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General Choi, Young Shrine
Cultural Assets/Temple>>

○ Attraction: General Choi, Young Shrine

○ Village: Daeseo-ri, Jeju

○ Type: Cultural Heritage

○ Location: 155 Daeseo-ri Chuja-myeon, Jeju Special

Self-governing Province

○ Contact: 064-710-6656



General Choi, Young’s shrine (1316-1388) is situated on the cliff to the northwest of Upper Chujado Island’s Daeseo Elementary School.  The shrine has <Choi, Young Shrine Restriction Border>.  An engraving of <Restricted Monument> is placed on the front surface, but many of the letters have been worn.  The shrine has an ancestral tablet, reading <Great General Choi, Young of Joseon Dynasty>.

The following story is told about the establishment of General Choi’s shrine in Chujado Island:

In the 23rd year of the reign of Goryeo King Gongmin (1374), Tamra (today’s Jeju Special Self-governing Province) ordered General Choi to capture all Mongolian nomads in Jejudo Island.  When General Choi was sailing to Jejudo Island, he had to stay in Chujado Island from August 24 to 28 (1374) because of strong winds.  He also stayed here on his way back from September 23 to October 10 after capturing all the nomads.  When he was waiting for the winds to stop at Geumsangot of Chujado Island, he taught the people of Chujado Island how to make nets to catch fish.  As his net greatly contributed to their lives, the people of Chujado Island established this shrine to thank him and served rituals to him every Buddhist All Souls’ Day and every December of the lunar calendar.  As Chujado Island was frequently invaded by Japan in the late Goryeo Dynasty, General Choi’s shrine was established to protect the island from Japanese invaders because General Choi was very contributive to protecting the island in the late Goryeo Dynasty.  

The shrine we see today was rebuilt in 1974.  The building has three units in the front and two units on the side.  The cone-shaped foundation has rounded columns with squared beams.  However, other beams across the middle and the end are rounded beams.

The beam spacers are curved with double eaves that support gable roofing.  The walls are built with stone and protected to support the columns.  The front part has lattice doors and the ancestral tablet is placed inside the main room.  The flooring is concrete and the ceiling has an open structure that is colored along the edges.  A high fence is built with natural stone around the shrine.


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