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Weekend Farm Experience

The experience learning activities that started from 2004 was changed into experience tour with the transition to 5-day workday system. It was programmed to help family vacation tours and to provide a chance to enjoy the nature of countryside away from the cities. As it is a voluntary participation farm of the members, com to our farm to grow (farmstay.jpg) the plants with your family and feel the happiness of harvesting. The kids will realize the value of nature and develop their emotions. Also, it will vitalize the exchanges of cities and farms and the advertisement of our specialties to contribute to the profitability of our farm village.

Jangu Falls was formed into a recreational park in 1984. With two bridges, water sources and 1,720m-long forest road. The Samjeom Bridge at the valley entrance is 30m long and Waterfall Bridge is 20m long.


Seogimhae IC->Chilsan, Hwamok-dong->Hwamok-dong House Complex
Donggimhae IC->City Hall->Heung-dong->Chilsan, Hwamok-dong->Hwamok-dong House Complex

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