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Baenapple_Apple Harvesting Experience/Four season experience

Apple Harvesting Experience

Apple harvesting experience is held every November at Baenaegol apple orchards for people to personally experience the fruitfulness of harvesting fresh apples from the trees and provide children with the nature education. Due to the environmental and geological reasons of the highland, the apples are of higher quality than the apples of other areas and therefore is edible on site, and people can purchase apples in low cost.


Four season experience

With the existence of agriculture and water supply among the daily life, Baenaegol apple village is being developed to be an excellent place for residence. The village has various environmental superiorities such as sufficient water supply, fertile land and appropriate climate which enables fruitful cultivation and the people of Baenaegol is continuously using high quality compost and researching eco-friendly farming techniques to provide customers with tasteful and qualified products. Various types of experiences can be participated : spring herb gathering and apricot harvesting in spring, catching farm snails and firefly play in summer, apple harvesting and sweet potato gathering experience in fall and straw and plants handicraft experience in winter where people and students can personally make and harvest to realize the importance of ecology and love for the nature.

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