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Nearby beaches

- As Goheung Sin-gi Turtle Village is surrounded in 3 sides by the sea, there are many beaches nearby. Major beaches include Nam-yeol beach, Dae-jeon beach, Naro Island beach, Bal-po beach, etc. and there also various other beaches with beautiful sceneries.

- Nam-yeol Beach

  It is a beach where the vast white beach of fine sand, a dense pine forest and the fantastically shaped rocks including the Dragon rock altogether create magnificent scenery. The waters of the 800m long beach is shallow, being only 1~2 meters deep, and the beach is well-equipped with convenience facilities such as parking lot, camping site, toilets, shower booths, inns, restaurants, etc. However, the only downfall is the high waves caused by the openness of the sea. Still, as a place not yet widely-known, you can find untainted natural environment and generosity here.

- Dae-jeon Beach

  Along with heart-warming generosity of the people of the purely natural fishery village, the vast open sea, smooth and long-stretching sand beach, around 500 stumps of pine trees and fantastically-shaped rocks altogether create magnificent scenery. 50 comfortable lodging tents are set up, and thus it is a beach where you can enjoy a unique sea-experience trip.

- Naro Island Beach

 Naro Island Beach has a gentle slope, being only a fathom deep even when you are 100m into the sea, and the around 300 ancient pines that are 350 years and older create cool shades to help you forget the intense heat. Right beside the beach is a forest of evergreens selected as the 362nd natural treasure, and therefore the natural scenery is excellent and the entire island can be introduced as a rich repository for sea-fishing.

- Bal-po Beach

 It is a beach located 20km south east from Goheung district. A fine sand beach of high-quality stretches over 1km with 100m width. It is a Dadohae National Marine Park area, and spread out on the beach is yellow sand for sand bathing, which is good for neuralgia and women’s disease. Many family unit vacationers visit this place because the water is shallow, slope is not steep, and there are many worth-seeing tour spots nearby. Especially during an ebb tide, it is possible to dig natural ark shells from the beach, and therefore you can feel a unique vacation atmosphere. You can also see fantastically-shaped rocks such as Hwal-gae Rock, Turtle Rock, etc. and the place is acknowledged as a great place for sea fishing.

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