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Apple Gathering Experience



  In order to introduce the superior quality and taste of Jeungsilgol Apples, the major specialty of our village, the village opens Apple Gathering Experience event during the apple harvesting season of Oct. Jeungsilgol Apples produced with the techniques of long history and the heavenly environments are the major specialty of Jeungsilgol Apple Village with high sweetness and extraordinary cool sweet and sour taste. One Jeungsilgol apple a day is great for the skin care and health of everyone. The experience brings the friendliness of rich farms to the urban dwellers and the newness of an experience to the rural dwellers. The urban dwellers can forget the tiresome life of the city to enjoy the leisure in an open orchard.


ㆍ Yesan Jeungsilgol Apple Village Management Committee, Jeungsilgol Producers' Committee - Contact Person: O-Yeong Gwon - Tel: 82-19-411-6181

ㆍ Yesan District Office - Information: Local Administration, Information and Communication - Tel: 82-41-330-2300

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