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Nearby Attractions (Gungpyeong-ri)
Gungpyeong-ri Seosin-myeon, Hwaseong is widely known for sea pines and the sunset.
Gungpyeong-ri’s shore park is a magnificent attraction with sea pines and a sand beach.  The beach extends 2km in length and 50m in width, and is covered with 5,000 pine trees that are over 100 years old.  This is a picture-perfect rarity in the west coast.
Gungpyeong-ri is a clean, quiet fishery village that offers both recreation and fresh seafood.  
Gungpyeong-ri has good natural resources and its nature has been protected from civilization.  Its shores and tidelands along the Yellow Sea are very well-preserved.
The high tide lasts for about two hours a day allowing sea-bathing and providing a 20ha clam gathering and fishing site.  Also, the local fishermen offer sashimi of fresh-caught fish.
When the sun sets, the seas and the pine trees create spectacular scenery which fascinates everyone.
The local people create fishing reefs along the shore for good catch and release bass, flatfish, and blue crabs to increase fishery resources for various fishery experiences in drying fish and on fishing boats or ferries.  There is Fishery Tourism Information Center by the Port of Gungpyeong and the Pine Forest accommodates a volleyball court and a playground for visitors to enjoy fresh seasonal seafood, sports, and relaxation altogether.
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Nearby Attractions (Gungpyeong-ri)
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