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Chamdarae_Danghangpo Sightseeing resort

Danghangpo Sightseeing resort

Danghangpo sightseeing resort is located in Danghang bow between Hoiwha Myun and Donghae Myun , and was the battlefield of Danghangpo naval battle in which general Sun Shin Lee, Chungmugong, had destroyed 57 Japanese ships completely during 2 naval battles In 1592, the 25thyear of king Seonjo, in 1594, the 27th year of king Seonjo.


Goseong citizens had been trying to deliver general LEEs spirit, sacrificing everything to protect country. to our precedents eternally by building memorial halls through developing this site by the only donation of Gosung citizens with whole hearts and sincerity in 1981, This memorial hall was designated as sightseeing resort in 1984 and opened in November of 1987. Danghangpo is a sacred battle field nationwide in which general Lee had fought twice and destroyed Japanese navy completely. This sightseeing resort is a natural artistic center consisted of Memorial shrine ( Sungchungsa), relics of Danghangpo naval battle, a tower of victory, turtle ship ,and a building exhibiting some stuffed animals, the egg of dinosaur, the fossils of fishes and shells, and a sculpture park harmonized with flowers , and a building for displaying some precious Sueoks. It is a multi purpose sightseeing resort consisted of the beautiful landscape harmonized with calm sea like lake, the trace of wave formed 10 billion years ago, the fossil of dinosaur ,and a venturing resort for youth, athletic facilities available to enjoy leisure. So it is a sightseeing resort possibly to provide family unit or group the chance to raise the spirit for patriotism, to educate and learn nature, and to enjoy leisure. .


 Sangjokam Provincial park

 It is located in Wolheung ri, DukMyung, Hai Myun and provides wonderful views to look over Hanryesudo at a glance and excellent landscape consisted of broad surface of rocks in seashore and valleys with fantastic rocks and cliffs. The name of this park ,Sangjok or Sangbal, one of 8 miracles in Korea, was originated from the shape of this place looks like thet woleg ssupporting diningtable


In the seashore stretched to 6km around Sangjokam, a lot of the footprints of dinosaur living in the Cretaceous period of the Mesozoic were found in 1982. It is expected that many kinds of dinosaurs walking with two foot or with four foot had co existed at the same time.


The places to produce the fossils of extinct animals and plants in DeokMyung ri, Goseong gun, No 411 Natural monument, produced various fossils of dinosaur s footprints and birds footprints. There are more than 1900 ea of dinosaur footprint from various species including Sauropod, and Ornithopod, over the 41km seashore , geographical stratum formed in the Cretaceous period of the Mesozoic about 10 billion years ago, this area was approved as one of three biggest places of dinosaur footprint remaining as Canada and Brazil.


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