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Experience guide




 * Nature experience in our farm community

-   A light departure in farm community

-   Farm harvest experience, food cooking experience

-   Preferred programs for each season

-   Memory-related programs

-   Health-related programs

-   Sales of trustworthy agricultural products


* A light departure in farm community

-   Tasting Omija rice wine

-   Bullfight of the old days

-   Harvest experience and field rice eating

-   Catching trout with bare hand

 -  Learning Korean folk music and melodies


* Harvest experience programs

-   Omija harvest experience

-   Mountain and field vegetables, mushrooms gathering experience

-   Sweet potato, corn, potato, chili pepper, apple picking experience

-   Rice reaping experience

-   Collecting acorn and Mountain chestnuts

-   Bellflower and deo-deok digging experience


* Memory-related experience

-   Watch old time movies

-   Burning firewood

-   Catching loaches-Cooking and eating loach stew

-   Catching pond smelts, fishing, catching fresh-water fish

-   Reminiscent chicken-raiding and roasting on bonfire

-   Straw and grass craftwork experience


* Food-related experience programs

-   Making Omija hand tofu

-   Making Omija, knife-cut noodles, Sujebi

-   Making Omija chili paste and Omija kimchi

-   Making acorn jelly and buckwheat jelly


* Health-related programs

-   Local culture experience and Omija dyeing

-   Omija spa, steam bath, swimming

-   Making Omija health tea and sweetened Omija

-   Mountain climbing while drinking omi Yak-san spring water


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