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Digging Peanut

The pleasant experience  to dig peanut in a cluster  

- Preparation : Comfortable clothes     

- Period of experience : Autumn ( September – November))    

- Person in charge  ; Manager of Gyeonggi Icheon

    Doniwulmyeongpumssal Village

- Tel 010-6743-6886







It is an experience to find the sacredness of labor in the nature

Visitors can come to have the interest in the food, the basic element for human being’s existence, and enjoy the pleasure of harvest through realizing the importance of food and feel nature with touching  the soft soil and smelling the fresh soil directly.  

Visitors can enjoy some interesting games and find the role and importance of soil and experience of harvesting crops

Experience is performed as following process :Pulling out up to the root of peanut by gripping stem – Digging perfectly with weeding hoe

By digging once more – Shaking off soils – Tasting after  boiling slightly.


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