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Tomb of Jungyeong, Tomb of Yeonggyeong
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Tomb of Jungyeong, Tomb of Yeonggyeong
◎ Location
* 92, 98, and San 149 Hwalgi-ri Miro-myeon and San 53 Hasajeon-ri, Samcheok, Gangwon
◎ Description
Tomb of Jungyeong is the tomb of General Yangmu, the 5th-generation ancestor of Joseon’s Founder King Taejo and Tomb of Yeonggyeong is the tomb of General Yangmu’s wife, Madame Yi.  Tomb of Jungyeong is located in Hwalgi-ri and Tomb of Yeonggyeong is located about 4km away, in Hasajeon-ri.
The tombs were established and Jegak (齋閣: a place where ritual performers stay to clean their body and mind before performing a ritual or where ritual equipments are stored), Jesil (祭室: shrine), and monument were constructed in 1899 by the King’s order.  In front of Tomb of Jungyeong is a Jegak with three front units, two side units, and gambrel roofing.  This Jegak is not the kind erected for royal tombs (丁-shaped) but is simply linear.
This area is covered by luxurious pine trees and is a great place to observe a virgin forest.  Many of the pine trees in this area were used to reconstruct Gyeongbokgung Palace.

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