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Experience of Hoedaji Song

Experience of Hoedaji Song


◎ Place to experience

▪ Boundary of Gangwon Hoengseong Samwonsu Yakcho village

◎ Introduction

 Hoedaji Song was sung by the labors collectively who were working to level a site of house or to tramp the soils after descending coffins in the grave. The original purpose of this song was    to decrease the strength of labor mentally and to increase excitement by keeping time with physical movement to the rhythm. The contents of song was to bless all sons and daughters who gave birth in this house to be dutiful sons and daughters and to enjoy all fortunes generation after generation when labors were working to level a site for a house, and to comfort the soul of the dead person by wishing them to go to the Heaven for eternal life and by sing the emptiness of life and the sadness of departure when labors were tramping the soils of grave. Visitors can experience of Hoedaji song that raises the cultural pride to revive the disappearing traditional folk culture, and allows the opportunity to share common identity and to enjoy excitements in Samwonsu Yakcho village.       


◎ Local transportation

Seoul – Youngdong Highway – Manjong diverging point – Jungang Highway- Hoengseong IC- No 5 national road ( Direct to Hongcheon, Chuncheon ) – Office of Gonggeun Myun ( Turn to the right to the direction of DongMyung after passing over bridge and in front of 500m) – No 406 provincial road ( about 10km) – Samwonsu Yakcho village  



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