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Chuja Shrine of Cheosa
Cultural Assets/Temple>>

○ Attraction: Chuja Shrine of Cheosa

○ Village: Daeseo-ri, Jeju

○ Type: Attraction/Park

○ Location: 285 Yeongheung-ri Chuja-myeon, Jeju Special Self-governing Province

○ Contact: 064-741-0228



Chuja Shrine of Cheosa was designated as Jejudo Island’s Tangible Cultural Asset No. 9 on March 12, 1975.  It was established in memory of Park, In Taek (pen name: Cheosa), but it is not known exactly when it was built.  At first, a small straw-roofed home was built to perform rituals.  Later, this was moved to the current location and repaired two times.

The descendants of Park say that when one of his descendants was ill, Park appeared in his dream and told him to build a shrine and perform rituals there in order to recover from the illness.

When he followed what Park told him to do, his illness disappeared.  Park was exiled to Chujado Island in the mid-Joseon Dynasty and led an ascetic life as a Buddhist believer.  With his knowledge, he treated the local people’s illnesses and taught the Buddhist doctrines.


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