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Mangsang Swimming Beach

<<Mangsang Swimming Beach>>

Please come to Mangsang Swimming Beach with the endlessly stretched beach along coastline, clean and swallow depth of water and the cleanest water nationwide

Location : 393-16, Mangsang Dong

Contact address : Bada,  Civil Application Center (033-530-2867)

o Designation : Designated as No 2 National sightseeing resort on March 17. 1977    

o Length : 2km

o Depth of water : 1.5m to 100m from beach

o Camping ground : 41,760㎡(12,600 pyung), Accommodating 20,000 persons at maximum  

o Entertainment facilities : Viking,   Tagada, Jumping- smile, Carnival, Merry-go around, Bumper car

※ Aged over Middle and High school boys : 3,500won, Children( Aged less than Preliminary School) : 2,500won ( Opening in whole year)

o Characteristics  

- As it is proud of broad sand beach, swallow depth and the cleanest water nationwide, so it is popular for the summer visitors of family unit.

- Infrastructure : Camping ground with 7 thousand pyung, Parking lot with 2,500 pyung,  Installation of water supply and drainage, management office.

 - Convenient facilities : Maangsang auto camping resort, hotel, private house, shopping center.   

□ Parking fee : Graded by parking time ※ Limited to the opening period  of swimming beach

o Small car : 1,000 ~ 22,000 won

o Big car : 2,000 ~ 47,000 won

□ Festival. Event : Evergreen Sea Festival ( Beginning of August) Nationwide Fishing Competition ( November )



□ Related sightseeing resort  

o Mangsang swimming beach -> Cheongok cave -> Chuam candlestick rock ( 3 hours)

o Mangsang swimming Beach -> Mukho Eodal raw fish town -> Mukho harbor -> Mureung valley ( 4 hours)

□ Period of opening : 10th of July – 20th of August every year (42 days)

□ Guidance of transportation  

o Private car : Donghae City Hall => Mangsang swimming beach( 7km, 15 minutes)

o Cross-country bus : East Seoul => Terminal for cross-country bus ( 11 times/  day, 1 hour term, 3.5 hours)

o Highway bus : Seoul ( Gangnam, East Seoul) => Donghae Si ( 22 times / day, 3.5 hours)

o Railroad  : Cheongryang Ri => Donghae station / Mukho station ( 4 times/ day, 6 hours)

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