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It is the season when trees and plants sprout their green seeds. Lives return to the frozen land. Make a new wish in Ssamji Village sowing seeds and playing a willow pipe.


Experience Program
rice planting, making cake with herbs, checking the original Korean name of flowers, sowing seeds, playing willow pipes, and enjoying wild flower festival


Hot Summer,Get ready for the summer in a green environment, getting out of the downtown area. Make unforgettable memory in Ssamji Village by resting in a tree shade, singing songs, and taking a walk.


Experience Program
picking out weeds, cutting hays, picking up cherry tomatoes, watching stars, digging out potatoes, harvesting corns, riding agricultural equipment, etc.


The field that is colored with gold color When the trees on the mountain turn their beautiful colors into red, the field also changes its clothing in preparation of autumn. Walk through the field of reeds and harvest farming products, in recollection of memories.


Experience Program
harvesting rice, crafting straws, digging out sweet potatoes, making dried persimmons, making unforgettable memory, etc.


My hands and too cold ~ My feet are too cold ~ Because of winter breeze (a part of song lyrics). However, you would feel the warmth in your heart when visiting Ssamji Village. In winter when it snows hard, enjoy winter making a snowman, riding a sled, and baking sweet potato.


Experience Program
Riding a traditional sled, flying a kite, making Kimchi, making snowman, baking sweet potato, playing Jibulnoli, roasting oysters, etc.

Experience of Four Seasons

Experience Program
animal Farm, making waffles and sweets, making tofu, naturally dyeing, flying

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