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Porcelain Cultural Experience Tourism
 Porcelain Cultural Experience Tourism
- Let's try!
The porcelain of Korea is permeated with the sense of deep sorrow and pain (called Han), a spiritual distinctive feature of Korean history, and the porcelain is the fruit of combination of spirit and endeavor by ceramic artist.
How about being an amateur artist and get the glimpse of Korean ceramic art culture in Icheon Ceramic Village, the center of Korean earthenware.

- Experience program

Porcelain experience Porcelain theory Characteristics, history and manufacturing procedure of the Korean traditional porcelain
Kama(pottery kiln) field trip Traditional and modern kiln observation
Visiting Yojang(workshop) and exhibition Viewing practical porcelain operation and the porcelains displayed in exhibition rooms.
Spinning wheel operation Trying spinning-wheel operation under the specialist’s guide.
Making porcelain Making your own mug-cup, Dawan(clayware)
Lunch Icheon rice Extra fee necessary
Field trip to Haegang Porcelain Cultural Center Seeing Haegang, the prototype of Icheon porcelain (extra admission fee necessary)
Field trip to Icheon Porcelain Culture Center Sightseeing porcelain event (Extra admission fee necessary)
Field trip to individual exhibition center inside the village Seeing artworks in each Yojang(workshop)

Experience cost Individual Adult(15,000), Child(10,000)
Group(Over 20) Adult(12,000), Child(8,000)
Admission limit No limit
Porcelain delivery Finishing touch on your artwork is provided, inclusive of primary firing, enamel coating, secondary firing and delivery service (Delivery service requires additional expense)

Contact : Cultural Information Service Unit at Icheon City Hall

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