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Yesong-ri Beach
○ Yesong-ri Beach

 - Yesong-ri Beach is known for the dark-blue pebble beach in front of Yesong Village.

The beach is looking out to many inhabited or deserted islands nearby, including Dangsa, Yejak, Dakseom, and Giseom.  It even displays a beautiful view of Jejudo Island and many other beautiful islands of Dadohae.  Jeokja Peak stands behind the beach, allowing visitors to enjoy both the mountains and the seas.  Transparent seawater, the sound of pebbles, and Yesong-ri Evergreen Forest form the beautiful natural landscape of Yesong-ri Beach.

○ Information

 - Admissions: Free

 - Parking: Free

 - Capacity: Approx. 5000 people

 - Time: From mid-July to mid-August

 - Facilities: 1 Shower Unit, 1 Locker Room, 4 Drinking Water Fountains, 3 Restrooms, 5 Securities

 - Contact: Bogil-myeon Office at 061 – 550 – 5611

○ Transportation

 - Honam Highway Gwangsan IC (National Highway No. 13) – Naju – Haenam – Wando Grand Bridge – Hwaheung Pohang

 - Ship:

Ddangddeut – Bogildo Island

       : Large ship for cars and passengers departs from Galdu Port 9 times a day.

         Takes about an hour.

   Wando Island – Bogildo Island

       : Soan Ferry departs from Heaheung Pohang 11 times a day to tour around Soan and Nohwado Island.

Takes about an hour to an hour and 20 minutes.

※ All ships can transport cars and passengers.  However, the departure time is subject to change according to the season, weather conditions, or number of passengers.  The ships depart more often in summer regardless of the schedule.  Therefore, it is best to call the ticket office or the ferry office in advance to check the departure times.

- Bogil Bus (061-553-7077) departs from Cheongbyeol-ri, the home of Bogil-myeon Office and the ferry station, to Yesong-ri five times a day.

※ Operates every 30 minutes in summer peak season.

- Bogil Taxi (061-553-8876) operates commercial and personal taxi cabs (061-553-6262).

  Most taxis are sports utility vehicles, such as Galloper, and charges by range of distance.


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