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Green Rural Experience Village
 Green Rural Experience Village

It was a plain area with Sacheon River in the west and was a typical rural village, cultivating rice and barley. It began persimmon growing as alternative source of income through planting sweet persimmon trees in 42Ha, 80% of its total farmland 30 years ago, according to the new trend in those times, that is, the revision of income structures. Because the village selected joint production and joint shipment methods for persimmons, in result it is considered to have high quality, having superiority in the domestic and export market and now E-commerce is being promoted through its website. Most of all, the important asset of this village is 'cooperation'. This village was selected as an informatization model village in 2002 and a green rural experience village in 2003. People of Goeup village hope to give a proud inheritance to their next generation through newly using parts of persimmon orchard and paddy fields and dry fields as weekend farms for urban travelers, using the Sacheon River, God's blessing in its natural condition, as a space of leisure and nature experience, repairing the village hall and creating a green rural experience village.The color of a sweet persimmon forest changing by season in the wide plain is another grand sight with natural and historical significance. The grand sight of Goeup village whose three sides are surrounded by sweet persimmon forests is a source of pride as much as it is published in the web site of Sacheon City Hall. It has a light green color in spring and has a dark green color in summer. As sweet persimmons, major income source of this village,  are ripening , Goeup village is surrounded by yellow color and mind of farm village is full of warm thoughts.

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Theme Sightseeing
Green Rural Experience Village
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Goeup sweet persimmon Village
Goeup sweet persimmon Village
Goeup sweet persimmon Village
Goeup Sweet Persimmon
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