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Songho Beach

 [Songho beach]

- Songho beach is Haenams most representative beach stretched out before you reach Ttangkkeut (southernmost end of Korean peninsula) Village. The name Songho is from the fact that
old pines are dense on the beach side, and that the fine sand of the sea and the subtle waves resemble a lake. Songho beach is especially ideal for children or families to enjoy because
the sand is fine and the water is shallow. Also, several years-old beach pines form an ornamental plantation. It is stretched about 1km along the bank, making it suitable for campling in the pine forest.
This pine forest is currently the 142th treasure of Jeonranamdo, and around 600 pine trees that are about 200 years old stretch out serving a purpose as a coastal wind protection forest.

- Songho-li beach pine forest 2
Several years old beach pines
stretch 1km along the seabank forming an ornamental plantation, and it is perfect to camp on gentle slopes.

- Ttangkkeut (southernmost end of Korean peninsula) auto camping car
Auto camping site located in Haenam-gun Songji-Myun Songho-li PO Box 1234 area,
is run all year-round. It is equipped with 10 caravans, shower rooms, changing rooms, bathrooms, drinking fountains, washing machines,
etc, and so it is convenient and provides a unique enjoyment.
- [Summer vacation beach running]

Natural condition  : white beach 1.5Km, water depth 1~2m, pine forest 6,570

Convenience facilities : control office 1 block, shower room 3 blocks, bathroom 5 blocks, 4 water fountain , 29 street lamps

Lodgings : 1 tavern, 57 inns, 1 camping site 3,629

parking facilities : 4 parking lots /3,883 pyong units (800 vehicles accomodatable)

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