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Eunnongjae (Old Home of Jang Saeng Kim): the place where Jang Saeng Kim stayed in the mid-Joseon Dynasty to teach Si Yeol Song and Jun Gil Song.  (He stayed here for about 29 years.)

▪ Designation: Chungcheongnam-do Cultural Asset No. 134
▪ Date: September 27, 1990
▪ Location: 96 Dugye-ri Duma-myeon Gyeryong
▪ Quantity: 1 unit / 75㎡
▪ Manager: Munwongong Sect of the Kim Family of Gwangsan
▪ Owner: Munwongong Sect of the Kim Family of Gwangsan

The old home of Jang Saeng Kim at 97 Durye-ri Duma-myeon Gyeryong is where Sir Jang Saeng Kim (pen name: Sagye) settled after he resigned from the government post (1613) and spent the rest of his life to teach Si Yeol Song and Jun Gil Song.  This building was established in the mid-Joseon Dynasty (1602).  These days, only the detached building is preserved in its original form.  All other building have been restored or repaired.  This is the head house of the Kim Family of Gwangsan with a beautiful traditional garden and aged trees.  It was designated as Cultural Asset of Chungcheonnam-do No. 134 on September 27, 1990.

While staying here, Sir Kim was appointed to hold various posts as Governor of Iksan on May 15, 1603, Governor of Cheolwon on October 9, 1610, as member of Saheonbu (investigation services) on March 14, 1629, March 26, 1623, and February 25, 1624.  He also served in the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Justice, and many other high-class posts in the government until 1960.  He received a posthumous name of Munwongon after he died on August 3, 1631.

This old home has been succeeded by his eighth son.  Today, it is managed by the 16th-generation descendant of Sir Kim in the Kim Family of Gwangsan.

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