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Sea experience

- Haenam Ttangkkeut (southernmost end of Korean peninsula) Songho Village provides a sea experience at Songho beach that has beautiful old pine trees to give an enjoyable time to family unit tourists.
The sea experience here involves catching fish through traditional fishing methods such as Huilijil and Doksal, from which we can feel the touch of our ancestors. First, Huilijil is a fishing method
using tides of the sea. It is a method where, in 2 teams, you hold each end of the net, go inside the water, and then slowly drag the net out of the water.

It is an easy traditional method that can be enjoyed by anyone of all age groups. Doksal is a fishing method using stones, and you can experience the exact old method of our ancestors.
It is a traditional method that was often used where the difference between rise and fall of the tide was great. It is a method where you pile the stones so that fish would come in during
the incoming tide and get trapped during the ebb tide. These days, bamboo sticks are used instead of stones to uphold a net in between them.

- Here, Haenam Ttangkkeut (southernmost end of Korean peninsula) information network village, has a variety of tour spots which take pride in gifted natural sceneries such as Songho beach,
Ttangkkeut (southernmost end of Korean peninsula) tour spot, Dalma mountain, Mihwang Temple, etc as well as various food such as abalones, laver, seaweed, etc. If you experience the traditional fishing together
with your children, it will be a travel from which you can take lots of great memories.

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