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Yeonpo Beaches

Yeonpo is probably one of the friendliest names.  Therefore, it is thought of as a romantic beach where lovers share sweet words rather than a fun beach.

Yeonpo was first named because <there are a lot of black kite nearby>, but as Jungang Inbo and Dongyang Broadcasting station developed a general maritime leisure town in 1971, the word meaning black kite was changed to meaning admire.  Yeonpo is more charming than other places.  

Rather than being a summer picnic course, it greets us throughout the year.  The cherry blossoms cover the area white in spring, the silvery white sands sparkle more whitely in summer and the blue seas meet the sky in autumn.

 In winter, everything becomes snowy white.  First introduced to public by a song called “Yeonpo Lady” of Chun-Hwa Lee in 1972, it became popular as the background of the movie, “Stupidity Declaration,” directed by Jang-Ho Lee in 1984.  Today, it is loved for the backgrounds of many movies with magnificent sceneries.

 It has been the background of movies “Stupidity Declaration (84),” “Ring (99)” and “Waikiki Brothers (01),” and TV series “Scent of a Man” and “Damo.”  It is currently used for the shots of magazines.

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