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Birth Home of Sir Yi, Seok Jeong Tomb of General Ahn, Ui Baeksan Lecture Hall
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* Birth Home of Sir Yi, Seok Jeong
This is the birthplace of Sir Yi, Seok Jeong (1840∼1910; given name: Hyeongo), the master of Practical Science from the late Joseon Dynasty.  Along with Sir Gan Je, Sir Yi was one of the greatest scholars of the late Joseon Dynasty.  
This home was established 150 years ago as a humble farm house.  The main building with straw-roofing was built on a 20cm-high elevation.  The building has a kitchen to the east and connects the kitchen to the large room and upper room.  
The master bedroom is located to the south of the kitchen.  This type of structure is very rare in the Honam region. The large room has a small door leading to the kitchen and a corner of the kitchen has a partition and a door to create a dining room.  The master bedroom is directly open to the front yard.  It has a double-panel door with ten lattices on front and single-panel doors with lattices to the east and the back.  Thus, it has doors opening to three sides.  
The detached house with three front units and one side unit was located across the main building.  The detached house used one unit for the kitchen and two units for the bedroom.

* Tomb of General Ahn, Ui
This is the tomb of General Ahn, Ui (1563-?; given name: Daehun; family origin: Sunheung) from the mid Joseon Dynasty.
He passed the military examination in the 25th year of the reign of King Seonjo (1592) to join the military force.  In the 30th year of the reign of King Seonjo (1597), he was recommended by Yi, Hang Bok (pen name: Baeksa) to become the governor of Geoje.  When Japan reinvaded Joseon in 1597, he was led by Commander Yi, Sun Shin to destroy about 20 Japanese ships and received an award from King Seonjo.  
Later on, he became the military commander of Jeolla-do and was recommended to be appointed as a Meritorious Servant by Jeong, Ohn (pen name: Donggye).   
The tomb is located behind Daesan Village.  Its oval-shaped mound is 7.3m in diameter, 23.2m in circumference, and 1.4m in height.  The tomb is surrounded by a stone table, a stone lantern, a pair of stone scholars on either side of the lantern, and pine trees.

* Baeksan Lecture Hall
This lecture hall was established to cherish the philosophy and virtue of Yun, Chan, Yun, Yeo Im, Baek, Seon Nam, Yun, Ji Seon, and Yun, Ja Min.
Yun, Chan was a military officer in the mid Joseon Dynasty.  When Japan invaded Korea in 1592, he volunteered to guard King Seonjo’s cart and helped him evacuate even though he was not holding an official post.  Later, he was summoned to the government by King Seonjo and was appointed to important positions.
Yun, Yeo Im invented the gun and the canon in the 14th year of the reign of King Hwanghae (1622) and was awarded a government post.  When China invaded Korea in 1627, he was killed during the Battle of Ssangryeong.  Later, he was assigned to the Minister of Defense.  Yun, Ji Seon passed the government examination in the 14th year of the reign of King Gwanghae (1662) and became the left prime minister. Baeksan Lecture Hall was established about 70 years ago and is magnificent in scale.
The columns were directly transported from Mt. Baekdu through the Yellow Sea and are very well-preserved. The remaining buildings include the shrine, auditorium, and inner/outer gates which are three units each.

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Birth Home of Sir Yi, Seok Jeong Tomb of General Ahn, Ui Baeksan Lecture Hall
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