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Pyoseon Beaches

Pyoseon Beaches has 250,000㎡-wide seaside and 160,000㎡-wide white-sand beaches. This place forms a rounded white-sand beach during the ebb tide and becomes a rounded lake with the waters less than 1m deep during the flood tide for beautiful views.

There are a port and a fishing place on the seaside rocks on the south where you can enjoy fresh raw fish and Pyoseon Beaches provide beautiful night views of high-tide beaches. 264,464㎡-wide open sand beach forms a round stadium, so it is used as a soccer field for the children when not crowded by the tourists. The rough sands filling up the beaches give Eastern-medicine massages to those suffering neuralgia. As it is located near the village, it has convenient lodging or homestay and the luxuriant pine forest by the beaches close to the grass field across the entrance of Jeju Folk Village is a good camping ground.

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