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Seonggumi Port

Seonggumi Port

This is Seonggumi-li, Changtaek-myeon, Myeoncheon-gun area in the past, now it is located at the north side of Songsan-myeon.

The Seonggumi comes from the word ‘Seongggumi’, and it means that this geographical feature looks like blocked its end as island. And its pronunciation became softer and became ‘Seonggumi’. Seonggumi port which is located at the Gagokli sea, Songsan-myeon, Dangjin-gun is famous for raw Kan-jaemi. Many people visit here to eat the fresh raw fish and to visit Seokmun sea wall from spring, so all parking lots in our village is full.

In front of Seonggumi port, there is Hyundai INI Steel that every Korean knows its name, also in the village entrance, there is a salt farm which produces sun-dried salt, so you can visit or experience how to make salts.

Usually, people visit here to taste Kan-jaemi food or other raw fishes, and also you can choose the fish what you want. The season for Kan-Jaemi is from March to May and June, and after June, they have eggs, so you can taste good Kan-jaemi food in fall.

Also you can buy dried fishes at half price, also the raw fish is cheaper than any other area, and you can lower the price if you talk to the owner well.


How to come

Go to Songak IC from the West Sea highway, then, on the No. 38 national roads, go to Godae Bugok complex direction, turn right in front of the Hanbo Steel (4 lane roads) where meet with No. 633 local roads, and go straight for 5 minutes.

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