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Traditional Home of Su Hyun Baek
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The Traditional Home of Su Hyun Baek is Historical Item No. 128 and was built as a hideout in the late Joseon Dynasty (1870s) by Queen Myeongseong.  This old house is surrounded by Maebongjae and its ridges.  There is a broad field in front of the house and everything around it is surrounded by low hills.   Mt.Dorap (Mt.Dorak) is overlooking it all in the background.  There is a narrow stream by the entrance.  Korean spindle trees are planted along the stream to beautify the scenery.

This home used to form a rectangle with all the buildings, but the guest house and attached house no longer exist today.  Only the foundation stones tell us where the buildings used to stand.  The external part of the house includes a front yard by the servant house as well as the front and back yards by the main building.  The kitchen area consists of the L-shaped servant house and the L-shaped main building with an additional wing.

The main building looks like a typical L-shaped house.  The kitchen and the main room are located in the longer wing while the open living room and the second bedroom are part of the other wing.  The additional wing is for storage.  This composition of rooms is unique and is rarely found in the homes for the novelty.

All beams have mid-way supports except for the ones in the rear room.  The kitchen, the main room, and the open living room each take two units while all the other rooms only take one.  The servant house is very long to protect the main building.  From the western end, the lower and upper gate houses, storage, main gate, and barn are arranged.  The two-unit kitchen, two-unit lower room, storage, and two-unit storage are facing the north.  Everything connects to the inner yard and the front heater has a door that opens into the room.
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Traditional Home of Su Hyun Baek
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