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Daecheon Beach

The long and white sand, blue sea, many islands beyond the horizontal line, sunset.... Daecheon beach has good harmony with youth, romance, comfort, and natural beauty. As a good place to make beautiful memories for young couples, as a resting place for families, as a place for sea sports, this Daecheon beach is the perfect place. There are strange shaped rocks in the south side of the sand and it is making a great landscape, also the water temperature is very good to enjoy swimming. Daecheon beach sand is made with shell powder, which is unique case in the Asia, all shells became powder after pass the long time. Shell powders don't' stick to your body which is different with the sand which is made with silica, so you can easy to wash out. Daecheon beach is not a big slope, has regular sea ground, has clean sand, shallow and quiet waves, so all people including children and old people can enjoy swimming safely.

This is located in Shinhuk-dong, Boryeong city, 15km far away and takes about 20minutes from the village.


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