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Forest preserve ground


1. Giljanggun


Meaning: Filial piety and honor (poles signifying prayer)

 With the theme of filial piety and honor appeared in the legend of Giljanggun, it gives a symbolic meaning that tourists make poles signifying prayer to pray children's pass (entrance exam to university, employment etc.).


Process of forest preserve

1. Climbing

2. Sacrificial service

3. Felling: Thinning out

4. Wooden mark: Human stick

5. Downhill: Way of logs

6. Stacking on the ground

7. Carrying wood: Carrying trees with a shoulder pole

8. Stacking on house ranch

9. Making a raft of logs

10. River sacrificial service


 As what we can feel exquisiteness of the life of mountain valley, there is the experience of forest preserve. Through this, tourists can understand the lives of mountain village people. However it is hard to reproduce traditional forest preserve experiences in current circumstance as the same, so we recreated it as more modern style. Among whole forest preserve procedures, we reorganized it with addition of mountain sacrificial service, felling, downhill, carrying logs, and partaking of sacrificial food and drink.


2. Jaebok forest preserve ground


1. Sacrificial service: Hanging wish messages onto wish trees

 Sacrificial atmosphere is made by Giljanggun, totem poles meaning wealth and fortune (made of stone or wood) and poles signifying prayer and it is progressed as the form to insert paper on which people’s wishes are written into the straw festoons of shrines

2. Felling: Trimming twigs/ stacking woods onto a A-frame carrier

 Pre-selected men in advance of progress of the program experience trimming twigs with saws and women and children experience to gather twigs and dry branches by using rakes due to the problems of safety.

3.  Downhill: Sending logs far /Way of logs

 This is the experience for about 4 people to draw a log for a certain distance (about 10m) by hanging ropes to it.

The game rule is that people make up a team and the team to draw the log first is win. And the winner team gets the gift of farming products produced there.

4. Carrying logs: Carrying trees with a shoulder pole (village people)/ Carrying a A-frame carrier

In the event of carrying logs, tourists experience to carry twigs firewood (Madlgari) by using individual A-frame carrier. At this time, the A-frame carriers are divided into for adults and for children. Village people will reproduce traditional carrying logs work, so tourist will not have difficulties to understand the traditional culture.

5. Partaking of sacrificial food and drink: Making fire in the furnace and baking food.

 This is the ground that people pray good fortune with partaking food after finishing forest preserve work.

 They use the twigs gathered from the felling site by stacking them through carrying logs work in a separately prepared site and they make a fire in the stove and bake and eat sweet potatoes and potatoes etc.

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