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Cheongma Fortress
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Cheongma Fortress is the outer wall that was established in the late Baekje Empire to protect Sabi, the capital of Baekje.  Currently, the west side of the castle is relatively well preserved.  The west side is about 4-5m in height and 3-4m in width.  The east side is similar, but is almost collapsed.  The sectional view of the collapsed parts shows that more unrefined rocks are used toward the foundation.  On the foundation, mud is laid on the bottom of unrefined rocks.  Similar to other castles, the inside forms a natural fan shape.

To the north side, 4-5 levels of stone construction are preserved in original forms.  The walls are severely damaged, but we can identify where the walls used to pass.  Geographically, it is presumed that the water opening was located on the west side.  The main gate would have been located by the water opening to the west in order to contact to Sabi, the capital, but it is unclear.  Baekje's fortresses were mostly built for defense purposes and are characterized by few numbers of gates.  Cheongma Fortress does not have a gate to the south and has a scar of a watch cell on an open area.

It is anticipated that there used to be a building on top of the valley inside the castle, which is currently a farmland.  Inside the castle is a well called the Gak Family Well which is very full of water.  Gyeongryongsa Temple Site and Uiyeolsa Temple Site are still remaining and Neungsan-ri Baekje Tombs are located to the south of the castle.  This fortress used to protect the royal castle of the Baekje Empire along with Seongheung Fortress to the west, Jeung Fortress to the north, and Seokseong Fortress to the south.


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