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Chungiksa Temple
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Chungiksa Temple is a shrine that preserves the tablets of General Jae Woo Gwak and the 17 Warriors.  General Gwak was the first person to organize volunteer troops to fight the invaders during the Japanese invasion of 1592.  To visit Chungiksa Temple on Mt. Nam by Euiryeongcheon River, park your car by Euiryeongcheon, cross Euibyeonggyo Bridge, and pass Euibyeong Tower into the woods of Mt. Nam.
You can find a rest area and restrooms to the left of Euipyeong Tower and Chungiksa Temple Management Office to the right.  Pass the office and enter Chunguimun Gate to cool down your heart in the beautiful garden with green trees.  General Jae Woo Gwak Monument stands to the left of Chunguimun Gate, and a wooden building with multi-layered gable roofing stands by the Monument.  This is Chunguigak where the name tablets of General Gwak and the 17 Warriors are placed.  
Chunguigak is Korea’s traditional wooden structure built with no nails.
As you exit Chunguigak and head toward Chungiksa Temple, you will encounter a 500-year-old tree that is 8.5m in height and 3m in circumference to the right.  This tree is the papaya tree that is designated as Gyeongsangnam-do Local Monument No. 83.
There also is an artificial pond that resembles the shape of the Korean Peninsula.  You will find beautifully decorative fish, such as red carp, swimming in the pond.
Chungiksa Temple hosts Euibyeongje Festival every year and lights up Euibyeonggyo Bridge and Euibyeong Tower with colorful fireworks in the sky.
 Located to the west of Chungiksa Temple, the memorial hall exhibits General Gwak and his troops’ relics, as well as paintings of the knights and their battles.  



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