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Baenapple_Apple Harvesting Festival/Baenaegol Gorosoi Festival

Apple Harvesting Festiva


Apples from Baenaegol are cultivated in the non-pollutant green belt area with wide diurnal ranged environment and therefore are renown for their juiciness and strong flesh. The festival is held on every November by Baenaegol apple village and people can experience the joy of personally harvesting apples and purchase quality-certified apples offline. Direct trading market opens during the festival period and neighboring people and school organizations and cities such as Busan and Yangsan participate in the various experience festivals.


Baenaegol Gorosoi Festival

Gorosoi(painted maple) sap extracting festival, where the sap can be extracted from the painted maple trees in Baenaegol and high hills arount Gaji-san, is held from the end of February to the beginning of March. 10,000 mal(1 mal is approx. 18,000cc) of sap are extracted over 161ha of land and around 300 million won profit is earned. The festival is held in Baenaegol residence PR hall and various events such as Giwon Yaksujae(Sanshinjae), samulnori, opening ceremony, sampling party, Gorosoi water drinking competition and direct sales market opening are provided to the visitors for the tourism income and the activation of local economy. Overall, the whole Yangsan-si is tranforming into the place of festivals.

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