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Theme Sightseeing [ Beach ]
[Baramarae Beach]
Baramarae Beach
[Happy Island Village_Shinjun beach]
Shinjun beach is located in Dadohae marine national park in Jodmyun Jindo-gun Jeollanamdo where the nearby scenary of nature is spectacular.
[Marado, Gapado in the Southernmost of Korea]
Marado: All areas of this island are a Natural asset, designated on July 19. 2000 , and is 12km away from Daejeong Eup Moseulpo port, 6km from Gapado and about 10km from Songak mountain. It is locat...
[Won-pyung Beach]
- If you travel across the western sea past An-jua island and Pal-geum island and many other islands, you can see Bi-geum Island. Out of all beaches in Bi-geum Island ? one of the most beautiful islan...
[Ha-nu-num beach]
- Ha-nu-num beach , one of Bi-geum Island’s famous tour spots, is located in a quite region that embraces the sceneries of the coast south-west to Bi-geum Island. Surrounded by mountains and islands,...
[Wu-san Beach]
- Wu-san beach is located not far from Shin-an Bi-geum Rock Salt Village, and it embraces the beautiful scenery of the coast. Vast beach is spread out along the picturesque coast, so many family unit ...
Gunglipogu has the vast open Cheonsu Bay in front of it, and many visitors come because it has experience sites for tideland experience, etc. You can also watch the sunrise and sunset together. Also I...
[Mangsang Swimming Beach]
Please come to Mangsang Swimming Beach with the endlessly stretched beach along coastline, clean and swallow depth of water and the cleanest water nationwide
[Songho Beach]
Songho beach is Haenam’s most representative beach stretched out before you reach Ttangkkeut (southernmost end of Korean peninsula) Village.
[Chamdarae_Danghangpo Sightseeing resort ]
Danghangpo sightseeing resort is located in Danghang bow between Hoiwha Myun and Donghae Myun , and was the battlefield of Danghangpo naval battle in which general Sun Shin Lee, Chungmugong, had destr...
[Nearby beaches]
- As Goheung Sin-gi Turtle Village is surrounded in 3 sides by the sea, there are many beaches nearby. Major beaches include Nam-yeol beach, Dae-jeon beach, Naro Island beach, Bal-po beach, etc. and t...
[Beach ]
Geommeolle Beach, a black-sand beach, is hiding in the canyon beneath Udo Peak. Geommeolle is Jeju’s dialect for black sand.
[Nampo Embankment]
Nampo Embankment is located in between Daecheon Beach and Muchangpo Beach. It is supporting a 3.7km-long 3-lane coastal road, making an outstanding driving course by the water. For dating couples, t...
[Yongdu Beach]
[Muchangpo Beach]
As the first beach that opened in the West Sea in 1928, Muchangpo Beach is 1.5km in length and 50m in width. The water is 1-2m in depth, 22°C in temperature, and only 4° in grade. The beach is surro...
[Daecheon Beach]
Daecheon Beach is the only beach in Asia that is made up of powdered shells. Clam shells have broken down into sandy particles through time. Unlike quartz sand that sticks to your body,
[Yesong-ri Beach]
Yesong-ri Beach is known for the dark-blue pebble beach in front of Yesong Village. The beach is looking out to many inhabited or deserted islands nearby, including Dangsa, Yejak, Dakseom, and Giseom...
[Sinyang Beach]
The beach is covered with small pebbles between the size of a pea and the size of an egg. This pebble beach extends 300m in length and is known for its special effects in treating neuralgia and skin ...
[Gyeongpo Beach]
Known as the largest beach on the East Sea.
[Sacheon Beach]
acheon Beach is 300m in length and 18,00㎡ in size.
The coastal park at Gungpyeong-ri Seosin-myeon, Hwaseong is a great tourist attraction with beautiful sea pines and sand beaches. The white-sand beach, which is 2km in length and 50m in width, beauti...
[Jebudo Island]
Jebudo Island is a small island that floats in the open seas by Seosin-myeon of Hwaseong in Gyeonggi-do. It is only 1㎢ in size and its coastline only extends 12km. It is even smaller than Yeouido, b...
[Yesong-ri Beach]
he beach is looking out to many inhabited or deserted islands nearby, including Dangsa, Yejak, Dakseom, and Giseom. It even displays a beautiful view of Jejudo Island and many other beautiful islands...
Gyeongpo Beach is located 6km to the north of downtown and 1km from Gyeongpodae. It is popularly known as the greatest beach of the East Sea
[Mangsang Beach, Chuam Beach]
41,760㎡ of camping ground and 14,9172㎡ of parking lot. Includes convenient facilities such as water/sewer, management office, Mangsang Auto Camping Resort, hotels, homestay, and shops.
[The world-famous Mysterious Seaway ]
The world-famous Mysterious Seaway is about 2.8km in length between Hoi-dong-ri of Gogun-myeon and Modo-ri of Uisin-myeon.
[Geumgap Beach ]
Although Gaumgap Beach is not very big or well-known, it is located at a clean region full of fishery resources. Fishing is possible at any part of the beach.
[Maengbang Beach]
This beach is about 7km away from Downtown Samcheok and is widely known as a clean beach.
[Samcheok Beach]
1.2km in length and 100m in width, Samcheok Beach is Samcheok’s largest white-sand beach located only 1.4km away from Downtown Samcheok.
[Ayajin Beach ]
DescriptionAyajin Beach, with 2km of clean coastline by the mountains and 2.4ha of fine white-sand beach, is widely known as a beautiful family picnic site and summer camp location.
[Gyeokpo Beach]
Gyeokpo Beach is located in between Chaeseokgang and Jeokbyeokgang. It is more beautiful and clearer than any other beach in Korea and brings a continuous line of tourists throughout the year.
[Mohang Tideland Beach]
Mohang Beach is a small beach along the luxurious pine forest by the entrance to Mohang Village.
[Dongho Beach]
Dongho Beach is located at Dongho-ri Haeri-myeon. The beach is surrounded by a luxurious forest with pine trees that are several hundred years old and the 4km-long white-sand beach is fine and modera...
[Gusipo Beach]
Gusipo Beach has a long white-sand beach, luxurious forest, and a branch of Mt. Jangja along the coastline.
[Sinyang Beach]
Sinyang Beach is located inside Sinyang-ri’s Seobjikoji to the southeast of Seongsan-eup.
[Ggujinamu (Paper Mulberry) Beach]
Ggujinamugol Beach is located at the northern tip of the Taean Peninsuma. Thanks to its unfamiliar name, it is still preserving its clean, natural beauty.
[Samok Beach]
Looking into the Iwon Peninsula of Taean-gun, we can find many unknown beaches. One of them is Samok Beach. It is the best beach in the Iwon Peninsula for family picnics.
[Mandae Port]
A Buddhist priest from the Joseon Dynasty came to Taean. He was walking on the road in search of an isolated land when he suddenly encountered the blue sea.
[Nearby Attractions (Gungpyeong-ri)]
Gungpyeong-ri Seosin-myeon, Hwaseong is widely known for sea pines and the sunset. Gungpyeong-ri’s shore park is a magnificent attraction with sea pines and a sand beach.
[Beolcheonpo Beach]
Beolcheonpo of Seosan, Chungcheongnam-do is one of west coast mud flats unpolluted yet. Beolcheonpo Beach as wonderful as ever is located at Oji-ri of Daesan-eup,
[Daeho Seawall]
Daeho Seawall is located at Samgilpo-ri, Daesan-eup of Seosan si, which is a north gate of Seosan bordering with Daehoji-myeon of Dangjin gun.
[Seonggumi Port]
This is Seonggumi-li, Changtaek-myeon, Myeoncheon-gun area in the past, now it is located at the north side of Songsan-myeon.
[Salt Introdution]
Sun-dried salt is very clean salt that is made by evaporating sea water with sunlight and wind on a salt farm. Normal salt is salty from the first to the last taste however, Sun-dried salt is salty fi...
[Ocheon Harbor]
Ocheon harbor is located at Cheonsu bay, and it has good natural conditions that allow many ships to anchor there without any special facilities such as breakwaters.
[Daecheon Beach]
The long and white sand, blue sea, many islands beyond the horizontal line, sunset.... Daecheon beach has good harmony with youth, romance, comfort, and natural beauty.
[Wolgotpogu Estuary]
An estuary is where ships come in and out. In Siheung-si, there are many estuaries but here we would like to introduce you Wolgotpogu Estuary, where ships come in and out around a full tide due to the...
[Hosan Beach]
Hosan Beach, which is located in Hosan-ri of Wondeok-eup, the southernmost part of Gangwon-do, has a 1km-long white sand beach between Hosancheon and Gagokcheon.
There is a small island in front of the Eheundol Beach beside Padoli. When the tide is rising, this island blocks it like a general and controls the rough waves.
[Padoli Beach ]
Small size of Padoli village is famous for the sea jade and it is located in the south end of the Sowon-Myeon, Tae-An peninsula. To go to the beach, you need to go to the road beside the Pado Elementa...
[Manlipo Beach]
This beach is located in Mohang-li, Sowon-Myeon, Tae An-gun, Chungnam. It is 2.5 km long, 100 m wide and has an area of 200,000 m2 .
[Yeodaji Mudflat]
Port Sumunpo is in the middle of Deungnyangman Bay, where sea water has to put a stop on its long lasted travel after passing through Geumdang Island and Geogeum Island. After new local city boundarie...
[Sumun Beach]
Sumun Beach (Sumun-ri, Anyang-myeon, Jangheung-gun) is located on the local route 18 and 16km far east from Jangheung-eup. The sea water around the beach is warmer than other areas.
[Hamdeok Beach]
About 500 meters of sand field is spread, and because the depth of the sea is shallow, it is visited by many summer visitors. At night, lights from the fishing boats brighten the whole horizon beauti...
[Gwakji Beach]
○ Location : Gwakji-ri, Aewol-eup, North Jeju-gun ○ Contact Info : Aewol-eup Office(064-741-0627) Gwakji-ri Office(064-799-0202) ○ Parking Fee : None (Parking facility of 30 cars)
Gijang-eup Dongam-ri
[Daebyeon Harbor and Juk Island]
Gijang-eup Daebyeon-ri
[Ilgwang Beach]
Gijang-gun Ilgwang-myeon Samseong-ri 115-11, #40-3
[Imnang Beach]
Gijang-gun Jangan-eup Imnang-ri.
[Daeban Beach]
Run toward the west along the crowded ports of downtown Mokpo and you will arrive at an open sea. It means that you at in Daeban-dong. Daeban-dong is facing the back of Mt. Yudal and has endless res...
[Oidal-do, an Island of Love]
Oidal-do is an inhabited island located farther than Dalli-do from Mokpo. Today, it is a small island where 80 people in 30 households live, but the northwest coast of it was a beautiful sand beach t...
[Mira-ri Beach]
It is a rounded-pebble beach located in Mira-ri Soan-myeon Wando-gun, Jeollanam-do. It is about 1km in length and 20.8km away from the Port of Wando and is located in Soan-do, a part of Daeohae Haesa...
[Seaway of Wonder]
The worldly known Seaway of Wonder is an exposure of sea bottom between Hoedong-ri of Gogun-myeon and Modo-ri of Euishin-myeon.
The scenery of Dadohae viewed from 『Sebangnakjo Observation Deck』, which is said to be the most beautiful scenic point on Jindo’s coastal way, is indescribable.
[Gaedo Beach]
The steep slopes of the cliffs and the exotic rocky scenery contributes to some of the best conditions and one of the most popular sea fishing destinations, where 5,000 fishers visit annually. When th...
[Gungpyeong Resort]
Gungpyeong Resort is like an Oriental painting in harmony with the sea, and pine trees more than fifty years old on the coastline and a two kilometer long and fifty meters wide white sand beach.
[Byeonsan Bikini Beach]
Byeonsan Bikini Beach is located 24km from Buan to Gyeokpo.It is a historical beach that was opened in 1930s and has smooth sands and moderate depth of waters to be good for family recreation.
[Geumdang Eight Views]
Geumdang Eight Views and Jilma Island Beaches are well-known markers of Geumdangdo Village.
Called Geogeum Island for the long gold mine of the island, it has beautiful beaches with silvery sands and fine pebbles along the shoreline.
[Chilpo Beaches]
The white sand beach is 4km long and 80acre wide to allow up to 100,000 people a day. It is the largest beaches of the East Sea with granules and sand. Sea fishing is also available to attract many ...
[Yeonpo Beaches]
The beaches of Taean are characterized by clean waters, silvery white-sand beaches, calm waves and luxuriant pine forest. Each of about 30 beaches along the coastline display unique views to be loved...
[Jumunjin Beach]
Jumunjin Beach is the north-most beach of Gangneung. 700m-long and 105,000㎡-wide broad white-sand beach and shallow depth of water are best for family vacation.
[Chagui Island]
Chagui Island is well-known as a fishing place, but island itself is magnificently beautiful. The cliff supporting the island is and the flatly spreading field is also beautiful. It is 0.16㎢-wide an...
[Pyoseon Beaches ]
Pyoseon Beaches has 250,000㎡-wide seaside and 160,000㎡-wide white-sand beaches. This place forms a rounded white-sand beach during the ebb tide and becomes a rounded lake with the waters less than 1m ...
[Gujora Beaches]
Gujora Beaches have soft sand and moderate water temperatures. Gujora Fortress of mid-Chosun Dynasty is nearby and surrounding islands are easy to visit. The surrounding scenery is also beautiful.
Hwajinpo is a 600-acre-wide lake that is a total vacation resort with attractions such as an oceanographic museum, historical security exhibition center and Hwajinpo Beach, which is called Myeongsasim...
[Naksan Beach]
It is a major tourist’s attraction where visitors and vacationers come to visit the clean white beach, shallow waters and the historical assets such as Naksan temple.
[Chunjangdae Beaches]
Chunjang Beaches that is well-known for 1.5° moderate slope, calm seawater and rare sceneries of the Yellow Sea harmonizes 2km-long white-sand beaches and natural pine forest to be great for family pi...
Sinsun Village has various natural attractions such as various hiking courses, Hwanseon Cavern, Maengbang Beach and Haesindang Park. 1st Course: ...
[Woldu Park]
Woldu located in Yongjeong-ri of Hyeongyeong-myeon was named after its geography that resembles an egg. In ebb tides, the sea is divided as far as Dodang Island. The 350-year-old Japanese Black Pine...
Gochang has Gusipo Beaches and Dongho Beachs, both recognized in Jeonbuk. Both display the magnificence of the sunset of the Yellow Sea and the endless sand beach and moderate depth of water make the...
Ganjeolgot of Seosaeng-myeon, Ulju is where the sun of the New Millenium rose the earliest (Jan 1. 2000 07:31:7) in Korean Peninsula and Eurasia Continent. Jinha Beaches with 2km-long and 96,000m²-wid...
[Yurim Beaches]
>> It is at the entrance of the hiking course leading to Geomundo Lighthouse from Geomun-ri and Samho Bridge. With fine sands and stair entrance, it is safe for the children. They also have drinking...
[Maritime Markers of Oidal Island]
The seaside attractions of Mokpo Yudo Laver Village include the maritime markers of Oidal Island, Daeban Beaches, Gat Rock, Goha Island and Dali Island.
[MengBang Swimming Beach]
This beach belongs to Mengbang Tour Zone having 7Km distance. The beach has well maintained road conditions and tourist resort construction is under work, and well known for its pure beach.
[Chunjangdae swimming beach ]
Chunjangdae swimming beach is able to be said as the number one sightseeing place in Seocheon-gun. Manri-po, Daecheon may occur to you normally in terms of swimming beach of the West Sea
Around SUNCHON CITY, it is the bay like a lake, surrounded by YOESU peninsula of the east and GOHUNG Peninsula of the west. Wide tidal flat is spread and the mountains and sea become match in contrast...
[Opo swimming beach]
Located in Opo 3 Ri, Opo swimming beach is also called Ganggu swimming beach which was a background of MBC drama “You and I”. After the drama was shown on TV many tourists have visited Ganggu.
[Jangwha-ri wetland]
The wetland of Southern Gangwha is in the list of classified areas of Korean’s major wet land of 107,308.6ha by IUCN(International Union for Conservation of Nature) and AWB(Asian Wetlands Bureau), occ...
[Jebudo Beach]
Jebudo beach is 1.8km long and has fantastic rock walls to its right side, which makes a beautiful scene. To its left are mae-rocks(hawk looking rock), and water temperature is good for sea bathing.
[Namyang Pebble Beach Resort]
Ulleung island is a solo island with no other island nearby. There are no sandy beaches on it. While the whole area of the island's coast is composed of various sizes of pebbles and rocks, Namyang Pe...
The length of white sand is 300m and width is 70m. It is on the southeast. Its water is shallow and the slope is smooth. The shape of beach is hollowed like a pot and thereby the wave is calm.
[Mong-dol beach in Joo-jeon ]
The enormous Mong-dol beach is one of the precious natural property which Joojeon has. As I see the pollution-free seas I feel my heavy chest lighten and as I walk barefoot it even has the effect ...
[Gamami bathing resort ]
Quiet waves and half-moon-shaped soft sandy beach spreads 200m wide and 1kmlong to the left of the entrance of the Gamami bathing resort. Shallow of water and dense pine tree forests are beautifully c...
[Dolmeori swimming beach ]
Dolmeori swimming beach located in Dolmeori, Seokseon-ri, Hampyeong-eup has clearer seawater than other West coastal beaches and silvery bright sands. Widely opened to the West Sea, it has a charming ...
[Hwajinpo shore ]
The shore, far northern part of east sea, has very gorgeous with surrounding of pine forest and fantastic rocks and stones. Tens of thousand years old shells and broken pieces of rocks are making a so...
Gymnyeong Beach is famous for clean sea water and soft sandy beach.This sand beach is near to roads so, it is easy to access there. The sand beach used for camping site.
[Seongsan Sunrise Peak]
The dawn from the peak is breathtaking, has becoming as the first palace of overview. The Sunrise Peak has been created by volcanic eruption form the ocean before Je-Ju island was formed.
[Aphae Salt Farm ]
Large quantities of salt that are necessary for life are produced around Aphaedo.
[Sacheon Swimming Beach]
It is located 14km north of Gangrung city. It was open on July 1, 1975, and thanks to its adjacency to the Gyoungpo Provincial Park, many vacationers visit this beach.
Namisum, a beautiful island, was created as a result of the construction of the Cheongpyoung Dam. This island has many kinds of trees, including chestnut and poplars and green fields here and there. I...
[Jinha Swimming Beach]
The Jinha swimming beach is located at Jinha-ri, Seosaeng-myon, Ulju-gun, in the south of Ulsan city. It is the best swimming beach in Ulsan. While driving along National Road 31, running northward al...
[Jisatkae (Pillar-Shaped Joint)]
There are dark-red six-angled pillar-shaped stone walls that look like the elaborate work of a God that stand on the eastern coast where the waves break on the rocks at the Jungmun Tourist Resort.
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