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Salt Introdution

Sun-dried Salt

Sun-dried salt is very clean salt that is made by evaporating sea water with sunlight and wind on a salt farm. Normal salt is salty from the first to the last taste however, Sun-dried salt is salty first then sweet at the end, so it makes good food.

It makes the best taste in many foods including Kimchi. Sun-dried salt is dried by sunlight as its name, it has sufficient minerals.


Salt Ingredient

About 77~78% is sodium chloride which makes salty taste. 20% is Magnesium chloride and makes bitter taste. Salt ingredients are mineral, chloride, sulfur, calcium, etc.


Characteristics of the Korean Sun-dried Salt

Korean salt particles have good corners, but Chinese salt particles are broken or worn away.

Korean salt contains water, so when you touch it, it can be easily smashed, however, Chinese salt has high salinity, so it doesn셳 crumble well.

Korean salt packages are wetted with salt water, because Korean salt contain high amounts of water and if a long time passes, the package gets dirty because of the dried salt water. However, Chinese salt has almost no water, so the package looks very clean.  

When you choose the salt, you need to check how regular the salt particle size is. Korean sun-dried salt which is produced in the balanced ground and water depth has regular salt particular size, however, Chinese salt is not.

Salt & Life

Salt is necessary matter for the human body. It is because salt exist in the body liquid, and has the important role of maintaining osmotic pressure. Human blood contains 0.9 % salt. If the salt is not enough in your body, then, you body doesn셳 make enough digestive fluid, so it decreases your appetite. In the short-term, because your body doesn셳 make enough digestive fluid, it decreases your appetite, but in the long-term, it will cause no-energy, fatigue, tiredness and anxiety in your body. If you lose salt suddenly by sweating a lot, you can loose physical and mental functions such as feeling dizziness, disinterest, unconsciousness and listlessness. The amount of salt your body needs depends on the amount of labor you perform and the weather, however, a normal adult needs 123g salt a day. If you eat too much salt, it can cause high blood pressure. This is because when the salt concentration is increased in your body, more water comes into your blood to maintain balanced concentration rate. Some people say if you eat too much salt, it can cause stomach cancer.


How to use salt

Add salt when you eat watermelon or tomatoes instead of sugar, then, it tastes better, an also can prevent stomachaches.

When you steam a pumpkin, if you add salt instead of soy sauce, it tastes better and makes a better color.

If you put some salt in coarse tea or black tea, it is refreshing.

A salt massage is good for dandruff- After using shampoo, put one spoon of salt on the head and massage. Rinse it with clean water (Here, the salt should be grounded after frying it).

Honey + Salt for constipation ?Mix 40g of honey with 8g of salt in 100cc water and drink before you eat breakfast.

Removing smell in the tennis shoes ?Put small amounts of salt, then you can remove bad smell and humidity from your shoes.

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