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Chunjangdae swimming beach
 Chunjangdae swimming beach
Location: Ilwon, Chunjangdae swimming beach, Dodun-ri, Seo-myeon, Seochun-gun

Chunjangdae swimming beach is able to be said as the number one sightseeing place in Seocheon-gun. Manri-po, Daecheon may occur to you normally in terms of swimming beach of the West Sea. Chunjangdae swimming beach, however, is famous for its gentle slope, shallow depth of water, dense fragrance of acacia and the shade of pine tree forests. It is said that every fatigue we have gotten from the day-to-day lives is removed at the wide white sands here.
The white sands, in which the blue waves of the West Sea approach and disappear repeatedly, spread sea smell everywhere. In other words, Chunjangdae swimming beach had beautiful scenery.
A marine leisure complex will built with the support by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in the 90,000 pyung square area where the blue sea pine trees are grown. It will be the best resort facilities among different resort facilities of the West Sea. Then it is expected to take a big role of developing Seocheon-gun as the principal city to lead 21th century.

Location: Ilwon, Chunjangdae swimming beach, Dodun-ri, Seo-myeon, Seochun-gun

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