using yellow-earth dye and the tapestry creation.

○ Old Village School and Courtesy Class: Opened in 1995, In-Soo Park of Wolseon Village School practices the old village school education and teaches courtesy and calligraphy.  About 2,500 students participate every year.

○ Korean Painting: Since 2002, Sir Gu-Eul Jung (the head of Wolcheon-ri Artists’ Village), a Korean painter, has taught Korean painting, including the original Southern Chinese Painting.  About 800 students participate every year.

○ Teaism: Started in 1995, Professor Suk-Jeong Yoon from the International Tea Culture Department in the Distant Learning Center of Mokpo National University teaches original teaism at Wolinsanbang.  About 1,200 students participate every year.

○ Sulfuric Organic Agriculture: Since 2003, about 1,000 students a year have participated in experiencing Korea’s original sulfuric organic agriculture and in tasting the produces.  

○ Sun-Ju Lee’s Traditional Soybean Paste: Since 2002, about 1,000 students a year have participated in visiting Muan Lotus Root Soybean Paste Plant and in tasting and learning about Korea’s soybean paste.

○ Bok-Gyu Park’s Yellow-Earth House: Since 2002, about 100 students a year have participated in visiting and staying in yellow-earth house, a new form of ecological housing, and in building yellow-earth houses themselves.

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Experience of Culture and Arts
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